Top 10 Look-A-Likes


These are in no particular order.


10. Hyuna (4minute) and Member of C-Real


9.  Sooyoung (SNSD) and Member of C-Real


8. Kwangmin (Boyfriend) and Youngmin (Boyfriend)


7. Sohee (Wonder Girls) and Xiu Min (EXO)


6. Taemin (Shinee) and Kai (EXO)


5. Zhou Mi (Super Junior) and Tao (EXO)


4. Seungri and Ugly Seungri (U-Kiss’ AJ) and Ugly Ugly-Seungri (Exo’s Chen)


3.  Hong Jonghyeon and Kat-Tun’s Kame


2. Yoona (SNSD) and Yuri (SNSD) and Seohyun (SNSD) and C-Real Member



1. TVXQ’s Changmin and Kat-Tun’s Junno and Jerry Yan


40 responses to “Top 10 Look-A-Likes

  1. You know I don’t really think that seungri is very good-looking but there is no need for you to be so mean and hurt his fans or him by calling him “ugly,ugly” or whatever the nonsense that you said was.Even though I’m not really a fan of his I still think that he is the funniest guy ever.K-pop industry would be boring without him.Last thing don’t even bother posting anything else if you are going to offend people and make them feel bad.Try to spread happiness around and make people smile😃

  2. Lol, C-Real is a group of dopplegangers.
    I’m surprised Chemi (A C-Real member) and BTS Jimin didn’t make it on here. They look a LOT alike in my opinion

    • Ikr.. he doesnt look like seungri at all.. and is there like a need to put ugly in the statement.. he’s no bias of mine but calling other people ugly is just rude.

  3. also leeteuk from super junior and lee joon from mblaq look similar to me, and bts’s j-hope and super junior’s sungmin. could be just me idk

  4. Ok I’m sorry I felt kinda mad before but I’m a lot better now I don’t not like to get people upset very sorry if you can find a place in your heart to forgive me that would be swell thanks god bless

  5. what is wrong with you. chen from exo is wayyy hotter than seungri and i dont care what anyone says. pleasse dont go around calling my baby ugly ugly seungri because if you think chen is ugly than you must have saw yourself in a picture and not chen. if chen read this he would totaly agree with me and most girls would. i cant believe you really called my baby ugly he is precious and has feelings that easily get heart so if i were you i would think twice about that. I LOVE CHEN TO MAKE TO TAKE THIS AS A JOKE AND THIS REALLY DOES ANGER THE CRAP OUT OF ME .HOPE YOU READ THIS AND REALLY THINK TO YOURSELF LONG AND HARD. THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU ALL . SMH

    • You are a scary scary person, do you have no idea that declaring yourself Chen’s wife is unacceptable behavior. It is just crazy. You need to reasse the state of your mental health.
      You’re talking like you are indeed his girlfriend and that just is not true. DON’T BE CRAZY! It gives all kpop fans a bad public image.

  6. Don’t get me wrong.I love Chen but ugly Seungri and ugly ugly Seungri made my day. There are a lot of complaints about those nicknames, like damn, it’s a matter of somebody else’s opinion.

  7. Ugly Seungri and Ugly Ugly Seungri ? Dafuq AJ and Chen didn’t ugly at all, I prefer them than Seungri, even the fact is 3 of them is my biases, please cut the “ugly” off, it hurted, dude.

  8. LOL, the identical twins count as look alikes/dopplegangers. Also like the Seungri look alikes. There is Seungri, Ugly Seungri and Ugly Ugly Seungri. Made me laugh.

  9. I love how you mentioned the identical twins.
    And yeah, C-Real is pretty much a droppelganger group.
    I’m kind of surprised that you didn’t mention Rain and Junho considering…well it’s Rain and Junho, that look-a-like is a poor, beaten, dead horse.

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