We usually don’t care about the stupid comments that we get on this blog, but recently we have been noticing an increased amount of comments that are calling us racist. This is rather infuriating because that is quite the claim, and we feel like “racist” is such a buzz word that people just love to throw around willnilly. YOU Big Bang fans read our post as we said negative things about this member and then simply said he does not look Korean. In your feeble minds you drew a direct correlation between negative comments and any mention of race and therefor concluded that comments on just his physical traits were too negative and therefor racist. 

It is very disappointing to see people so quickly jumping those kinds of accusations. You people don’t agree with our writing and then just try to attack our character because you feel insulted on behalf of your precious “oppa”. 

Racism is a real problem and you labeling a silly blog as racist demeans the actual people who suffer its real effects, and spreads misconceptions.


4 responses to “STOP!

  1. Somehow Taeyang barely looks Korean at all. We, P&B, have officially decided he is a Cuban, Vietnamese, Jamaican, and French mix. With his dark skin and facial features, Taeyang looks more like a very light black guy. Personally, unlike the majority of American girls, we don’t find him attractive at all. You wrote about!!! I am AA, your reference to unlike America girls, we do not find him attractive seems to be a direct result because he looks black!!! This is racist own it!! Dark skin equals unattractive to you while you praise light skin! I’ve lived in a racist Society, I know racism when I read it. You should choose your world’s more carefully if you don’t want to come off as racist.

  2. I just think if you are a blogging website, you should expect negative comments, as any other website or business does. Just writing another post talking back to the fans will just enrage them more.

    to be honest i dont think u are rasict(cuz u are just trying to say that his skin isnt exactly as fair as others) n i think u are just voicing out ur opinion on big bang n bcuz i think this blog is to help people to understand kpop so it should be objective rather than subjective bcuz of the name of the blog it make thing u write is truth rather than just ur POV The reason we(vip) get mad the fact that u are obviously one-sided to gd n top that make us feel u are unfair to the others n VIP are mad bcuz u are not describing them as what VIP know them as throughout all tv show,vids,tweets n etc
    (im sorry my broken english or if i offended u or something)

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