Hanging with the bestie (Again)


August 24, 2013 – August 25, 2013


So I (Bagel) had the fortunate experience of going to KCON 2013 this year.

Here’s me,


Hanging with the bestie, Luna again

The Convention

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I was only able to attend the second day of the convention.

Which turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

The convention was, in one word, uneventful. There wasn’t much at all to do, and, similar to last year, it was hot. Seriously. The people who plan this should consider an indoor place for next year, which I really hope that after having Kcon two years in a row in uncomfortably hot weather, they agree is for the best. The problem wasn’t exactly that there wasn’t much to do, it’s that there was too many people and the weather was too hot to do anything. This year, Kcon had a lot more engaging things to do as compared to last year, such as the Dance All Day tent, the various shopping tents and the different, thankfully more spread out panel tents, but there was still the crowded-ness from last year.


Dancin’ all Day


Peak at the Convention.

I understand they may not have the money to get a larger place like the LA Convention Center though, so for now I forgive them the crowds and small location.

The overall organization of the Con was still bad though. They really need to get rid of the horrible voucher system for food, because there is no need to buy vouchers to use… to buy food. If anyone knows the point to this useless system please explain, because I see absolutely no need.

And speaking of “horrible voucher system” the horrendous way of distributing vouchers to see artists this year was just as bad as last year’s, only in different ways. I don’t ever want to relive the horror and unfairness from last year’s voucher system, and this year was just as dumb. Fans were each given a chance at vouchers, but in no way guaranteed one, and even if you did manage to score one, it was a random artist. Fans were left scrambling, exchanging vouchers or buying them for ridiculous prices. A first come, first serve policy seems most fair, in my opinion, for seeing an artist.


Me and my friend got Teen Top viewing passes. I was pretty bummed actually; I really wanted an Exo one, so I could sell it. ♥

The Concert  


Alright so I don’t know how many of you have seen our fancams yet, but if you haven’t: I had the cheapest seats. Not that I cared ($60 was more than enough money to pay for this experience), and in truth, the venue itself was quite small, so even the cheapest seats weren’t that terrible.

The concert this year compared to last’s was both better and worse. Better in that it was bigger. The artists were grander this year (they got G-Dragon), the performances more extravagant, the audience more alive (these people blew out my eardrums; thank you Exotics). But bigger does not always mean better. Because last year’s Con was much smaller, it was also, in my opinion, more personal. There was barely any idol-to-fan talking this time around, just an introduction (if any!) and that was all. Last year we had speeches, Q&A, and a lot more idol engagement. This year in comparison was more rushed, and the idols didn’t look as excited as last year’s.

Also, bonus: 




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