Music Video Review: MBLAQ’s “Smokey Girl”

This is a guest review by Cupcake, if you would also like to guest write on this blog then just comment. Enjoy.


“Smokey Girl”

June, 3  2013

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Music Video Review: Xia’s “Incredible”

Another Guest Review form the returning AS. If you are also interested in writing for us we would gladly sponsor any writer.
July, 7, 2013


We just wanted to ask our audience what they want us to write, we are taking requests just please please please do not ask for group reviews they literally take dozens and dozens of hours of work.

Also if anyone wants to write we will for us, we are still taking submissions.

<3 P&B

Top 10 Look-A-Likes


These are in no particular order.

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Music Video Review: Sistar’s “Give It To Me”

This is review made by another guest writer, she was a reader and we have made an offer (which is still standing) that we will let anyone write whatever they want. Se we present: Blueberry.


“Give It To Me”

June 10th, 2013

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