Music Video Review: 4 Minute’s “Is It Poppin’?”

We the P&B really just wanted a 110th post. So our friends the self proclaimed Fish Balls, aka FB, and Pork Chop, PC, will be reviewing this music video. Have fun~ FB: “Oh, we will.”

 4 Minute

Is It Poppin’?


The Song:

  So, hai guise. This’ll be our first and only review most likely. So, we didn’t know that Hyuna was a rapper, so we were like “whut” when we saw that. She raps as well as Minho. Which is NAHT rapping. -69/10. Might as well talk you little hoe. SHE LOOKED LIKE A SLUT THE ENTIRE VIDEO. LIKE. WHUT. sorry, back to the song. okay, so it was like a bad attempt to be tropical and shit. What were those random beats for. like. wai. Cube. stahp. Red bowl cut girl. dun eben know her name. She sounded like she had a plugged nose. why are you singing when you’re sick. And that chorus man. Is that wat their mating call(s) sound like? “HEY BOY. HEY BOY” it’s like they want to get domestically violated. That’s not something to make fun of. And those random phone line noises. They had no point in the song. Even in the video, there was like whut, 2 seconds of someone actually on a phone. then BAM sweat on everyone everyone. Also Hyuna had a chipmunk voice. Just me?

The Video:

Don’t even get me started on the video. Why would anyone dance that like in a jungle. Not eben a jungle. WE SAW THOSE POTTED PLANTS. DON’T TRY TO COVER THAT UP WITH THEM ANGLES. Cube doesn’t want their “stars” to be just domestically violated, but man handled by rabid beasts too. (like that old guy with rippling muscles. Why were you even there, pedo?) Did they film this at Rain Forest Cafe? cause DAYUM. And who was that with the cat ears? Don’t even know. Trying to be like SNSD, that’s all we know. Something we DID appreciate was them hip movement. megusta. wegusta.

This group shouldn’t even be called 4Minute. It should be called “Hyuna & her backup dancers” Sorry not sorry. Every time Hyuna looked at the camera, she had the SAME EXACT facial expression. tryin to be sexy and shit. NOPE. That gurl standing in the water was ASKING to get dem vaginal disease. Where did the fire even come from? “HAY GUISE. THERE’S A FIRE. LET’S POINT.” Hyuna, don’t let your eyebrows fall off. They’re the only good thing going for you. But seriously. That thermometer. If it were to really get to 130 degrees Fahrenheit, them hoes would be melted. Like how our ears melted to this song. SCIENCE, BITCH.

If the parties in South Korea are really like this, i’d rather stay in murrica, land of the free, crib of the brave.


12 responses to “Music Video Review: 4 Minute’s “Is It Poppin’?”

  1. This review really reminded me of Eat Your Kimchi’s review…. Same reasons and everything. “Hyuna and her backup dancers”

  2. I think I just died. At first, I thought P&B were being mean but I officially loathe PC & FB.
    How old are you!? STAHP, DAYUM, WUT? Learn how to fucking spell.

  3. Dear P&B,

    Look at me. Look at me P&B.

    Don’t ever let your stupid friends post something on this blog again. EVER. I lost IQ points from reading this crap. Also, think about getting better friends. I would hate to know someone who types not as “NAUT.”

  4. I’m guessing you were trying to be funny by making grammatical errors and misspelling words. Well guess what? Only funny people can be funny. This just made you look stupid and lazy.

      • Oh dear god…*facepalm* I was making fun of their spelling in this. How were you not able to tell that? I swear…

        And no, what their friends posted was not a review. It wasn’t even remotely a review. They just blatantly bashed 4 Minute throughout the post.

  5. Wow, I am really upset at this review.

    Exactly how old are you? “Stahp”, “whut”, “hay guise”, to be using such internet slang is so childish. Either you’re still experiencing puberty or you’re just a pathetic excuse for an adult. Do you even know what you’re talking about? You didn’t even properly review the song; instead you just bashed on the band because you’re so biased.

    A tip: next time you review a song, actually review it instead of being an immature netizen.

  6. All in all. Is It Popping was a great song. Jiyoon has a husky low-ish tone but I admit she sounded sick. I loved Jiyoon’s twerk, I love anybody’s twerk. Gayoon looked like Lee Hi, no doubt about it. Prettier though. SATAN 13, huh Cube. Cube imitatin’ LC9, poor NEGA NETWORK having too witness RASA’s jersey being used by a different artist. Hyuna is like a mix of bunny rabbit and cat. Cute, but not elegant, that would be Gayoon. BtoB’s Minhyuk is the male version of Hyuna, though more of a bunny rabbit. Hyuna’s Ice Cream is great. That is all I have to say.

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