K-Pop Fashion Challenge: Let’s Play!

Think of one of your favorite MVs. Can you picture clearly what your bias is wearing? Or have you ever wanted to dress up your idol like a paper doll? Yeah, me too! With that in mind, I’ve created some memorable ensembles from your favorite artists to put you to the ultimate K-Pop fashion test.

Can you name the artist and the MV that goes with each outfit? I’ve added little hints to help you, but I doubt you’ll need it. I think they’re pretty easy!
And remember, these aren’t exact replicas of what they wore, but they do capture the spirit of each artist in their respective MVs.

Also, some of these artists are soloists and others are from groups so don’t be afraid to think outside the box! The answers will be revealed in my next post with the corresponding videos for each outfit so make sure to write down your answers.

Good luck!!

Exhibit A – Street Walkin’ Swagger
Hint: I need glasses to cover my messed up eyes, but nothing can hide my sick body and smooth dance moves

Exhibit A

Exhibit B – Bromance Extraordinaire
Hint: What’s more impressive…that I’m an amazing dancer or that I actually kept my shirt on in this MV?
Exhibit B
Exhibit C – Tux Deluxe
Hint: If awkward booty shaking were an accessory, I would’ve added it…twice!
Exhibit C
Exhibit D – That’s Not a Lady in Red
Hint: Although I’m a bit of a backup singer, I steal the show in this getup!
Exhibit D

Exhibit E – Sweatered Sweetheart
Hint: I like my MVs with a side of albino and inappropriate crotch grazing.
Exhibit E
Exhibit F – Nerd Alert
Hint: Even feet this big can’t outrun my bullying alter egos.
Exhibit F

Exhibit G – Urban Cowboy
Hint: Okay, I’m meeting up with the boys to jump around in the streets in front of some low riders. What to wear…?Exhibit G

Exhibit H – Phantom of Hip Hop
Hint: Hey shawty, you wanna get freaky in a museum after hours? Or perhaps in a weird, super confined space? I promise to keep my sunglasses on!!
Exhibit H


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