Music Video Review: F(x)’s Rum Pum Pum Pum


Rum Pum Pum Pum

July 24, 2013

The Song:


You know a song’s bad when even fans wont admit it’s good.

The very funny thing about this comeback is that the song isn’t actually that awful. Maybe it’s that no one expects anything from F(x) anymore (least of all us), but those lowered expectations have us almost certain that we wouldn’t call this F(x)’s worst.

SM has made it plenty clear that they don’t care about F(x). Why is it that F(x) gets RPPP (no way are we gonna spell that mess out again), and SNSD gets I Got A Boy. No matter if you think I Got A Boy is a bad song or not, you can’t deny the “in your face” star quality IGAB has that none of F(x)’s songs have ever have. And that’s because SM doesn’t care about poor old F(x). Always stuck with the unmemorable songs that you find on other group’s albums as the unforgettable third or fourth track. And it really sucks because it’s not even like the girls are talentless; Luna has a great voice and if F(x) can do this , SM should let them do that. (But seriously, how great was that teaser)

The Video:

The red plaid outfits were actually quite cute, and compared to Fx)’s usual fashion disasters, were very surprising. The music video itself was blasé, as all F(x) videos are. A boring set, SM’s standard box, F(x)’s usual whiplash camera angles.

Seriously though. SM: Why tease us with that artsy, wonderful teaser only to give us RPPP. We should have known better than to get our hopes up.



4 responses to “Music Video Review: F(x)’s Rum Pum Pum Pum

  1. Okay, but this song is in Billboard 100 best girl group songs of all time, the harmonies are stunning, and even now, 4 years later, people love it. What are y’all on?

  2. I always thought f(x) had really un-catchy songs because they were meant to be experimental. Unfortunately, most of the “experiments” in music that SM conduct through f(x) releases kinda failed but I was really hopeful about Pink Tape in general because of the teaser art film they released. I thought they would finally release an tastefully artful MV but instead they got another box MV. Ew, what a letdown. The song was at least nice but again, not exactly catchy stuff. I am really hoping that Pink Tape has some banging tracks to redeem the boring ass video. XP Shadow seems to be the most promising track, at this point.

    • We are also disappointed by f(x), they have the potential to be at least a good group if not a great group. Yet they are trapped by eternal mediocrity by SM, they are stuck with the same disappointing songs and same ugly clothes. Everything down to Amber being confined to oversized menswear is so average, so boring.

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