Top 10 Look-A-Likes


These are in no particular order.

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Music Video Review- Weeks 15-17 (Part 2)

For the 15th, 16th, and 17th weeks of 2012 we will be reviewing Sistar’s “Alone”, Girl’s Day’s “Oh! My God”, Noel’s “Fading Away”, Sunny Hill’s “Princess and Prince Charming “, F.CUZ’s “No. 1”, and U-Kiss’s “Doradora”.

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K-Pop’s Top 10 Male Vocalists/Singers (SUPER UPDATED)

The Peach’s picks for top 5 Male Vocalists/Singers. 


A note to all who may read this:

Ladies (and gentlemen), please do not get all up in my face about this; if your bias is not here, there is a reason for that so get over it.  We all have opinions (and some are just wrong), but nevertheless, by searching whatever you did to come to this page, you must already be prepared for the possibility that someone does not agree with you.

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Album Review: it B1A4 (B1A4)

it B1A4

(Mini Album)

September 16, 2011


Really normal album packaging. The little reflective dots on the cover give it some dimension and texture, but otherwise it’s just plain.

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Album Review: Format

Soon, we will be begin doing Album Reviews on new releases. As a heads-up, and for better comprehension, here’s a preview of the format.

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Youtube Comments

Super Junior’s Bonamana:

There are just so many things wrong with this comment, and eboyhans, in particular. We can easily over look the fact that you thought they were CHINESE; though if we were to comment on this may we recommend having your facts straight because ignorance is not bliss, and to tell you the truth, it just made you look like a douchebag. Our real problem with this comment was the fact that eboyhans decided to classify a random Asian person as Chinese. This is just racist and really shows how much respect you have for the individual cultures of both parties.

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