The Liebster Award


britahysworld nominated us for this award. Thanks homegirl. We weren’t going to do it at first, but we decided “hay, why naught.”

Of course with these types of awards there are rules.

  1. List 11 random facts about yourself.
  2. Answer the questions designated by the blogger(s) who nominated you.
  3. Place YOUR nominations for the Liebster Award! Nominate five (or more) other bloggers that have less than 200 followers. Make sure to notify them.
  4. Make up a set of questions for those nominated bloggers to answer.
  5. Display the Liebster Award badge on your blog!

Random Facts

  1. We are two females
  2. We live on Earth
  3. We hate social networking, because we hate people
  4. Nichkhun went to our school
  5. We enjoy bread
  6. Movies in 3D give us headaches
  7. We both have dogs
  8. We both wear underwear
  9. We stick ’em with the pointy end
  10. It took us an hour to write these facts
  11. #doisugly

My Questions

1- What was your very first blog post about?

We introduced ourselves to the world.

2- How would you describe yourself?

We are private people who do not like talking about ourselves. We also get enough death threats to not want to talk about ourselves.

3- Favorite genre of music?

B: Rap
P: Disco, House, R&B, Easy Listening
4- Least favorite thing to do?

Read other people’s comments on our blog.
5- Something you are looking forward to doing this year?

Going to a strip club for pancakes and steak.

Our Questions:

  1. Do you have a healthy relationship with your mother?
  2. When was the last time you cried? Why?
  3. What do you think your last dream meant?
  4. What do you see?

5. Are you “living” or just existing?


We don’t know 5 blogs, so we chose 5 random ones. We told you. We hate social networking. We looked through our blog’s comments to find these.

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