Top 3 Underrated Kpop Groups

Top 3 Underrated Kpop Groups

The Kpop industry is dominated by many Kpop greats; with the likes of Super Junior, Big Bang, SNSD and 2ne1, it is extremely hard to find a gap in the kpop market and fill it with that particular image the audience, you guys out there, want. In the last few years, we have seen so many girl groups and boy groups debut one after the other to the point where the kpop industry is overflowing with rookie groups. Some may argue that rookie groups from the ‘Big 3’ are highly anticipated and already acknowledged by many fans. However, some groups who debut are not just that lucky. They are only popular with a small percentage of the Kpop fandom and having been hidden behind many of the industry’s rising newcomers, they are practically invisible.

So, I thought it was time to bring more attention to these artists who may be just as good-looking and maybe even more talented than your average popular idol group. These are the hidden gems who can actually sing live without going out of tune; the people who are actually funny and deserve to be recognized.  \


I blame their company to be honest. Give these girls a good song and good choreography and ‘BAM!’, you are on to a winner. Check out their dance practise video for ‘I like that’. I love their feisty images and their style of dance.

2.  LEDApple

My friend introduced this band to me and just said- “You’ll like them. At least, when they sing English lyrics, you don’t cringe” and thus I was sold. I did a bit of research and found that some were born in English speaking countries. LEDApple are not your average idol group so maybe that is why they don’t as appeal as much to the majority of the kpop fandom. They write their own songs-check; they do classy covers of chart songs in the UK and US-check; play instruments-check. Honestly, what more could you want from them.


These guys are in the same company as the ‘Kpop Goddess’ – Lee Hyori. Without a doubt, these girls are so talented and I cannot emphasis has talented they are. They are gorgeous, amazing at singing and just ooze with raw talent.

Seriously guys, I was blown away when I saw this video. How can this group be so strong in there vocals? The next thing I thought after the video was ‘How long have they been around?’ and the truth is quite a while. They have actually released more albums than Ailee and actually are pretty funny. Just watch their episode of ‘Weekly Idol’; you’ll see what I mean.

7 responses to “Top 3 Underrated Kpop Groups

  1. Spica is so underrated! They are hilarious, and very talented. I dont know why they are not popular. I love them

  2. I totally agree with all your choices. GLAM has really cool dance moves and their company hasn’t been giving them a comeback since forever. LEDApple is a really cool band with awesome songs. Spica is just totally underrated. They have looks, the vocals, the awesome concepts and also pretty cool dance moves. WHY ARE THESE PEOPLE NOT WELL KNOWN???

  3. YES SPICAAAAAAAAAAAAA <333 TOO LITTLE ADVERTISEMENT from their company.. Russian Roulette is my favo song

  4. I definitely agree with your choices. These three are all very good, and definitely deserve a lot more attention! But it’s not easy when you’re not from one of the biggest companies…

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