B1A4 Roadtrip San Fransisco

Hey guys,


The Peach just attended the recent concert of B1A4 at the Warfield in San Fransisco. I got the vip pit tickets, if you have any questions about the concert or my experiences there comment or ask.fm.
Also, look out for a post on going concert etiquette. This is for you basic bitches who don’t know how to not be a piece of shit.

Top 10: Best Smiles


A true sincere smile has the ability to close any distance between fans and their idols. Squinty eyes, dimples, perfect teeth, and exposed gums; all of these things factor into the most dazzling of smiles. These are the idols who we believe are best able to convey warmth and happiness with their grins, whether they are in a venue filled with 40,000 people or the backlit screen of your computer.

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Best and Worst Music Videos: 2012

Too many music videos. Too many groups. But here’s our least/best favorites of 2012.

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Music Video Review: B1A4’s “Tried to Walk”

B1A4- “Tried to Walk”

November 12, 2012

The Song:

We can’t say we adore this song with our whole heart, but it is good. Certainly better than most of the rubbish we have seen in the past few weeks. It is crisp and has an amazing bass that really carries the whole song. It is another of their more serious pieces, but unlike “Baby I’m Sorry” this is mature and fairly sophisticated.

Though quite different from anything they have done in the past, little factors like Baro’s rap lend a classic B1A4 style to the song. We think the reason this song is not as memorable as their past works, is because the chorus gets eaten by the music. It is so soft and delicate it really does not leave a last impression, it does not “joom joom our heart like a rocket”… This being said the end of the song also does not have a particular punch because it is only repeating the chorus, which is one sole lonely line.

The bridges and rap of the song are fabulous, and really match the gorgeous video, that chorus is just flat.  But we do appreciate the effort from the group leader Jinyoung for writing a lovely little song.

The Video:

This video is too gorgeous.  We have always found B1A4 in the aspect they make very colorful videos, as we have said many times before, K-Pop videos are just much too dark. They are so dark and underwhelming, offenders range from rookie nobodies to giants like Big Bang and TVXQ. A serious majority of K-Pop MV’s are just depressingly dark, that was okay in the at first and in small batches but we have been subjected to hundreds of nasty cheap videos this year alone, and we as a community must recognize something that is refreshing.

Like all of the other disclaimers we are forced to say: we are not saying they are perfect or anything, they just have a not disgusting or tacky way of doing bright and cute. This is not cute obviously but, even with a melancholy subject the video and song the video is lit and shot without making the whole thing ever so typical of a K-Pop video of heart break. The mixture of scenery is ethereal and refreshing. We adore this director for doing such a fabulous job… but their stylist needs to be fired.

The clothes may have been stomach-able if not for the turtlenecks, and sparkles, and gaudy embellishments covering everything including their faces, and woman’s over sized knit cardigans, and everything on CNU.  We will seriously die saying that a decent stylist has the connections to get designer real cloths for free, just stop assaulting the eyes of the world with those awful awful awful awful outfits.

We can say with much confidence: a major factor as to why K-Pop male idols get called gay is because people see some grown-ass men in sparkles and excessive eyeliner.  What these groups and entertainment agencies need is not even a stylist, but just a person to dictate if something is tasteful.


Music Video Review: B1A4’s “Baby Good Night”

Just a small heads up; we are changing the format of our Music Video Reviews.  It is absolutely too overwhelming and no longer fun to review every video, no matter their significance, that comes out in a single week.  So from now on we will review popular groups, rookie groups, and groups that we like.

B1A4- “Baby Good Night”

May 23, 2012

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K-Pop’s Top 10 Male Vocalists/Singers (SUPER UPDATED)

The Peach’s picks for top 5 Male Vocalists/Singers. 


A note to all who may read this:

Ladies (and gentlemen), please do not get all up in my face about this; if your bias is not here, there is a reason for that so get over it.  We all have opinions (and some are just wrong), but nevertheless, by searching whatever you did to come to this page, you must already be prepared for the possibility that someone does not agree with you.

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