Music Video Review: Brown Eyed Girls “Kill Bill”

Brown Eyed Girls

“Kill Bill”

July 28, 2013

The Song:

The talking at the beginning could have had better pronunciation.  “Dat” should be reserved for comments like “Dat ASS” but not in a monologue.

 Right from the beginning of the song, “Kill Bill” sounds great. The singing is fantastic, the feel of the music is great, and the chorus was catchy, but in a classy “wow, this is a good song I can bop my head to”, not “wow, this song is so annoying, I’m gonna have this beat stuck in my head for hours”. As per usual Miryo’s rapping is great and one of the highlights of the song.  We love the recurring whistling; it was really lovely and a nice, cute touch.  Narsha and Ga-In especially really suited the song well.

The Video:

Made us wish that we actually saw the legit Kill Bill movie to know if there is any correlation. BEG is one of the few groups hat always has interesting and intriguing videos. The beginning was scenic and beautiful; artsy in a good way. The contrast between the black and white intro, and eerily colorful hospital was a nice detail for the eyes. And then of course, we all know BEG is incredibly sexy and is just about the only girl group that can pull off racy. These girls command attention, as always. Thank you BEG, for this gem to clean our ears of ugly music.


3 responses to “Music Video Review: Brown Eyed Girls “Kill Bill”

  1. I saw the movie Kill Bill and they indeed have a reference to the movie. The scene where (was it Miryo?) was buried alive was in the movie. While the character was buried, she reflected on many things… flashbacks of her past. That gave her the courage to punch the wooden coffin until it breaks, thus, breaking free. In the MV, it showed a part where a hand emerges from the ground. That’s exactly the same in the movie.

  2. I’m a fan of them,I like kill bill,but I still think BEG can do better,you know it wasn’t all I expected!!but still,I think Kill Bill is much better than most of the songs I heard this past 2 years!I think BEG past works,made me expect a lot from them!:)

  3. Reblogged this on tcopelandfilm and commented:
    What a music video. The beginning is really well shot with a soft editing stance, the black and white coupled with the fade to black between shots. This gives a well needed elegance to the extremity of the killings. The second half is better though. When the music changes, the storyline of kill bill comes into play and the dancers echo the music it works very well. I wrote recently about artists being in the own videos, I think it does work if they are performing- something more than the viewer watching them sing. Gives it more of a reason. I quite liked the rapping even though it was in a different language, the beat can still be shared, but it was a bit short. Some of the extra sounds that were heard worked, like the stiletto sound, but not the gunshot, in my opinion. Overall, well worth the time.

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