Name: EXO Planet

Label: SM Entertainment

Genre: K-Pop, C-Pop, Pop, R&B, Dance

Year Debuted: 2012- Present

Fanclub: Void

Fan Color: Void

Sites: http://exo-k.smtown.com/


The Members:

49 responses to “EXO

  1. Guys, we should probably view the lack of a review as a blessing in disguise. If you look at the tags, one of them is literally, “D.O is ugly,” meaning that there will be a fair amount of bashing in this article. A bunch of EXO-Ls will get butthurt and there will be a full-blown comment war. So let’s not push these lovely people to write this up.

  2. peachandbagel, I’m a big fan. I’ve just been getting into exo recently and I would love to hear your opinions. Please consider making the review!

  3. I would really love if you do write the review! Reading your opinions on idol groups is always interesting and entertaining and gives a third person view on things (even if I don’t agree with your opinions). I understand that many people offended you guys in pushing you to write this review, but many people are also asking nicely. :) please reconsider!

  4. Stop all this crap replies like “lol” and “lop” n give us the reviews! I’ve been good and waited for like 200+ days, but the review NEVER came out. Please give me a gd explanation not some lol reply.

      • u think this is rude and annoying? Let me tell u WHAT IS rude n annoying, n that is being PROMISED to wait for 100 days before the EXO reviews come out, n look, how long have we waited? do u think it is RIDICULOUS to make a demand like this? n whenever we ask an APPROPRIATE question, u give us answers like “LOL”. do u think that appeases us?

      • Okay, who the hell do you think you are?
        You crazy entitled bitch. Our lives don’t revolve around this blog so we will write whenever and however we please. If you don’t like it then read something else, go to some other site. But don’t you dare command us to do anything. You are insignificant and including people who have given us death threats the rudest person who has ever commented on our blog. Just go away we really don’t need you and don’t want you as a reader.

      • N please STOP acting like we depend on u for reviews. there are THOUSANDS of other websites that we can go to, n u can’t even keep a promise to us readers. shouldn’t u reflect on urself? u have made me lost all my faith n trust in The Truth About Kpop, because of that irresponsible reply

      • Please stop, this is not civil and frankly just annoying, you will not answer our questions and are just raving like a lunatic. This is really unbecoming behavior and you just are being silly I am tired of getting your stupid little comments on my phone so please just go away. You need to get it through your thick skull into your puny idiotic brain that you are being stupid by wasting time reading things you don’t like. Go away, you are not only wasting your time but more importantly our time. We just want you to understand that this is annoying.

  5. I completely learned something new about Korean pop today.
    It’s pretty awesome to see how the Korean pop industry can be so widespread
    and venturing off to other sections other than music.
    It’s so weird to see these people start off as just Korean pop rookies and seeing them
    reach this point. Totally amazed.

  6. guys stop asking when they are gonna put up the review! >.< it obviously takes a TON of time! give them there space!

  7. It’s probably going to be a year before they post the EXO review. Just like EXO’s comeback. SM Entertainment’s smart marketing decisions is their inspiration. That was one of your few smart moves SM, EXO was a subpar group during What Is Love and History promotions.

    beacuse exo is still fairly new and its hard to judge the personality and talent since they havent been around very long

  9. I came across your site from a spam link on fb from a friend. I was looking through all your ‘truth about your favourite band’ articles and was surprised at all the hate you guys got!!!! I had no idea that kpop extended as far as some of these bands like 2ne1, big bang, snsd, super junior etc… Being a newbie to the kpop world and an aspiring writer, I would love to write some articles about kpop bands and how a newbie to kpop perceives them? Get back to me? Cheers (I’m 16 by the way)

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