*New* Top 5 Underrated Kpop Groups

I have complied a new and fuller version of the article ‘Top 3 Underrated Kpop Groups’. After doing more research, I have added more opinions to each group. Happy reading and please get involved. Comment on any groups you think should have been in the Top 5 or should get more attention for their talent as a whole.

The Kpop industry is dominated by many Kpop greats; with the likes of Super Junior, Big Bang, SNSD and 2ne1, it is extremely hard to find a gap in the kpop market and fill it with that particular image the audience, you guys out there, want. In the last few years, we have seen so many girl groups and boy groups debut one after the other to the point where the kpop industry is overflowing with rookie groups. Some may argue that rookie groups from the ‘Big 3’ are highly anticipated and already acknowledged by many fans. However, some groups who debut are not just that lucky. They are only popular with a small percentage of the Kpop fandom and having been hidden behind many of the industry’s rising newcomers, they are practically invisible.

So, I thought it was time to bring more attention to these artists who may be just as good-looking and maybe even more talented than your average popular idol group. These are the hidden gems who can actually sing live without going out of tune; the people who are actually funny and deserve to be recognised.


I came across this girl group from a show called ‘All the Kpop’ hosted by Boom. The programme involved inviting many kpop rookies onto the show to demonstrate their variety skills; some of the games included the ‘Tracing Paper Challenge’ and the ‘Pocky Chocolate Kiss’. One of the members in GLAM, Zinni, was a regular on it and often showcased her dancing skills, dare I say a little too often. But why wouldn’t you if had a body and dancing skills like that.

I chose their ‘I Like That’ dance video to showcase their dancing skills and also because their MV was so so painful to watch.  This dance practice video definitely shows the fierce aura GLAM has which just needs to be showcased in a music video. They are so in sync with each other and also perform even the smallest moves with the power used in street dance.

Their recent song released in 2014 was called Give It 2 U. I was extremely shocked at the drastic image and song-style change. Nevertheless, I do admit it is extremely catchy, sweet with a simple pop rhythm. It is an image that would appeal to many male kpoppers but also an image taken up by many current successful girl groups like Apink.


My friend introduced this band to me and just said, “You’ll like them. At least, when they sing English lyrics, you don’t cringe” and thus I was sold. I did a bit of research and found that some were born in English speaking countries like Australia. The fact that they were nominated for the ‘Most Anticipated Super Rookies for 2012’ by Wave K shows at least there was some recognition for LEDApple but I guess their popularity didn’t really escalate to the height they, nor we, expected. One of the lead vocals called Hanbyul, seems to be doing most of the work and seems to be the front man of the band. The other members of the band are less known to the average kpop fan (unless they are a LEDApple maniac for which I don’t blame them).   LEDApple are not your average idol group so maybe that is why they don’t as appeal as much to the majority of the kpop fandom; they do clever arrangements and covers of current pop songs which make up the awful packaging their company gives them. Check out their covers at Offical Ledapple on YouTube.

3. Royal Pirates

Having just discovered this band, I find it hard to believe that they have quite a small following. Girls-and guys- my mouth dropped open when I saw the members. Forgive my shallowness for the time being but Royal Pirates really have some talent not just in the composing and music area. James, Moon and Soo Yoon are extremely good looking but not in the classic ‘flower boy’ way which appeal to many Koreans. These guys would definitely appeal to many girls in the western countries like England, USA, Canada and so on with their much more manly and relaxed boy-next-door vibe. All members speak English without a Korean accent which, in my opinion, makes them even more attractive.

Their latest release which I listened to, ‘Drawing the Line’ was extremely catchy because it had a good rhythm and a simple yet effective melody. Hours later I found myself humming the song absent-mindedly.  What’s more, the English version had some very cute lyrics which I found very endearing and sweet. I definitely can see people covering this song with a ukulele doing a cute, gentler version of ‘Drawing the Line’.

Although their music video to ‘Drawing the Line’ was lacking in many ways including the number of decent shots of ALL the members, these three guys have it all; I think they just need suitable packaging and then would shoot to the top instantly.

Check out Royal Pirate on After School Club (hosted by Eric Nam and Kevin from Ukiss)

Check out their English version of drawing the line.

2. 15&

This duo is so talented and have voices of angels. Park Jimin, one half of the duo, was the winner of Kpop Star the year where Lee Hi was the runner up. Lee Hi has caused a huge sensation on the music scene considering how young she actually was with ‘1,2,3,4’ and ‘Rose’. Her success is so different to the ‘success’- if you can even call it that- achieved by Jimin. Jimin is more talented than Lee Hi not just in her vocal abilities but also her comedic abilities too which makes it hard for me to come to the terms with the lack of chart hits and appreciation people have given 15&. Jimin has a very natural comedic timing and there is something that is very warm and likable about her; being very young,all the other comedians in Korean find her hilarious so I am confident that if all things fail she will be able to do something down the comedy route.

This is a  video of Park Jimin (15&) and Lee Hi during their Kpop Star days

Yerin is the other member of 15&, although she is quiet and the complete opposite of Jimin, she has such a clear yet strong voice. I think her voice is much more polished than Jimin’s and has a larger range thus is much more comfortable to listen to. Although I am not too keen on her TV personality, her voice makes up for it. Considering she is 17 (18 Korean age), she has one precious voice. If Yerin can become more lively and can talk a bit more, these girls will be invited on endless variety shows.

I have seen many netizen comments saying that JYP Entertainment’s lack of new ideas and dull songs have caused the flop of this duo; I completely agree with what most of the netizens are saying. By comparing them to Akdong Musician, 15& are practically nothing when I looked at the number of fans and chart hits which is really disappointing. JYP entertainment need to step up their game!

This is their cover of the Alicia Keys song, ‘If I Ain’t Got You

This cover of Jessie J’s Domino is seriously impressive!


These girls are in the same company as the ‘Kpop Goddess’ – Lee Hyori. Without a doubt, these girls are so talented and I cannot emphasise how talented they are. They are gorgeous, amazing at singing and just ooze with raw emotion when performing.

I was seriously blown away when I saw this video. How can this group be so strong in their vocal ability? The leader, Kim Bo Ah, stood out for me the most; interestingly, she used to be Infinite’s vocal coach. Her voice is, undeniably, one of the best voices in the kpop industry. It is very husky and not the usual sweet, innocent voices heard in kpop girl groups. In fact, all of their voices, I think, would be more popular in countries like the UK or America.

Recently, they went on a variety show called ‘X-unnie’ which was hosted by Lee Hyori. The aim of the programme was to improve the variety skills of the members in SPICA. Looking at some of the videos of the shows, I think the girls did loosen up eventually. It is a shame they haven’t really found that ‘special something’ to catapult themselves amongst the rising rookies like EXO and Apink.


I do feel sympathetic towards the rookie groups who have trained so hard but have not made a huge impact in the kpop industry. Eventually, I hope their raw talent will be recognised but for the time being, the kpop music industry is just too full and too diverse that finding a special place in a fan’s heart is almost impossible

The Apricot

Hello from a New Writer

Hello to old and new readers of this blog,

As you know, the Peach and Bagel have been looking for new writers to contribute to this article and being a Kpop fan myself, I jumped at the opportunity. Myself and some other new writers have joined the blogging team; I hope you continue to participate and express your opinions.

My blog name is ‘The Apricot’ to continue the food themed names. I first found out about kpop when I went on holiday to china for a month in the summer holidays. Whilst I was there visiting family, Super Junior M were promoting their mandarin version of ‘Super Girl’ on many variety programs. I loved how lively and good-humored they were although many were Korean (not to mention their hotness) and as you can guess, I have been a Kpop fan ever since.

Now, I check Korean Celeb and Kpop sites daily however misleading they are (Allkpop *cough) to see what the latest rumors and news are; I listen to new songs which have been released and watch any new reality TV program or K-drama. I have to admit, I am not an avid listener of the latest Kpop songs but much prefer to watch the latest Korean variety programs including ‘The Return of Superman’, ‘Running Man’ and ‘Weekly Idol’. I love the Korean and general Asian humor although it can be a bit exaggerated sometimes. I will be doing future posts about idols who are variety kings and queens as I feel idols who are ‘gag-dols’ are much more popular so please watch out for that!

Music wise, I feel as if I have a good general knowledge of the Kpop industry from all the things I learn from variety programs and music broadcasts. Readers, never fear, I do listen to a lot of Kpop, dare I say more than Mpop…

I hope you guys will get involved and comment on my posts… :) Happy Reading!

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We usually don’t care about the stupid comments that we get on this blog, but recently we have been noticing an increased amount of comments that are calling us racist. This is rather infuriating because that is quite the claim, and we feel like “racist” is such a buzz word that people just love to throw around willnilly. YOU Big Bang fans read our post as we said negative things about this member and then simply said he does not look Korean. In your feeble minds you drew a direct correlation between negative comments and any mention of race and therefor concluded that comments on just his physical traits were too negative and therefor racist. 

It is very disappointing to see people so quickly jumping those kinds of accusations. You people don’t agree with our writing and then just try to attack our character because you feel insulted on behalf of your precious “oppa”. 

Racism is a real problem and you labeling a silly blog as racist demeans the actual people who suffer its real effects, and spreads misconceptions.


Thank You Dear Readers

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Just as information for you readers without WordPress blogs of your own, we can see what search terms you typed into any search engine such as Google that lead you to our blog, among other information.  On occasion some of these search terms are quite funny, this has to be one that really takes the cake.


Get Ur Cry On: Saddest K-Pop MVs

When it comes to K-Pop music videos I’m sure we’ve all seen our fair share of the good, the bad, the smouldering, the hilarious, and even the WTF?? But let’s face it sometimes you just need a good, old fashioned crying session! Luckily with all the über-romantic MVs out there it’s not hard to find something to cry about. So, after much research (and tears!) I’ve narrowed down my 5 favorite cry-a-thon songs to save for one of those days when you need to shed some water weight…from your eyeballs.

5. G-Dragon “That XX”
GD smash! Even when he’s sad or mad, he’s still hot, but in this MV G-Dragon also shows he’s a great actor. Full of raw emotion and of course, stunning fashion sense this video is as visually moving as it is melancholy with a touch of sexy GD masculinity. You may get slightly misty from this one, but it’s not a total heart breaker. Full speed ahead!

4. Akdong Musician (AKMU) “200%”
Stalk much? What starts off as an adorable little friends becoming lovers story ends as a perfectly painful situation of unrequited love. The cute, awkwardness and upbeat melody balances out the sadness to keep you from totally going off the deep end and straight into the pint of ice cream.

3. NU’EST “Hello”
We’re sad…let’s dance! This song by itself is enough to tug at your heartstrings, but the intense emotion and bleak colors really make you feel it. The only thing that can pull you back from tears is marveling at how these boys can still dance it out with all the heartache they feel. It’s also kinda distracting how much Ren looks exactly like an elvish princess.

2. Jin “Gone”
Surprised this one didn’t make it to number 1? I mean come on! Blind girl? Heart medication? Sad piano??? Don’t get me wrong, it is definitely the saddest storyline in the whole lineup, but it’s almost too sad for me to take it seriously. If it were a more realistic story I would probably feel differently. It’s also way too sad to watch very often. Proceed with caution!

1. BOA “Disturbance”
Go back to the past, duh! So here you have it – my ultimate favorite cry-a-thon MV. Is it because of my soft spot for Taemin? Probably, but you can’t deny this video is extremely well done! From the flawless cinematography to the believable chemistry between the characters, it’s the perfect bittersweet, romantic mini flick.
Want more? You can continue the video at the end by choosing from 2 possible endings. If you need some extra tears I recommend choosing the “Let time go by” ending and call it a night…or be like me and watch it all over again.

What are your favorite tug-on-your-heartstrings MVs?

DIY GD Costume…From the Top

OMG-Dragon! Halloween is just around the corner! And if you’re trying to put together an outrageous Kpop costume, you’d better get a move on…fur reals. Since every Kpop idol’s look is bound to feature extremely unique, over-the-TOP accessories, a crafty fangirl needs all the time she can get…especially if she wants to capture the fabulousness of the ever eccentric and fashionable G-Dragon.

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