Album Review: Junsu’s (Xia) “Incredible”

Another lovely guest review from the always devine Crispy Scallion.

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Top 10 Look-A-Likes


These are in no particular order.

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Overall Review of 2012: K-Pop

2012 was an extremely busy year in K-Pop, full of long-awaited comebacks, debuts, scandals and fashion, with plenty of hits and misses. Here’s our sum up of the entire year.

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Music Video Review: DBSK’s “Catch Me”


Catch Me

The Song:

After  much deliberation we have decided that we love this song.  It took some time for us to really warm up to it, but it is just so silly how could any person not love it? Our anticipation for their comeback has been long awaited and very much theorized.  How on Earth could any person or people ever top or compete with the unrivaled awfulness that is “Keep Your Head Down”? We wondered this very thought, and thank you SM Entertainment for appeasing our restless thoughts with this piece of art.

This is not our favorite song ever, but one of the more interesting songs to come out this year thus far. There are just allot of different parts of the song: dubstep, belting, techno, extreme autotuning. In reality the video pretty much eats the song.  It is extremely difficult to focus on just the song and the music when that is happening in a video.

The song is okay, but we do have to thank Yoo Young Jin for granting our wishes, he somehow found an English phrase even more sexually deprived than “keep your head down”.  We are thank full for his creativeness and ingenuity  in making us and undoubtedly others laugh at the awkwardness of that intentional innuendo.

We have rather little to say about the song because we love TVXQ for their videos not their music. We can appreciate how they at least sang in the dubstep, unlike all the other group that just throw it in for 30 seconds. This blending actually holds our attention and we are still not fans of its use at all we can at least be thankful it was not awful.

The Video:

OMG. No words even can describe our immense and unwavering love for this choreo. Full of arm dragons and awkward positions his is out is the best choreography we have seen all year.

We actually laugh when we watch this video, this dance is exactly what we expect from a true idol group.  It is interesting,  thought provoking, and completely impossible to replicate.

This video is basically SMENT saying “You are welcome Planet Earth”. We can not even begin to describe our undying love for this master piece.  Everything is just too much for human senses to comprehend.  “Catch Me” has probably the funniest choreography ever, virtually every second of the video would make a beautiful screenshot.

We have the utmost respect for TVXQ, they have been through so many unsightly things and “Catch Me” is not exempt from that list. But they continue to persevere and are always professional no matter how much a joke their songs are.


One of our favorite moments:


10 Male Idols with Voluptuous Lips

Big lips on a male are intriguing. Whether you find them attractive or not (though we assume most people do) is your deal, but in any case, a pretty, luscious set of lips can do wonders for an appearance. Fuller lips are typically paired with the idea of being a good kisser (which is immediately attractive), and though that fact isn’t exactly true, we do see where the idea stems from: Most people would much rather kiss someone with big, soft lips than someone with nothing at all (because that’s no fun). And so, without further ado, here’s ten male K-Pop idols we find have “kissable lips”.

(And no, we’re not writing descriptions this time- a picture is worth a thousand words.)

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We’re friends with f(x)’s Luna

Concert Review

SMTOWN Live World Tour III: 2012 Anaheim 

Venue: Honda Center

Section: 414

Seating Chart:

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K-Pop’s Top 10 Male Vocalists/Singers (SUPER UPDATED)

The Peach’s picks for top 5 Male Vocalists/Singers. 


A note to all who may read this:

Ladies (and gentlemen), please do not get all up in my face about this; if your bias is not here, there is a reason for that so get over it.  We all have opinions (and some are just wrong), but nevertheless, by searching whatever you did to come to this page, you must already be prepared for the possibility that someone does not agree with you.

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Album Review: 2011 Winter SMTown – The Warmest Gift

2011 Winter SMTown – The Warmest Gift

December 13, 2011


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