Top 10 Look-A-Likes


These are in no particular order.

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Music Video Review: PSY’s “Gangnam Style”

PSY- “Gangnam Style”

July 15, 2012

We are not even going to separately talk about this masterpiece.

This is possibly the most entertaining video that has ever assaulted our senses. We have never laughed at a K-Pop video because we were meant to.  But between the outrageous behavior and crude humor,  we broke out into little fits of laughter.

The song and video are so right, all we can say is YES!

While the horse dance is the best thing that has ever graced our eyes.

We can not even begin to praise this video enough, so all that can be said is YES!

10 Overrated K-Pop Idols

10 Overrated K-Pop Idols

Sometimes, we look through lists of popular idols in K-Pop, and we cannot help but wonder: Why?

Why is ____ popular? Most of the time, it’s not necessarily that the idol is useless, but that their staggering level of popularity is unfathomable. Before we reveal our list and are berated in an onslaught of angry commentary we want to clarify something: We’re not saying these idols are talentless or worthless, but that fans simply go overboard in their praise for them. If you feel the need to comment, we hope it is not with the intention that you wish to change our minds (because you won’t). And now onto our list, in no particular order:

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