K-Pop’s Top 10 Male Vocalists/Singers (SUPER UPDATED)

The Peach’s picks for top 5 Male Vocalists/Singers. 


A note to all who may read this:

Ladies (and gentlemen), please do not get all up in my face about this; if your bias is not here, there is a reason for that so get over it.  We all have opinions (and some are just wrong), but nevertheless, by searching whatever you did to come to this page, you must already be prepared for the possibility that someone does not agree with you.

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Review Music Video- Week 4 (2012)

For the 4th week of 2012 we will be reviewing B.A.P’s “Warrior”, Beast’s “I Knew It”, Brian Joo’s “Taking Leave of You”, Dal Shabet’s “Hit U”, and Six Bomb’s “Chiki Chiki Bomb”.

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