Music Video Review: B.A.P.’s “Hurricane”

B.A.P’s Hurricane
July 16, 2013
(Yay! Another guest writer)
The Song:
*Okay guys, I was a former dubstep producer (I want to go back, but I don’t have the right laptop), this is my opinion.
This song is a club song, there is no doubt it is.
The song is B.A.P’s club song, and I really like it.
The song is layered, with kicks, whistles, horns, synths, electric guitar(plucked, not strung), evenly placed claps, and some other instrument.) I love how they play with dynamics in the song, changing the tempo 3 times, but it matches the Hurricane concept they were given.(Not like some other songs of this year *ahem* IGABoy & TBFemale) My favorite part of the song is the 1:05-1:24. I feel it adds a bridge to energy/adrenaline pumping song. It also makes me feel like I was in the mysteriousness they call the city. I really like it, it’s comforting and provides a moment of solace in this hard-hitting song. Daehyun’s vocals are explosive and powerful as ever. Youngjae’s voice is more presented at the beginning, to be an intro for Daehyun. Himchan’s engrish is unbearable, but funny. Then as they go nearing the second bridge, it starts to change the tempo to the almighty dance break. With record scratching, whistles, kicks, hybrid kick-claps, synths, and clicks(which are very convenient, in case your dancing to this, match your moves to the clicks and it’ll look like your synchronized.) The dance break is easily my 2nd favorite part of the song.
Then speed picks up again and it goes to the Hurricane part of the song and then it ends with Daehyun saying,:”we hurricane.”
This song is a hard-hitting and fist-pumping song that I would definitely recommend for clubs.
Overall I love this song and if I was alone to dance to the dance break, I would do it(which is quite an accomplishment for a song to make me do!)
The Video:
Ohohohohohohohoho. There is so much to talk about in the video. <rape face>
 But first, one thing must be put to the ground, this video’s similarity to Big Bang’s Tonight. They are very similar. They both even have a sign that says,”Queens,” but I am not bothered by it because, “Hurricane,” is more club-esque than, “Tonight.”
That is all on that subject.
What I wonder is how much they spent on this video project and how many people in the street recognized them. Renting a room and being filmed walking and dancing is sure to attract attention. Especially during the dance break. I think I would’ve asked who they were, if I didn’t know them, luckily I do.
Now to the video!
We have B.A.P strolling down a road in Las Vegas without getting brutally murdered by getting ran over a load of cars. Weird, huh? Then in the desert, in front of a building, and a limo (with a stripper pole Daehyun’s holding on to(don’t think I missed that.)
The members then start strolling around looking at stuff and singing to the camera.
*May I be the first one to point out I think Himchan wants a baby?!?, 0:39, it’s true. Don’t worry Himchan, B.A.P fans would love to have your babies.*
Then the song goes to the main part and the members start going crazy with Jongup and Zelo dancing.
The members again start singing to the camera while giving us a tour of Las Vegas.
Thank you B.A.P, with your help. I’ll never get lost in Las Vegas.
Himchan, what was that, I couldn’t catch that. The hwat’s on fire. HIMCHAN, WHAT’s ON FIRE?! And on that night, everybody in the building died. the only survivors were B.A.P. There was no chance of survival. Himchan’s pronunciation was so bad that even the police couldn’t understand him when he said,”the loof is on fiyah.” They continue to stroll while rapping, singing, and dancing to the camera, continuing the tour. Then after Daehyun’s singing, the tempo starts slowing down, Yongguk starts rapping, AND THEN…
Dance Break (2:40-3:00):
I love the dance break. Jongup and Zelo are great dancers. I give props to the producers of the song because the fantastic part about it is how they produced the break, according to the choreography. Matching clicks according to how Jongup and Zelo moved their body. Genius, just genius.
Then Zelo starts telling us, “to turn it up now,” and then B.A.P stand in a line on the desert, while the camera zooms through a line of never ending members. I thought that was pretty creepy. If I was in a desert I wouldn’t want to see an endless line of B.A.P members, that would be horrifying.
Then the song goes back to the main part, members going crazy, Jongup dancing, doing backflips, wearing a hat that says,”dope.”, Zelo dances, and they all get their solo shots before ending the video with their group name and song in their appropriate font.
Overall I loved the song and the video. Great comeback.

– Alfredo Sauce

6 responses to “Music Video Review: B.A.P.’s “Hurricane”

  1. Personally, I was never swept away by B.A.P’s debut last year maybe I needed a “hurricane?” Anyways, the song really knocked me off my high horse, coz the beat was really killing it….. it has that club/dubstep thumping sound that want to make you dance. And the high notes was just heaven to hear, it contrasted nicely to the music and the LOOf IS ON FIRE even though it was a bit naah didn’t soiled the song.. So thumbs up for B.A.P. and that’s coming from a die-hard 2ne1 fan XD

  2. I totally learned something new about Korean pop
    today. It’s pretty amazing to see how the Korean pop industry can be so widespread and venturing off
    to other sections other than music. It’s so weird to see these people start off as just Korean music rookies and seeing them reach this point.
    Completely amazed.

  3. I don’t want to sound mean, but in all honesty, I didn’t like this review :/ What I love about P&B is that their reviews are honest and true and very very objective. In fact, I must say, P&B’s reviews are my favorite. They are the only ones I will read without feeling annoyed.

    This review had a lot of “I”‘s in it. It wasn’t a review so much as an opinion. “I loved the song. I thought it was good because…” That would make it a thesis. It didn’t really explore any other opinions or a possible negative side of the song.

    I may just be a critical person, but this review felt really biased to me. When there are only cons and no pros (or vice versa), I feel as though a review is not up to par. This is no exception.

    And I don’t think pronunciation can be counted as a con.

    I’m really sorry :/ It’s just that I used to really love the reviews on this site, but I feel iffy about these guest reviews. I don’t care for an opinion by a B.A.P fan. I’d rather see an objective point of view to eliminate my own bias because I feel the problem with K-Pop is bias. A song could be horrid and people would still cliam they love it just because it is performed by their bias group.

    I’m really sorry

    • Thanks for ypur support, but we really don’t have the time to keep up with everything new in kpop, also we feel our intrest waning. Thus we want to motivate people to create something of their own. Our blog is undoubtedly controversial so we wanted to bring in some different voices to calm the waters. We want this to be a place that is full of free expression and uncensored by public opinion. We will still review things but these guest reviewers not only motivate us to write more with their young passion but can be considered a palette cleanser, like pickeled ginger when eating sushi.

      • Pickeled ginger? Oh gosh, you guys kill me. But yes, I understand, and thank you for your reply. I agree that it’s good to have a plethora of different opinions, and I can see how that can be good on this site- that way, if an instance like this happens, I (the reader) can pick and choose and look at a different review because not everyone will be the same. I do think that it’s a very smart choice, so I respect that. Now that you actually mention it, I think this is a very good idea. To me, it might just be one or two reviews that I feel iffy on, but that doesn’t mean I’ll feel the same about every guest review.

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