Girls’ Generation “Catch Me If You Can” MV Review

wHATS Up guys. It’s been long (almost 2 years?) since I’ve written here. Yeah, it’s the original B, Bagel. Watched this video courtesy of a friend and thought it’d be a waste if I didn’t share my opinion on it.

And I have no idea how to format these posts anymore, so I’m just going to write.

The first time I listened/watched this, I was really disappointed. Since I don’t listen to K-pop anymore, I may be wrong here, but I believe this is the first comeback since Jessica left? (Which, by the way, was disappointing to learn, but also understandable). Right off the bat, I noticed way more parts for other members that would previously have not had much to sing. It also seems GG is no longer Taeyeon and the background singers, and as an ex-Taeyeon stan I’m not sure how I feel about that. I suppose it’s good for fans of the other members, and kind of sucky for Taeyeon.

A large part of the disappointment definitely came from the music video. And having watched it about ten times over by now, I can officially say I’m still disappointed by the music video! Nothing special about it whatsoever, very simple, nothing fancy. What I have changed my mind about is the song. It was boring the first time I heard it, but now, ten listens later, I can admit it’s really catchy and even if it’s not SNSD’s best, it’s not terrible. Definitely seems like something you can sing along to and have fun with.

Well that’s it for now.


4 responses to “Girls’ Generation “Catch Me If You Can” MV Review

  1. Hun, you received so much hate for nothing, you just shared your opinion, but you know how kpop fans are, retard and dumb, i’m even one of them, but pls pls pls don’t let yourself, you’re a strong girl and you should stay strong !! I love hearing your opinion because it looks so true, you’re saying what you exactly think and i love it, keep it up and fighting ~

  2. Hey bagel I’m not a huge girl’s generation fan but i think you would like ‘you think’ and also taeyeon just recently came out with a solo I’m pretty sure so I would love to hear about your opinion on those two music videos! If you’re a ex taeyeon stan then do you have another bias?

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