Top 10: Sexy Seniors

30 for an idol is the average persons equivalent of being old enough to get half priced tickets at movie theaters. Most Idols fizzel out long before 30, but few young or old shine as bright as these ladies and gentlemen.


10. 2NE1’s Bom


9. BEG’s Miryo


8. Rain


7.  Brian Joo


6.  BEG’s Narsha


5. Se7en

KAFPhotoblogWOONIE724. Lee Hyori 


3. BEG’s JeA


2. 2NE1’s Dara


1. Super Junior’s Leeteuk





9 responses to “Top 10: Sexy Seniors

  1. Miryo,JeA,Gain and Rain I don’t need anything else!!!but wait,why leeteuk is first?!I’m just asking,cause I never knew he is sexy!:D

  2. Kpop seniors in groups seem to have a better chance for longevity if they aren’t forced into childish concepts for the sake of their groups youngest members. Leeteuk’s more recent performances with SJ make me lol so hard. I like him, but he just looks ridiculous. The age gap within SJ is TOO DAMN HIGH considering their image.

    • because sexy free and single is considered childish? at least he isnt singing rokkugo or sunny, but it is still cute on him! :)

    • Um…what? “Childish concepts”? In what recent performance was Leeteuk in with his group that had a “childish concept”? The only one I can think of is not recent at all — it’s from 2008. The age gap in Suju is just 5 years. If a 5 years age gap is “TOO DAMN HIGH” for you then… I’m worried.

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