Best K-Pop iPhone Wallpapers

There comes a time along the never ending road of K-Pop obsession when a fan forks up big bucks for a fancy smartphone case. But what about the totally free decoration for the other side of your phone? Yep, I’m talkin’ ’bout wallpaper, y’all!

After hours of obsessive research, here are my favorite K-Pop smartphone wallpapers (in no particular order). FYI I have an iPhone 5 and each one fits my screen perfectly. Some would definitely shine on a white iPhone, while others go well with classic black or an iPhone 5c.

I chose different styles – some silly, some high fashion, some super sexy, etc. so there’s a little something for every mood. What’s the point of a digital screen if you’re not going to constantly change it, am I right? I hope some or all of these pics brighten your day (pun totally intended)!!

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