Music Video Review: Xia’s “Incredible”

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July, 7, 2013

The Song:
The song is something quite different than what we usually hear in kpop. It’s a club-dance song, but not in the way B.A.P’s Hurricane was. It’s more lighthearted, free and fun than most songs of 2013. The disco-ness of the song is awesome, it was autotuned in a good way that didn’t rape your ears, and it’s really fun. It’s both a great song and a performance song. Junsu’s solo works are very different from the norm and bring something new to kpop. Hence, him asking the girl to turn her swag on. Since he’s a great singer and just as great dancer, his options for a comeback are very broad. I respect him for that. Quincy’s part wasn’t that bad, it just felt out of place, because of one phrase. Quincy has perfect pronunciation that would’ve made his part feel less out of place, but Quincy, I don’t how a girl would and I quote, “shake her spaceship candy.” The song stuck to one melody and didn’t kill you with horrible transitions so that was a plus. It’s a great, fun, club song. One of the more fun and colorful comebacks of the year. Very fun and energizing. The song is incredible.
The Video:
The video is very colorful and fun with bright outfits that fit the club-ish, party concept Junsu’s comeback has. Something that I think crossed everyone’s mind are the multi-racial backup dancers. Junsu has black, white, and indian people dancing on the set. It’s good and refreshing to see more types of people in videos, versus the same thing every comeback. Although it kinda looked like Junsu was the only asian in the video. I think I saw backup dancers smiling this time around, that’s new.
Another topic: Creepy Saessangs
This was one thing that was way off of the video’s plot.
Junsu has experienced saessang fans before, but never in his life has he made out with one. When he notices that the girl taking pictures of him while staking him, he continues to go on with his business, until he’s in his bed and starts making out with her. Moreover he’s wearing shoes on his bed, that’s horrible. Eww, Junsu, you don’t know what that girl’s been through. Then again she could have devoted her life to him and stayed virgin. This is a new era for Junsu’s saessangs. Saessangs feel welcome to try to stalk and make out with Junsu because with this video, it’s confirmed Junsu won’t care.
Quincy’s part wasn’t anything special, just him sitting on a lifeguard seat and him stalling a tennis game. His pronunciation is good, the only awkward thing he said is, “shake your spaceship candy.” Quincy must be a great dancer for him to be featured above all of Junsu’s other backup dancers.
Junsu ends the video with his dance sequence and by sitting on the throne his solo works have created. His solo works are very different. From Tarantellagrea to this. 11am was just a gift to the fans.
The Dance:
I am really looking forward for a dance practice of Incredible.
As for the video, I am torn with this dance. Not in a bad way though. Junsu’s a great dancer, I think most people know. It’s just the routine is hard to classify. It’s fun, hard, but easy at the same time. The dance steps are easy, but connecting them at the same time at Junsu’s speed is hard. I’d call it the, “Crack Your Neck,” dance, since the most memorable part is when junsu cracks his neck.
Overall, another great comeback, but I like this more than I like B.A.P’s Hurricane. I seem to like his solo activities more than JYJ’s songs.
-Alfredo Sauce

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