We just wanted to ask our audience what they want us to write, we are taking requests just please please please do not ask for group reviews they literally take dozens and dozens of hours of work.

Also if anyone wants to write we will for us, we are still taking submissions.

<3 P&B


17 responses to “Question

  1. Why do you only judge K-Pop groups by YOUR opinion, not taking like a poll or something? Cause seriously, SHINee’s popularity clearly says more than your BS review

  2. I’d like to do album reviews for you. FOC. Maybe some MVs too.

    I’m rather vocal and quite critical when giving my opinions (even with groups/singers that I like). Is this okay?

  3. We would love to do more album reviews, but we buy literally everything we review. And since the P no longer lives near her source of physical albums we have not been reviewing albums, it is also very costly and we make no money on this blog…

  4. More album reviews!

    Please do one for EXO’s XOXO <3

    Or some more how real are pairings.

    Once the year winds down I'd love to see you guys have a top ten of your fave music videos (& least fave), maybe even favorite rookie groups of 2013!

  5. Can u guys make an album review (u-kiss’s collage?) but if that takes a lot of time can u please review exo’s wolf? because I know how much of a controversial song and video that was XD

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