DIY GD Costume…From the Top

OMG-Dragon! Halloween is just around the corner! And if you’re trying to put together an outrageous Kpop costume, you’d better get a move on…fur reals. Since every Kpop idol’s look is bound to feature extremely unique, over-the-TOP accessories, a crafty fangirl needs all the time she can get…especially if she wants to capture the fabulousness of the ever eccentric and fashionable G-Dragon.

No doubt one of the most well-known Kpop fashionistas is G-Dragon not only because his looks are so unique and outrageous, but also extremely chic. Who else could look just as great covered with tats and a beanie as they do with lipstick and guyliner? One of the most memorable GD outfits is from Bigbang’s “Bad Boy” MV and this is the look I’ve always wanted to turn into a costume. Admire the swag…

His style is totally gangster glam with that special GD touch of weirdness only a true idol can bring. If you naturally have long black hair then it would be even easier for you to create this look. I have to go the hair extensions route, which should be interesting…
gdragon hair extensions

I guess I’ve been creating this look from the top down because so far all I have is the hat, which was an amazing find I must say! Luckily you can purchase reasonably priced replicas of the Bad Boy/Good Girl hat on Ebay in every color imaginable, making it easy to glam up your costume even more! I’ve stuck with the classic black and my little plushy baneling watches over it for me while I continue my search for the other pieces to finish my GD costume.

Surprisingly the most difficult part of my costume search has been finding the right jacket. Since I’m trying to keep the cost down, I’ve been rummaging through thrift stores exclusively. Once I find the perfectly puffy jacket, I plan to hot glue some furry fabric to complete to look like a sort of weird, furry ninja turtle. I’ll keep you posted as this look comes together. I’ve found some possible jacket candidates and should have a prototype Bad Boy bomber very soon!

g-dragon glam

In the end if I can at least pull off some version of GD’s gangster glam outfit, I’ll be happy. And hey, if all else fails I can wear a dinosaur costume and go as Jonghyun!

Which Kpop idol are you planning to be for Halloween (or K-con)?

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