Our Blog is literally, the Truth about K-Pop.

Why did we start this?

After being fed up with so many unintelligent trolls, fans and netizens of sorts in the K-Pop community, we felt it our duty to create some kind of blog where the truth could be stated.

We don’t hate K-Pop. Quite the contrary, we’re fans ourselves. However, we will admit that some fans are just annoying and unsensible beyond words. They are so blind in their love for their idol(s) that they refuse to see what is so blatantly in front of them. And that is that their favorite idols and groups are, you guessed it, not perfect. 

Of course we occasionally come across these miracles of near perfection, and occasional aliens that are just not from Earth and therefore have a reason to be sheer amazingness, but other than these rare occurrences, our beloved idols are just as human as us.

Through this blog, we hope we can defend them, as well as criticize with unbiased-ness. Of course we, the Peach and Bagel, have our individual biases (we wont deny), but through checks and balances we are able to counter each other and create about as near an unbiased blog as you will get.

We may bash. We may praise (rarely, but you will hear it sometimes). We will critic. And we will report the truth.

Hate it or love it. Remember the truth is ugly.

And it hurts.


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