Music Video Review: MBLAQ’s “Smokey Girl”

This is a guest review by Cupcake, if you would also like to guest write on this blog then just comment. Enjoy.


“Smokey Girl”

June, 3  2013

        The song: 

This is a club song but not like upbeat like Junsu’s Incredible its more of a laid back club song, 

I think its a great song though! In my opinion its the best one since “Cry”. 

BUT! There is something i have to call out MBLAQ about, 

What is a “smoky girl” Is it a girl who mysterious? 

Is it a girl who is so hot that she is a smoky girl? Is it a girl who smokes? 

MBLAQ didn’t do the best job of portraying who “smoky girl” is. MBLAQ is well rounded group, but I felt like only 3  of the members really did anything Poor seungho and mir they didn’t get any time to really do anything :(  Mir literally only rapped for 10 seconds and I never heard him before or after that, same thing with seungho.  This song would have been better if we could have heard a little more of those 2, their voices really fit this kind of song.

The Video: 

This video is something new for MBLAQ. They FINALLY worked with some colors from in this video. 

In there other videos  they just look sad or tortured wearing weird clothes,

 but this one was really different, all the members look really good in their classic black suits and white suits. Thunder’s hair was GENIUS!

 It looked so good on him. Yes they look mad but we got some smiles from Lee Joon here and there which was great! But there were some parts that were kinda odd… 

Where exactly is this “Smoky Girl” MBLAQ keeps on singing about? She was shown for like 3 seconds at the end and we barely even got to see her face…also MBLAQ seemed to b having a great time in that neon paint rain…WTF if that was me and paint just started to spurting out of the ceiling I WOULD RUN! I have a little tip for the people in the club: STOP BEING SO DANG STIFF! Its a club have fun! Dance the night away! Don’t just stand there looking like you hate your life! Also when Mir started rapping what was the use if the 2 girls? I thought it looked really funny instead of super sexy. Lee Joon’s dance with his girl looked really cool they moved in a way that looked like smoke. It goes perfect with the song title.


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  1. Thank you guys so much for letting me make a review! ^_^ I know I’m not the best but i tried! it was a lot of fun to make!!

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