Hi guys.

As is rather apparent we are not active, we regret that our interest has lessened to the point that we are no longer motivated to provide new content. This being said we would love to essentially pass the torch to a more interested party. We are looking for writers with opinions that they are unafraid to oppose on their fellow fans. Someone/some people who are unapologetic and absolutely fierce.
If you have any thoughts that you haven’t seen anywhere else than by all means comment that your interested in writing. The Truth About K-pop is a great way for you to get your voice out to this community without the hassle of starting your own blog or participating on infusing forums.

Love forever and always

14 responses to “Hi guys.

  1. I would love to be a writer for this blog. I have a lot of free time plus I love writing. I’m especially interested in making group pages(finishing the exo one *cough*). ven though it’s kinda sad seeing the original writer leave.-.

    • Hey, this is Peach, you can go to our ask.fm and send us your email (so it isn’t just floating around here) then I will get back to you shortly. If you want to prepare a short introductory guide to you as a writer and attach it that would be fantastic so I can post for you ASAP. I’ll give more details in the email.

  2. Hello, I would like to become a writer in this page, I stumbled upon it a few months ago, and let me tell, its one of the best blogs about kpop I have seen. I love th writers blunt and straightforward posts, there is no “soft way to put it”, or some sprinkles and cherry on top of an opinion. I really respect how you ignore the negative comments, cus lets be honest, us, kpop fans, are some of the most protective over our bias group. I am straightforward, honest and open-minded, so please consider having me as a writer:3

  3. I’m also interested in becoming one of the writers for this blog. I was also about to start my own blog but since you guys have opened up this opportunity, I’d love to contribute to this blog. Please give us further information about how we can become writers. Thank you!

  4. I would like to give this a go with other writers, I am very interested in the blogging and writing side of things as well as knowing alot about what going on on the kpop scene. So… hopefully, I speak to you guys soon

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