Music Video Review: 2ne1 “Falling in Love”

2ne1’s Falling in Love

The Video: 3.5 out of 5

I haven’t exactly read the mass opinion of this comeback, so I don’t know how many people will agree with me when I say my this was disappointing. The music video was cute, yes. It screamed summer and I think this is the first time in months that all the girls have cute normal hairstyles that are very likable. The choreography was simple but cute, and though I do have a problem with the simplicity of the sets, I can’t complain about them being ugly or disastrous.

If simply treated as a random K-Pop music video, I’d say 2ne1’s “Falling in Love” was cute and fun to watch. But this isn’t a “regular” K-Pop music video we’re talking about; this is 2ne1’s comeback. A group whose fans have tried so hard to set apart from other female groups, for, and I quote “2ne1 has original songs, breathtaking music videos and a signature, quirky style”.  My biggest disappointment with this video came from the fact that it wasn’t “out there”,  and you’d think that, being out of the game for so many months, 2ne1 would try to make a spectacular, jaw-dropping comeback.

The Song: 3 out of 5

Pretty much fit the video perfectly. Both in summer feel, and in how much I was disappointed in both.

After “I Love You”, I really hoped 2ne1 would hop off that bus, and lean back to their original electronica hip-hop days. Not that they didn’t work “Falling in Love”, and not that I don’t appreciate their obvious attempt at evolving; the song just isn’t as good as their stuff two years ago. I don’t blame the style of music, and I don’t blame the girls; I blame YG for decreasing the quality of 2ne1’s music. They deserve better songs.

– Bagel


One response to “Music Video Review: 2ne1 “Falling in Love”

  1. I agree. I Am the Best was AMAZING and arguably was their best song. I like their other ones as well, even when they tried other styles like Ugly. But I Love You didn’t really do it for me. Falling in Love didn’t really do it for me either. I thought the video was really simple compared to their other sets. Plus the “touch me over here” part was kinda awkward to me and didn’t seem like part of the song.

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