Thank You Dear Readers

Some special special special human being found their way to our little corner of the inter web.

Just as information for you readers without WordPress blogs of your own, we can see what search terms you typed into any search engine such as Google that lead you to our blog, among other information.  On occasion some of these search terms are quite funny, this has to be one that really takes the cake.


Hi guys.

As is rather apparent we are not active, we regret that our interest has lessened to the point that we are no longer motivated to provide new content. This being said we would love to essentially pass the torch to a more interested party. We are looking for writers with opinions that they are unafraid to oppose on their fellow fans. Someone/some people who are unapologetic and absolutely fierce.
If you have any thoughts that you haven’t seen anywhere else than by all means comment that your interested in writing. The Truth About K-pop is a great way for you to get your voice out to this community without the hassle of starting your own blog or participating on infusing forums.

Love forever and always


We just wanted to ask our audience what they want us to write, we are taking requests just please please please do not ask for group reviews they literally take dozens and dozens of hours of work.

Also if anyone wants to write we will for us, we are still taking submissions.

<3 P&B

100 Days with EXO!

As we have  been insinuating for the previous weeks, we have something rather extraordinary in store for the world~

Much to the likeness of their debut we will have a one hundred day extravaganza leading up to our grand Group Review of EXO.~

Our snippets and previews will be exclusively available via our Twitter and soon to be Tumblr.



Hey we have big big plans in store for the future and kindly ask you, our readers to follow us on twitter to experience the full magnitude of our future posts.

So taking note of, what we consider to be a truly inspiring company, SM Entertainment, in the sense of how we are going to market our upcoming activities.

So please we direct your attention to our side bar which will allow you to follow us on twitter.



FAQ: Reply to Comments

Oh HoHo
Did you think that you would be forgotten? You? The real shit stirrers in the world.

You are the most annoying of annoying people, you did one of two things: 1) You continued to complain and bitch over the reply provided to you, 2) You could not help yourself at commenting like a smart-ass on that last FAQ.
So my friends this is for you. Continue reading

FAQ: Comment Replies

For it is all too often we see the same negative comments and no longer do we have the energy nor the patience to deal with those who are being rude.  Therefore this post will be linked as a reply to what we assume will be virtually all of our Negative Nellys out there.

We also hope that by making this specific post, all of our finicky readers will finally understand the one point we have been trying to make: You are not special.  You have gotten this link because you all under the umbrella of annoying delusional crazed Koreabos or rude assholes.

For clarification, this post is not really meant for our average reader.

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Youtube Comments

Super Junior’s Bonamana:

There are just so many things wrong with this comment, and eboyhans, in particular. We can easily over look the fact that you thought they were CHINESE; though if we were to comment on this may we recommend having your facts straight because ignorance is not bliss, and to tell you the truth, it just made you look like a douchebag. Our real problem with this comment was the fact that eboyhans decided to classify a random Asian person as Chinese. This is just racist and really shows how much respect you have for the individual cultures of both parties.

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Lucifer Youtube Comments

We were watching Shinee’s Lucifer music video on Youtube, and came across some pretty stupid comments.

People are getting more ludicrous on Youtube by the day.

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