Music Video Review: Sistar’s “Give It To Me”

This is review made by another guest writer, she was a reader and we have made an offer (which is still standing) that we will let anyone write whatever they want. Se we present: Blueberry.


“Give It To Me”

June 10th, 2013

The Song

A typical, but not very common kpop song. It’s really catchy and it well supports a choreo, but it’s different in some ways that are hard to explain. This is far from being cute, but it’s not forcibly sexy or super autotuned. It’s simply a song, an old style song, the ones you expect to hear in a night bar in the USA back in 1920s.  The piano highlights the catchiness of the song and the beats are not too fast, which makes “Give it to me” really a one of kind song, that breaks the boundaries that Sistar seemed stuck into. It surely follows their previous success “Alone”, but Starship had the intelligence to evolve their style in a more sophisticated song, that avoided the thought that it was too similar to the other one. On the other hand, the song seems a less sad version of “Gone not around any longer” by the subgroup Sistar19. But I appreciate that they kept this style that makes them different from the other kpop female groups, that seem kind of stuck in an eternal resemblance with 2ne1 and SNSD. The other thing that makes the song stand out is the member vocals, that fit the song in a pleasing way. Come on, admit it, Hyorin’s powerful part after the chorus is the one that adds to the song the dignity that it needed to avoid to be plain. The other member’s vocals balance really well Hyorin’s husky voice, and Bora’s rap was passable.

The video

This video had really an ambition. The ambition to be a refined video, that catches the eye of the public and never lets it go, because of its elegant style. A guilty pleasure. A concept that can often be seen in 2ne1’s videos, like “I Love You”.
Well at least they tried. The result is something in the middle between being superb and a total disaster. The video has a set of an abandoned circus, or a theatre. We don’t know if the member are practicing a performance, or the circus has been abandoned and they’re still dancing like lost birds. The set with the shining curtains makes a big contrast, because it looks too modern compared to the theatre/circus one. The colors are very vivid and the member’s outfits are eye catching,  I would say their best ones. At least these ones actually look like dresses, and not slightly long shirts. They are all quite retro, “Nobody” style. All of the members are pretty, and the makeup and the hairstyles do them justice. I especially appreciate Hyorin’ s new hairstyle, with less thick bangs. God, I’ve always seen her with those heavy and long bangs that I thought that her forehead was a horrid mess. Luckily I was completely wrong. The choreography is very Sistar-like, but it had less butt shaking and stuff,  obviously Starship tried to make it a bit more elegant. It worked, more or less, and there are some parts that are very interesting, like Soyou being gently dragged away and Bora throwing sequins, which make the spectator more interested.
The only flaw that the video has is the last part, when the song ends. Because it makes you wish that the whole video was like that.

<3 B

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