Girls’ Generation (SNSD)

Name: Girls’ Generation (SNSD)

Label: SM Entertainment

Genre: K-Pop, Pop, Dance-Pop, Bubble-gum Pop, Electro-pop, R&B

Year Debuted: 2007

Fanclub: Sones

Fan Color: Pastel Rose


The Members…


Name: Kim Taeyeon

Position: Leader, Main Vocalist

Birthdate: March 9, 1989

Blood type: O

Height: 160 cm

Our Comments:

One of SNSD’s more popular members, Taeyeon is Girls Generation’s cute ajumma “kid” leader. Yes those two adjectives contradict each other, but both are perfect for describing this particular person. Though Taeyeon has her incredibly immature moments, her dorky childishness is very much balanced with her natural maternal instincts and strong love for her group. Taeyeon may express her love a bit differently than other people (i.e. perving on the rest of SNSD, grabbing people’s butts, harassing them), but the girl means well. One thing that we do notice about her though (and something SNSD seems to be bringing up in more recent interviews) is how closed up this girl tends to be. Taeyeon is the type of person to keep things to herself; naturally, as group leader, she wouldn’t want her members worrying about her, and stressing any more than they have to, but sometimes, you just can’t keep all the pain to yourself. And Taeyeon is the type to do just that. We don’t think it’s a matter of her being close to the girls (as they all seem pretty close), but it’s more of her just being an angsty child and not wanting to spread her troubles to others. We see your selflessness Taeyeon, but sometimes you just have to let a friend in on your loneliness!

P&B Scale

Appearance: 9.7

Taeyeon is a cute shortie. She has the typically tiny body, with legs on the shorter side and a longish torso. Contrary to groupmate Jessica who is also short but skinny as a twig, Taeyeon thankfully has a bit more meat on her body. Her short height adds to her cute “kid” image, and her young baby face only furthers that description. Taeyeon is more or less one of the never aging members of SNSD. Her bright eyes, small nose and lips are cute alright, but the real test of Taeyeon’s good looks comes from the fact that she can make the most dorky faces without looking insanely unattractive. How a person can look so cute making the faces she does will always be a mystery…

Talent: SC 9.6

We’ve previously raved about Taeyeon’s voice in our Best Female Vocalists of K-Pop post, so we won’t mention a super lot here. Bottom line is Taeyeon has a nice voice. The obvious best in SNSD, and our personal favorite females’ at SM. The girl has talent, and a voice smooth as butter to back it up. Her technique is good, her breathing, yeah it does fall short occasionally during SNSD’s lives but is strong nonetheless, and she’s proved her versatility and harmony multiple times. Really, let her voice do the talking and enjoy her talent. If there is one thing that we would ever complain about, it’s that her voice is not the strongest (and by this we mean volume wise). Though there are many that will beg to differ and claim that volume does not equal talent, let us take a look at some of the best singers shall we? Whitney Housten, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion all have marvelous voices and the prowess to really impress.

Personality: 9.5

Kim Taeyeon is the definition of a 14 year old perverted boy mixed with a 65 year old Korean grandpa. On the outside, she’s just this lazy butt who spends the day slapping butts, reading newspapers and screeching that ridiculous laugh of hers. We also love it when the rest of SNSD complains about her grandma-ish speech, the way she steals complementary snacks and candies from shows, and her noona ish tendencies as she preys on younger boys. Mixed in with this old ajumma personality is an immature going-through-puberty boy who loves laughing at immature stuff, cracking lame jokes herself and making dorky expressions at fancams she spots. Underneath it all though is Taeyeon, a motherly figure of SM, caring for her groupmates, her other dongsaengs, and her fans, cooking them amazing food, giving advice and wholehearted encouragement and tearing up because she’s so thankful for them.

Overall: 9.6


Name: Jessica Jung

Position: Main Vocalist

Birthdate: April 18, 1989

Blood type: B

Height: 163 cm

Our Comments:

For K-Poppers, Jessica is SNSD’s resident “ice princess”. What began as a series of “SNSD’s Jessica is so rude” and “Where are her manners?” evolved into the creation of one of the greatest characters of K-Pop. Jessica’s distinct factor is that she is the ice princess of K-Pop. Known for her bitch-face, icy stare and blunt honesty, Jessica has garnered herself quite the character, and it works. How many people know Jessica because of the attitude she chooses to portray? Easily one of the more recognizable members, we ourselves can attest that she was the first SNSD member that we could easily identify, simply because she has an it factor that gives her a different umph as compared to the rest of the SNSD.

For Sones though, Jessica is the awkward, socially-inept girl, shy and quiet around strangers but a great friend for the lucky few who get to know her better. Much of Jessica’s “icy facade” is largely because she’s such a shy person, and doesn’t really know how to be funny and/or interesting. And to those who know this, it makes Jessica all the more adorable, with her lazy dancing, childish humor and s l o w reactions.

P&B Scale

Appearance: 8.4

Jessica is usually regarded as one of the prettier SNSD members, and we do agree- yes, Jessica is stunning, but alas, much of this beauty is refrained to first impression. When you first look at Jessica, she does indeed look gorgeous, with her stoic gaze and doll-like features. But while “doll-like” features look cute on dolls and other inanimate objects, they look misproportioned on humans, as best seen on Jessica. We’ve always had a problem with her mouth (her lips and teeth are so incredibly small, and her tiny jaw only makes her mouth smaller), but lately we’ve started to notice how abnormally small her nose is as well. Especially when you compare these features to her eyes, which look large in comparison.

We don’t want to hear any people commenting on Jessica being a natural beauty either. And we’re not talking about plastic surgery; though, we don’t doubt most of the members of SNSD (not to pick on them specifically, as this applies to all idols) have had cosmetic surgery, whether it be “minor” work such as double eyelids, skin whitening or veneers, or “major” plastic surgery, like nose jobs. We’re talking about Jessica being a natural beauty as in, she looks great without make-up. As fellow make-up wearers ourselves, we know the true power of make-up, and just how much it can transform you. Jessica, as “pretty” as she may be with her make-up on, looks (as gently as we can put it), nothing near the same without make-up.

Talent: SC 8.4

We’re just going to be totally honest here- we don’t find Jessica’s voice very attractive. Neither one of us has a thing for nasally high voices. But we will admit that Jessica is rightfully SNSD’s second best vocalist. She has the right control going for her, and while her range is limited to higher notes, she can hit some pretty high octaves impressively. The one thing we do notice though is a slight lack of emotion, and some problems with vocalization. Jessica’s vocalization can sound really awkward sometimes; she often Mariah-Carey vocalizes the wrong notes, and the breathtaking effect that should be left is disturbed.

Personality: 9

Jessica is a strange one. As we have already mentioned she is more than often not referred to as the “ice princess” of SNSD. This image first arose after Jessica’s seemingly stand-off-ish personality, and she was regarded as someone who thought they were way too cool to befriend /commoners/. However, Jessica’s “Actual” personality has been described by fellow friends to be naturally cute, and that her “ice princess” image is mainly because she has trouble expressing her emotions and is just a socially awkward girl. From what we’ve observed, Jessica seems to honestly be a sweetheart: she cares for SNSD, gushes about her sister and parents, and seems to be an overall lovable person. She’s just… different. Different in expressing herself, different in terms of what she feels is rude/not. She has displayed her blunt honesty multiple times on television, and her curt responses usually instigate a variety of responses for example. In any case though, whether its her “ice princess” image or not, Jessica has created a strong character for herself.

Overall: 8.6


Name: Lee Soon-Kyu

Position: Supporting Vocalist

Birthdate: May 15, 1989

Blood type: B

Height: 155 cm

Our Comments:

Sunny, also known as SNSD’s “energy pill” is probably the cutest female in K-Pop. Everything from her small, bunny-like appearance, to her gross perfect aegyo, to her sincere heart make Sunny a treasure. We find that many people actually like Sunny; they respect her I-don’t-care-how-I-look personality, her bravery and her good-hearted nature. One of our favorite Sunny moments is when Taeyeon was kidnapped on stage by some fan, and Sunny was the only Soshi girl quick to react and brave enough to come between them. And let’s not forget how scarily open minded she is to things, like chasing after chickens, playing in mud and changing diapers. Sunny reminds us of the super popular girl that you can’t hate because she’s honestly cool and you can’t find a personality fault in sight. Sunny has yet to do something that earns her a boatful of antis, as she just seems like that person everyone wants to be chill with.

P&B Scale

Appearance: 9.5

A for adorable. Her face, laugh, smile, height; everything is cute as can be. As SNSD’s shortest member, she knows how to use her height to her advantage (see: Sunny’s aegyo). Her face reminds us of a bunny, in a completely nice way. We dare you to tell us it isn’t an accurate description of her. Sunny is just so tiny, and her lovable personality makes her all the more squishable and huggable. (Not saying she can’t be hot though, cuz wow can Sunny really mold into different concepts)

Talent: 6.8

Overall, Sunny is talent mediocre. She’s kind of a filler member in SNSD. Her dancing is a little less than okay, though she is probably the best dancer in SNSD’s Dancing Incapable (Taeyeon, Sunny, Jessica and Tiffany). As far as our knowledge extends, Sones are more likely to acknowledge her singing rather than her dancing. If this is the case, the we just have to say we’re not entirely impressed. Sunny has a very aesthetically pleasing voice, but we really hope she remains to just being a member of Girls Generation and doesn’t go anything beyond a couple OSTs here and there. Once again, it’s not that her voice is nasty (because it really isn’t!), but she definitely lacks the control and /talent/ that makes one a singer. 

Personality: 10

Sunny is amazing. And that three-word phrase could not be any more true.

Lee Soonkyu has firstly proven herself to be a variety queen. Sunny just seems to be good at anything, and we do mean anything. She was the best Soshi mom on SNSD’s “Hello Baby”, proving herself hardworking and greatly knowledgeable about babies. On “SNSD and the Dangerous Boys”, Sunny was a fantastic mentor, and all we could process throughout the show was “Sunny- you’re doing it right”. She’s hilarious on “Infinity Challenge” and has numerously proven herself to be daring, whether it’s her catching chickens, rolling around in mud, revealing her real height or baring her naked face for all. Her honest nature makes us absolutely love her, and we adore that she has an “I don’t care” outlook on what others think of her. When people bashed Sunny for her “disgustingly cute” image and aegyo (which, by the way, we should all know Sunny is the queen of), the girl didn’t care, and kept doing the same gushy-mushy act on shows. Normally, we can’t stand aegyo, but Sunny’s is just so purposely exaggerated it’s hilarious. Granted, though we love the more “boy-ish” charm she’s been exhibiting lately, we’ve never had anything wrong with Sunny’s great personality.

There’s just so more we can talk about. Her great sense of humor, how she isn’t ashamed to make silly faces and poke fun at herself, her fearlessness when she saved Taeyeon after she got dragged off a performance, how good she is to her dongsaengs and the strong shoulder she provides to SNSD.

Overall: 8.4


Name: Stephanie Hwang

Position: Lead Vocalist

Birthdate: August 1, 1989

Blood type: O

Height: 162 cm

Our Comments:

Tiffany is SNSD’s Sungmin.

Sorry guys, but she just seems so fake in our eyes, it hurts. Which sucks, because we want to like her- her face screams sweetheart and her actions shriek adorable. Not that we’re implying she isn’t cute, we’re just not sure she’s as cute as everyone would like her to be. But maybe we’re being too hard on her.

Tiffany’s had a tough life, so to speak. At 15 years old, Tiffany left her home in Diamond Bar, California a little after her mother’s death for the promising lands of Seoul, South Korea, forever tensing relations with her father and changing her future forever. Not knowing a lick of Korean, and still recovering the death of a loved one, Tiffany’s first couple years in Seoul were hard, and her debut with SNSD was even rougher. A foreigner in the group, she suffered the wrath of K-netizens: her manners “sucked”, she didn’t bow “long” or “far enough”, didn’t use honorifics, yadda yadda yadda.

Point is, this girl’s had it rough. And we do respect her for that. But personality wise, she just doesn’t get on our good side. Sometimes, Tiffany seems like she’s trying a little too hard to make herself seem likable. Now, we totally get that these girls need to have a pleasant appearance for camera, but what bothers us about Tiffany is just how large the gap seems to be between her super bubbly self on cam, and her rather normal demeanor off cam. On cam, she’s too fake, and it bothers us.

P&B Scale

Appearance: 9.7

In our honest opinion, Tiffany (along with Sooyoung) is the prettiest member of SNSD. She doesn’t exactly hold the typical standards of Korean beauty (like having a v-line, a “small” face, and more doe-like features), and as such, Yoona or Jessica are usually the two members that are praised to the high heavens for their beauty. We like Tiffany’s face though- her smile is absolutely gorgeous, her eyes are cute (especially her famous eye smile) and though about the only facial feature we find off is her nose (which is a tad bulbous), her friendly demeanor definitely makes itself present in her pretty and bright complexion. Tiffany’s far more unique and distinguishable appearance is extremely appealing to us.

Talent: SC 8.4

Tiffany’s voice will always be iffy to us. On one hand, it is absolutely gorgeous. Her much more husky and deep voice provides amazing contrast to the other girls in SNSD, whom have more delicate and softer tones. In Girls’ Generation, we find Tiffany’s voice by far the most aesthetically pleasing. Not only is it throaty and sexy (and, if we may mention, totally unique), the girl knows how to make her singing rich with emotion. The only thing Tiffany lacks in is control. She falters a bit live and dancing, and even when she’s solely singing, you can hear her struggle to reach her notes. Her rendition of  “Bleeding Love” is a perfect example of this- Tiffany’s voice is beautiful as always, but towards the end of the song, her control begins staggering, and her voice strained.

Personality: 9.4

We have a bit of a problem with Tiffany’s personality. On one hand, Tiffany seems to exhibit the “perfect” imperfect character. She’s kind, charming, uber-friendly and faithful. Her hyper tendencies and optimistic charming nature lead many to call her SNSD’s brightest member. Tiffany has this totally open, carefree vibe around herself, and while she is a member that has gotten into trouble in the past, mainly due to her western-mannerisms that made her seem rude in traditional Korean customs, this isn’t why we have a problem with her. Our issue with Tiffany is that we can’t help but feel she’s so fake. And yes, we know it’s so immature and typical anti to call an idol “fake”, and truth be told, we’re nothing near antis to extremely lovable-Tiffany, she just seems so surreal to us. Hardly have we ever met a person, as dazzling and happy as Tiffany in real life whom is actually that way. Most people that put up a happy front usually aren’t as gleeful in real life, and this feeling is so nagging whenever we see Tiffany on a variety show, or holding an interview.

Overall: 9.1


Name: Kim Hyoyeon

Position: Main Dancer, Supporting Vocalist

Birthdate: September 22, 1989

Blood type: AB

Height: 158 cm

Our Comments:

Hyoyeon, along with Sunny, is one of the more lovable members. But while Sunny is admired in that kind of “Wow, she’s so cool” kind of way, Hyoyeon is a little bit of that mixed with “Ouch, why so mean to her? She’s not bad at all”.

Poor Hyoyeon has been the subject of much male scrutiny over her years: Only until recently, Hyoyeon was constantly bullied for her appearance, with such remarks like “She’s the ugliest SNSD member”, “She doesn’t look Korean”, “Hyoyeon: Least favorite member”. Hyoyeon is a beautiful girl, only getting prettier by the day, but looks aside, her personality is one of the better ones in SNSD. Aside from being a variety show knock-out, she’s funny and witty when she needs to be, and sweet any other time. Her comebacks are hilarious, she seems to be the only member that can combat Jessica’s snark head on (resulting in a great friendship between the two), and she’s such a good sport about the most awkward of situations (such as when she wore a Princess Fiona outfit, while her fellow members wore pretty princess outfits) that you just can’t help but pity, and then love her. It’s great that Hyoyeon’s only getting more confident nowadays, though not without losing her natural sweetness and gratuity that she is famous for.

P&B Scale

Appearance: 8.9

Hyoyeon’s status in SNSD really makes us sad. Too often is she usually regarded as the “ugliest” member in SNSD, by both Korean and International fans. And it usually stems from the fact that her features are “un-Korean” and too abrasive. We, however, actually find her more unique features cute, and while no, Hyoyeon may not be perfect (on a more negative side, her nose is a bit wide and her lips asymmetrical), Hyoyeon is beautiful all the same. Lately, she has actually been getting prettier and prettier, and we’d say she’s definitely one of the lookers in SNSD these days.

Talent: SC 9.4

Hyoyeon breaks our hearts sometimes. She really does. A Wonderful talented dancer such as herself is only going to waste in a group like SNSD. The occasional few times Hyoyeon is allowed to show off her dancing, like her solos and dance performances, she always manages to impress, but sadly, her skill seems to almost be deteriorating over time. Not completely gone, but well, as compared to if she had been in a more dance-focused group to her presently, it does seem like she’s capable of so much more. And this is not her fault at all. Hyoyeon can naturally pop and lock, move her hips, stomp and kick and so much more, but SM just wont let her. Her newest try as a Younique Unit member left us disappointed. Like seriously. MAXSTEP was awful, half the people in the group didn’t deserve to be there and Hyoyeon, who is totally capable of doing something like MAXSTEP was more of a featured singer rather than an actual member. Disappointment.

Personality: 10

Hyoyeon is one hilarious character. On variety, she’s funny, but not in the obnoxious way Sooyoung is or the naively embarrassing way Yuri is. She seems to rely more on snarky comebacks, being a good sport about ridiculous affairs and sharing embarrassing stories about herself and the others. Hyoyeon, from both fan reports and comments from other idols, is often labeled as the kindest SNSD member, naturally nice and grateful for her fans. Hyoyeon’s wonderful personality makes us wonder why she has so little fans as compared to the other members, but thankfully her popularity has only been growing since The Boys and we hope it continues to do so.

Overall: 9.4


Name: Kwon Yuri

Position: Lead Dancer, Supporting Vocalist

Birthdate: December 5, 1989

Blood type: AB

Height: 167 cm

Our Comments:

Yuri is the SNSD member that you love but sometimes hate. It may be to a different extent in every person, but we’ve noticed this feeling plenty in many female, heterosexual sones.

We love this girl’s quirkiness. Yuri is just about one of the strangest people out there. She auditioned to SM by making dinosaur noises. She talks to herself. Like a lot. Encourages herself. Scolds herself. If that doesn’t scream crazy we don’t know what does. She has fun doing things that most people would find downright embarrassing. Like showing off body hair. Failing all the time on National Television. Dancing like an idiot. Making the most unattractive faces possible (though to be honest, all the girls love doing this). Yuri is just a plain fool and it’s cute. But she can because she’s Yuri. As much as she embarrasses herself, it will always be cute because she’s so darn attractive and humorous. This is where the “hate” comes in: Most girls have to admit that, if not a lot, they are the slightest bit envious of how amazing this girl is. Of all the SNSD members, she’s got all the boys, because she’s everything they want: fun, quirky and hot. Sometimes, Yuri’s dumb-funny act does seem a bit too try-hard, but it’s alright, because she has her serious moments too, where we are reminded that she’s not just an airhead.

P&B Scale

Appearance: 9.2

Let’s talk about Yuri’s body first and foremost. Mainly about how wonderful it is.

So it kinda goes without saying but Yuri undoubtedly has the best body in SNSD, and is a strong competitor in the best of’s for K-Pop. As the member with the most meat on her bones (during her good periods; but let us bury the dark anorexic skinny!Yuri days behind us) it’s thankfully manifested in all the right places (i.e. her legs and arms). Yuri has some big hips, big thighs, nice meaty arms and beautiful photoshop!calves. Much of her body, as is well known, is the result of Yuri’s healthy diet, and a tough workout regimen that consists of plenty of weight training and butt workouts as well as yoga and other firming exercise.

Body aside though (as difficult as it is to move on from that topic), Yuri is quite a pretty girl. She doesn’t have the same (star) gorgeous factor that some of the other members may have, but she is prettier than average in that girl-next-door kind of way. And let’s be real, that’s more than Yuri will ever need with all the other good things she has to offer.

Talent: SC 9.3

As SNSD’s second best dancer, Yuri has improved to such a distinct point. The girl can m o v e. And combined with her body makes for a very happy audience.

That point aside though, Yuri really is good. Compared to SNSD’s early days, she moves with a lot more power now, and there is a lot more fluidity in her movements. She’s definitely a natural, and seems a bit more versatile than Hyoyeon even. We remember once Hyoyeon joked that she was most wary of Yuri in the group, claiming that she was catching up to her fast in terms of dancing. This is definitely noticeable. At this point, the only real thing separating Yuri and Hyoyeon is Hyoyeon’s years of experience versus Yuri’s couple years of stepping it up. This only proves to us what a natural Yuri is.

Personality: 9.4

Yuri has one of our favorite personalities in SNSD. She is just so interesting. Sometimes described as SNSD’s most embarrassing member, we’d be surprised if Yuri had any shame left in her. From joining a watermelon eating contest, falling asleep whilst making kimchi, rapping to Big Bang, showing off her body hair to the world, participating in an ugly contest, auditioning to SM not singing or dancing but rather with her dinosaur impersonation, Yuri is full of wonder and happiness. Her fans love her outgoing, weird, kkab personality and the rest of SNSD seem to really enjoy laughing at Yuri (as we do). Her clinginess to the girls and prankster self remind us how childish she is also, and her obnoxious laughter makes hours go by.

Overall: 9.3


Name: Choi Soo Young

Position: Lead Dancer, Supporting Vocalist

Birthdate: February 10, 1990

Blood type: O

Height: 170 cm

Our Comments:

Sooyoung brings out the obnoxious in SNSD. She’s their funny member, the one that makes the tough times better with her lame jokes and loud rambunctious attitude. But underneath the jokes and exaggerated actions lies a girl who we’ve found to actually be one of the more girlier members. Sooyoung is the boy-crazy, flirty girl in class that you sometimes wanna roll your eyes at but laugh at her silly antics. She’s a sweetheart too: Having been revealed as one of the more sensitive members, Sooyoung is actually pretty caring and gentle when she needs to be. She seems to get hurt easily too; after her recent Won Bin scandal, all the girl could talk about was how much the hate hurt her. Other than being SNSD’s obnoxious care bear though, Sooyoung is also one of the girls more privaledged members: as far as our knowledge extends, she comes from a wealthy family, has been flowered with opportunities and owns very religious and family-orientated goals.

P&B Scale

Appearance: 9.3

Choi Sooyoung is gorgeous, nuff’ said. Absolutely gorgeous. From her pronounces chubby apple cheeks, to her flawless glowing skin, to her huge eyes. Call us biased for her face, but it is rightfully so. We can find nary a thing wrong with her face; her unique features immediately made her stand out to us amongst SNSD, and while we see a lot of dissing towards this girl’s more abstract features, we think they come together exclusively beautiful. Choi Sooyoung has the face of a goddess, and unfortunately, we wish we could say the same about her way too thin body. Now, we know that Sooyoung is a self-proclaimed Shikshin, and the girl loves to eat. We aren’t blaming her for her fast metabolism, but Sooyoung would look even more great if she gained a few pounds. As the tallest member of SNSD, she should not be the skinniest.

Talent: 7

Sooyoung is one of SNSD’s “all-rounders”. As their third best dancer, she seems to focus more on versatility (or rather, the tango) and flexibility. Power wise she’s not that bad either. To be honest, we’d probably enjoy seeing her more if she weren’t so darn skinny. Half the time we’re watching her dance, we get distracted by her gaunty figure and twig appendages. Singing wise, she’s below average, and if you think otherwise, please stop. Sooyoung’s real “talent” honestly lies in her acting. Most idol-actors suck, but Sooyoung’s recent role in “The 3rd Hospital” was actually not bad. She’s without a doubt the best actress in SNSD and one of the better idols. Whenever SNSD breaks up, there may just be a promising career in acting for Sooyoung.

Personality: 10

Sooyoung has good variety sense. On screen, she’s loud, obnoxious and funny and Sones love her outgoing, exaggerating personality. Personally, her personality is not our cup of tea simply because there are moments where Sooyoung really has to turn it down a bit before she borders audacious, but overall she does seem rather cheery on television. Off screen, Sooyoung is described by others as cute and sweet. From our understanding, she’s a stout Christian, grew up in a pretty wealthy home and we do honestly notice this slight rich snobby attitude around her sometimes. Luckily, it’s not always heavy but sits still present nonetheless. What makes up for this slight flaw though is a greater positive; Sooyoung seems to be very patient. In fancams we see her retain a smile even around the most annoying of fans.

Overall: 8.7


Name: Im Yoona

Position: Lead Dancer, Supporting Vocalist

Birthdate: May 30, 1990

Blood type: B

Height: 166 cm

Our Comments:

Im Yoona is a curious child; one that we find very interesting. A lot of Sones like to imagine Yoona as the resident choding in SNSD. Underneath the “face” image Yoona has, she’s an adorable immature girl with a childish sense of humor that sometimes has us facepalming. But while yes, we do see what a funny girl she is, we sometimes wonder what kind of pain is hiding under such a seemingly carefree girl.

Yoona, as is well known by her fans, was abandoned by her mother at a young age, brought up solely by her father, and growing up did not fit in with females so she resorting to being a tomboy. Today, Yoona is the member with considerably the most haters, and is the bearer of most of SNSD’s spotlight, be it good or bad. Most of Korea adores her, but with adoration comes hatred. Surely, a girl with a less-than perfect past and a sucky situation present day can’t be as all smiles and innocence as she seems. To us, Yoona is more strong than cute: she’s suffered her share, but holds her head up high above all these antis.

P&B Scale

Appearance: 8.9

Oh the ever so important part that comes when describing Yoona. Yes she’s pretty. In fact we’ve heard she’s even more stunning in real life, and this we wholeheartedly believe. But as pretty she is, it’s not /gorgeous/. And truthfully it can never be so. She’s cute in a girly, fresh-faced kind of way, but not in the gorgeous Hollywood scarlet kind of way. Of course, looks all come down to preference, but there just seem to be so many other SNSD girls that do have an “it” presence way more than Yoona does.

If we’re talking face, then yes Yoona’s is good. But her body is such a negative. Bow-legged, way too skinny, skinny arms, skinny legs. Somebody give her a hamburger or two.

Talent: 4

Oh Yoona. Not to call her out or anything, but anyone that argues Yoona sings and/or raps well is only kidding themselves. Don’t start with the whole “she’s improved” argument. That don’t mean anything if she hasn’t moved up at all in terms of where she is placed on SNSD’s vocal ranking. Debut period Yoona was last. 5 years later she is still last. And her rapping? Let’s just say we (kindly) decided not to grade any of these grades on that such category. The one thing Yoona has some sort of talent merit in would be her dancing, and even then it’s not anything incredible. In our ranks, Yoona is tied for third place with Sooyoung for best dancer, and even then Sooyoung is just a bit better- Yoona follows choreography. Yes, she does it (well), we’re not gonna lie, she knows how to follow moves that have been taught to her, and put about half of SNSD to shame with her dancing. But she’s not a natural. Sooyoung is more of a “natural”. I’d like to see Yoona do some freestyle somewhere at a club someday (that was sarcasm). She can’t move her body like the other three SNSD dancers can; she’s not a dancer.

Personality: 8.1

Yoona is SNSD’s number 1 choding. She’s immature, childish, innocent and playful and is a 5 year old trapped in a grown woman’s body. Some people may find her immaturity a turn-off, others find it endearing. We find it adorable about 80% of the time. The other 20% we’re sitting there wondering what the real Yoona is like. What she’s like when she’s serious, when she’s upset, when she’s genuinely happy. Underneath all the attention she receives, we find it amazing she doesn’t seem like an attention-whore at all, so huge props to her for always seeming pretty down to earth and honest.

Overall: 7


Name: Seo Joo Hyun

Position: Lead Vocalist, Maknae

Birthdate: June 28, 1991

Blood type: A

Height: 168 cm

Our Comments:

Seohyun is SNSD’s precious, innocent maknae. The definition of a prim lady.

Seohyun is more or less best known for her manners, intelligence, maturity and conservative nature. Whether Seohyun’s perfect poised innocent image is just an act or not, no one will ever know, but based on stories we here about her from her fellow members as well as other idols, the facts seem to align for this girl. We remember, for example, SNSD’s telling of a story where Super Junior’s Kyuhyun remarked how sexy Seohyun looked with a particular hairstyle, only to have the girl burst into tears. Or lets not forget her idea of the perfect gifts: books and vitamins. Or the story where she warned SNSD that eating a hamburger would kill them. Or the fact that her ideal man is UN security general, Ban Ki Moon.

Seohyun is just too cute to reprimand in her well-meaning personality, but there are times we really wish she’d be more open-minded about certain subjects. Seohyun obviously grew up in a proper home; she has a good relationship with her parents, is an only child, and never had problems growing up (least not that we know of). But Seohyun just can’t seem to grasp that not everyone is as fortunate as her. The best example of this would be her (awful) performance on SNSD and the Dangerous Boys. Seohyun was, without a doubt, one of their worse mentors; she just couldn’t get along with the boys, and in the beginning was horrible at attempting to understand things from their point of view.

P&B Scale

Appearance: 9.2

As one of the triplets in SNSD, Seohyun does on first glance bear strong resemblance to Yoona and Yuri, however, once you get to know SNSD better, definitely has a distinguishable face of her own. Seohyun has an extreme doe-eyed appearance. Her eyes are round and innocent, and her lips are small and (slightly) plump. Her skin is smooth and even, and she is definitely, along with Hyoyeon, getting prettier by the day. There are only really two things we have problems with for Seohyun. For one, her nose, which we find to be much bigger than should be for her face. Certain angles only make it look worse too. The other is her awkward smile. When Seohyun laughs, it’s cute, but when she smiles it just seems so fake.. which is unfortunate considering we really doubt she’s faking a smile all the time. It’s just the way her smile naturally looks and we don’t like it.

Talent: 8.4

Seohyun is the classic example of someone who is “the jack of all trades, but master of none”. SNSD’s maknae is the only member of SNSD to be part of both the “vocal” group and “dance” group of SNSD. And in both, she displays excellent talent. Originally, Seohyun’s vocal skills took some warming up to, but lately she’s been improving a lot. Before, we found nothing special about her skill or voice, but nowadays Seohyun has been showing off a unique sound that has really left an impression on us. Apart from being one of SNSD’s better vocalists, Seohyun is also part of SNSD’s “dancing” group. While she may not be as good as Hyoyeon or Sooyoung, Seohyun has demonstrated her ability to keep up with the them and follow SNSD’s choreography flawlessly.

Personality: 7.5

Seohyun is cute, to put it lightly. Widely known for being “Seobot”, Seohyun’s manners, respect and responsibility are well known throughout the fandom. Seohyun is as robot as can be, though not necessarily for a lack of emotions. Rather, we see her “Seobot” personna as being the result of her personality being extremely vanilla and mature. Some may find her mature maknae image cute, others may find it a bit bland and boring. This girl though is sweet as can be, even if she is a bit closed minded sometimes (cough. SNSD and the Dangerous Boys).

Overall: 8.3

Overall Girls’ Generation: 8.7

Girls’ Generation is South Korea’s Gem. The top girl group in all of Asia. Please do not argue otherwise. Whether they are the top group to you does not matter, what matters is that these girls are number one at what they do, and though there are other girl groups that are pretty darn popular, SNSD has yet to have their spot taken away.

Musically, SNSD isn’t the best, that we will admit. Aside from a few super catchy and well-made songs, most of their music is bland and tasteless. This, however, is not to rain down on their talent. One of the worst arguments we hear by haters is how “talentless” SNSD is. To these people we say: Fix your sentence. Yes, some members are pretty talent handicapped, but not all the girls. SNSD has one of the top female idol vocalists in K-Pop, and one of the top female idol dancers. Then there are other members who can sing, others who can dance, one who can act pretty darn well and one that has to face consistent scrutiny for being the pretty member.

These girls have worked hard to get to where they are today. They managed to bite through the tough times of their debut, the K-netizen hate, the Black Oceans, the death threats, the bullying. SNSD had one of the toughest times in their early years, and yet today they are one of the biggest K-Pop acts. They’re SM’s jewel, and downright deserve to be. So congrats to these girls, and we wish them all the more success.

♥ P&B

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  1. It was posted last 2013 but I just read this. I guessed you didn’t make some research about Yoona.
    I guessed you don’t like her.
    Anyway, When you make some articles, you should not be so biased.

    Ps. Yoona’s personality makes her perfect :)

  2. This is a fair analysis and rating even though I disagree on a few points. But hey, to each his own. I really enjoyed reading this.

  3. you treat Yoona like that? okay good luck to your bias.. #RevengeIsComing

  4. This article is b*llsh*t..


    and wutt?? YOONA IS “UNTALENTED”? Tiffany is fake ? oh c’mon are you blind?
    I THINK YOU SHOULD ADD TO YOUR ARTICLE that it just your Opinion..


    K. Bye..

    oh anyway.. MY OPINION.. Hahhahh.. (insert yoonas voice- sweet/angelic)

  5. dont forget Girls’ Generation that you still have loyal fans out here caring supporting and loving you all especially we hyohunnies are forever be a hyohunnies we love you hyoyeon forever pinky swear.

  6. Here’s My Rankings


    1. All the girls are beauty in their own right none more than the others


    1. Sunny
    2. Tiffany
    3. Taeyeon
    4. Seohyun
    5. Jessica
    6. Hyoyeon
    7. Yoona
    8. Sooyoung (especially with short hair)
    9. Yuri


    1. Sunny (she’s just all around sexy not just in looks but the entire package. Especially now that SM is finally allowing her to work those boobs of hers after all thoseyears of hiding)
    2. Yuri (if you’re just looking she takes the crown)
    3. Hyoyeon (her body is everything especially in jeans)
    4. Taeyeaon (bad girl sexiness is everything)
    5. Sooyoung (those legs are everything)
    6. Seohyun (she grew up to be a babe)
    7. Jessica (love the fierce persona & I think that’s sexy plus her s-line is everything)
    8. Yoona (I believe she’s just too skinny sometime especially for the outfits they’re given but I love her walk)
    9. Tiffany (IDK she’s always wearing that one shoulder style I have yetto see her in an outfit that WOW me. I like her in skirts just not love.)


    1. Hyoyeon (Queen)
    2. Sooyoung
    3. Yuri (I would’ve given her 2nd but she makes the most mistakes next to Fany)
    4. Seohyun (she’s great)
    5. Yoona (she’s a lead dancer)
    6. Sunny/Jessica (Sunny does make mistakes & is lacking now that she’s injuried. Jessica is good. I love their cleanness transaction from move to move)
    8. Taeyeon (Better singer)
    9. Tiffany (sometimes she have no rhythm. And like Tae when they mess up they just stand there like a statue instead of playing it off like Yuri & Sunny)


    1. Sunny/Taeyeon (Sunny has more skills but Taeyeon is more powerful & overwhelming vocals)
    1.5. Jessica (great vocalist but Taeyeon’s more powerful & Sunny has more skills then them both)
    2. Seohyun (great supporter, Queen of harmonizing and also have some control)
    3. Yuri (her vocal amazing, I would’ve given her lead singer, her high notes are better than that of someone of the members with that title)
    4. Tiffany (husky voice, lacks control, suitable volume, volume awareness- super loud which she used to camouflage her high notes,no support- whenever she have a duet she always sings over the other person)
    5. Sooyoung (with a bit more practice could be bump up to #5)
    6. Hyoyeon (like Tiffany she have a husky voice but it works for her and the lines she do get. Her vocal talent is better than we think just check out trackslike Sunflower, Boys & Girls,You-aholic & Sailing)
    9. Yoona (she’s a better dancer & rapper than vocalist though she does have good tone but not better than the others)

    Stage Personality

    1. Tiffany (I’m going to give her this one because she’s like the hypeman of the group and bubbly like Sunny…And she’s very very very very very Talkative)
    2. Sunny ( is never is one spot for more than a few seconds and she’s always hopping or skipping about. She’s always look like she’s having fun on stage well before the whole Jessica leaving thing. She should’ve been #1 since she’s the groups energy pill but I gave it to Fany this time around.)
    3. Hyoyeon- (Dancing Queen she owns that stage)
    4. Sooyoung (her hair-flips are legal and she just draws you in…. like Fany talks too much sometimes with Seo.)
    5. Taeyeon (her powerful voice draws your attention & if she’s anywhere near Sunny you know they are messing around)
    6. Yuri (her sexiness on stage is everything & her bodyrolls)
    7. Jessica (tries to keep a straight face but this fails if she’s next to Sunny or Yoona)
    8. Yoona/Seohyun (they’re more of the serious types but when it’s playtime they’re on. Can be playful but I think these two are the most reserve. Seo usually come out when it’s time to talk.


    1. Sunny (she’s the most caring of them all. we’ve seen her on various shows and she’s the member everyone wants on their variety shows. She’s down to earth and everybody’s best friend. Plus she’s a tomboy yet girly when she wants to be. And always always bubbly)
    2. Tiffany (she’s very bubbly like Sun and outgoing, she’s way too talkative & loud but sometimes that good)
    3. Hyoyeon (can be playful, comedian, not afraid to get down & dirty)
    4. Yuri (one would think she’s stuck up well I though she was too but then I saw invincible youth & I changed my view of her. She’snot just a sex symbol but a hard worker, comedian & prankster.
    5. Sooyoung (playful, talkative, you can tell from there TV appearances that she and the other above are fun to be around)
    6. Taeyeon (I believe she puts on that brave & control face because she’s the leader, can be playful espcially around Sunny, she used to be more fun in the past
    7. Yoona (she can be playful but I don’t see her getting down & dirty like the others. She is said to be one of the friendiless of the group but I just can’t see her doing the things Sun, Soo, Hyo & Yuri would do. She’s more glamour Barbie like Sica)
    8. Seohyun (being the Maknae she’s shown as caring and is seeing keeping her unnies under control. But she’s too reverse for my taste like onstage… she needs to loosen up a little. However, I find her shyness cute)
    9. Jessica (Ice Queen… I would leave it there but we’ve all seen her playful side and though I believe her to be more fun than #7 & #8 that cold exterior of her can be scary if you don’t know her)

    Overall (Resume)

    1. Sunny (Musicals, hosting, radio personal, socialite (it is said that she’s the one every variety show wants to invited), voice-acting. I put Sunny here because her resume is the most impressive not to mention diverse of the girls)
    2. Sooyoung (love her acting she’s a natural… a born actress and very successful at it.)
    3. Taeyeon (her solo career is the most success of the 3 who had debuted, her hosting)
    4. Seohyun (subgroup, musical, variety shows)
    5. Yuri (modeling, acting but Soo is better)
    6. Jessica (like Hyoyeon she didn’t have anything going for her but her singing but not that she’s no longer a membe she has a fashion line & solo career
    7. Hyoyeon (dancing queen I was going to give her #8 but she just debut with her group Triple T. She’s a great dancer & rapper but that’s all she have)
    8. Yoona (she’s a actress but not a good one. When I imagine a actor/ess I see someone who’s great at facial & body expression which she lacks. I’ve seen a few of her dramas and Sooyoung is a much better actor)
    9. Tiffany (only thing she has going for her is her singing career whether be as a solo or member of Soshi or TTS)

    • And now you can add Tiffany near the top of the resume list and put Sica higher, with Queen Taeyeon at # 1. Also Yoona got a few brand ads like Innisfree.

  7. I would agree with this but when you give Sunny less than a 9 in the talent category then I see nothing but BS. Sunny is more talented Tiffany in both Vocal & Dance. She’s probably the best vocalist in the group. When I say vocalist I meant that she has more vocal skill than all the others combine. Yes, Taeyeon has a power voice but that means nothing if you lack skills. Sunny as my music teacher would say possess vocal versatility, consistency, musical phrasing, good control, strong support, suit to style and suitable volume. She’s the only one of the 9 girls that possess all these skill. Jessica is next in line, then Taeyeon and Seohyun followed by Yuri. It’s a pity that we hardly see this talent with her group but on solo projects and recently since Jessica is no more. I thought the same when I just started listening to them but after her solos & duets with other kpop stars along with her broadway performance I came to realize that she wasn’t there because sh’s Mr. Lee Sooman niece but because she’s really talent. Taeyeon has a powerful and overwhelming voice which can be mistaken for being the best but isn’t. She reminds me of myself in some way because I too have that powerful voice but like my music teacher told me that doesn’t make me the best but my cousin who’s more like Sunny who could sing anything you give her with the suit to style, versatility vocal of hers. My teacher always said my powerful voice was made for Gospel, R&B, Souls or anything of that source but they’re things I would never be able to sing because that everything demands my powerful voice. I read this comment on YouTube the other day where someone said Taeyeon vocal is for Ballad or anything that requires that powerful voice and that she couldn’t sing anything but that style and this is true. I am the same. If you noticed that Taeyeon never sing any low,calming lines in any of their songs like Sunny & Jessica but always upbeat, high notes which she has failed during live performances. If you noticed out of the 9 girls Taeyeon & Tiffany don’t dance when they sing and they have the most fail. Yes they have plenty high notes between the two but I would expect them not to fail this when they don’t dance during their solos like Sunny, Jessica, Seohyun & the others. Sunny isn’t the best dancer is thegroup but she was once one of the strongest but this was changed after her injury. Yes she made mistakes but so does all the girls. Yes even Hyoyeon make mistakes in the choreography every now & then. But Yuri & Tiffany are the mistake Queens with Taeyeon close behind. And Yuri is Lead Dancer.

    Sunny deserved atleast a 9.5 in the talent department. It’s only becasue she rarely use her head voice in snsd and display her aegyo voice instead.Which is cute but when she use her head voice it’s a whole other story. Her vocal talent is one to be reckoned. Listen to her vocal in Day by Day, Beautiful Restriction, Gee (vocal lineup version), her duets It’s Love with Taeyeon, It’s Me with Luna(Fx), Goodbye with Miryo(BEG), her solos Fisrt Kiss, The 2nd Drawer, You Don’t Know About Love, Finally Now. Or her singing Trot music.

    She’s known as the Queen of Trot and Aegyo Queen.

    Oh and I would’ve given her a 10 in appearance as well because she’s the cutest of the girls then Tiffany. I don’t believe any of the girls is most beautiful than the other. I’ve been trying to figure how they came about to give Yoona visual of the group when she’s not prettier than any of the others. They’re all beautiful in their own right. I can’t see how they could pick just one. Yoona is usually chosen as the beauty of the group because SM put it in our minds that she is when I don’t see it becasue it’snot like the others are trollmonsters. There are 9 of the worlds most beautiful ladies in Snsd and it’s ignorant to name just one as the visual. They’re all visual/face of the group in my book. None prettier than the other. If it’s cuteness then Sunny takes the crown, then Tiffany, Taeyeon, Seohyun, Hyoyeon, Yoona, Jessica, Sooyoung/Yuri. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but thanks to that title given by SM lots of people are persuaded/brainwashed into thinking Yoona is the most beautiful. Same as in the title of leader in Taeyeon’s case.

  8. SNSD is huge even now, they’re still the no 1 kpop girl group around
    They come a long way since their debut
    They have it all that every group need that really distinct themself

    1. Best vocalist : taeyeon
    2. Best dancer : hyoyeon
    3. Best visual : yoona
    The three of them considered one of the best in kpop. They still appear on the annual rank in any poll ( at least top 3)
    And also snsd members are really pretty girls, collectively
    They were (still is i guess) the standard of what men like in korea
    Even there’s soshism in korean army lol

  9. Sorry to say but , the way you say yoona cant naturally dance, i admitted it. She’s like the type of inconfidence person. BUT, whenever she perform along with snsd I swear she put her best effort to dancing their choreo very well and I always appreciate that yoona is the one that dancing hard and never been lazy as some members do. Pls take this as a note.

    Ps. Sorry my bad grammar

    Thanks for this article anyway.

  10. Good article , everthing is so what right! But the only thing is : Yoona is maybe not a perfect rapper of singer , but she is a very good actrice! I don’t understand why you would give Yoona a 4 !? She earns at least a 6,5 or 7. With her act skills she is one of the members who earns the most money. So I think you have underestimate some things of Yoona. But the rest of the article are pretty good!!!

  11. You rank your bias too high and leave everything behind.
    You have to write: “Based on my opinion” first. Don’t be such a sarcastic one, with ‘the truth about the kpop” title.

    I’m a SONE. And i love them all endlessly. And to me they’re just complete each other. <3

  12. This article is great! But please be careful of your words. And as for calling out Yoona, remember : “It takes a loser to know a loser. ” That is it. Thanks:)

  13. i just wanna make my point of view for this. everyone has flaws, including me n u. so wat makes u think that celebrities do not have any flaws? nobody is perfect, n i dun see the logic for us to compare each member wif another member. as a snsd fan, i have my bias, sometimes i do judge other members of snsd. but think about it, r they gg to be affected with our judgmental comments? no. they r just gg to live their life normally. so y judge? if u dislike them, then dun focus much attention on them. the more u focus, the more u will make hurtful comments. n these hurtful comments not onli hurt the snsd members, but oso their fans. instead, y not we stop judging them, so they would feel sad, n u dun have to waste ur time focusing ur attention on them? its a win-win situation. i believe they r part of snsd for a reason, we dun have to make comments for them. im not here to create any conflict, but i hope everyone could understand everyone has flaws, nobody is perfect including celebrities. thank you and have a nice day :)

  14. Honestly, I don’t understand why everyone’s so butthurt about everything. The ranking is obviously biased because everyone is human, but I found it funny that you call your website the truth about kpop. Granted, you want to be attention grabbing and all, but this is seriously just your personal opinion. Personally, I feel that you’re not even trying to be fair. I’ll admit, I’m a fan of Yoona and I’m not exactly impartial. But I’m not pleased at all with your grading of her. But seriously though, can you at least try to be more fair? Or at least get more evidence to substantiate your points. Of course this is just a blog but come on can’t you at least put in more effort. You can’t possibly still call yourself a fair kpop blogger. To everyone else, it’s okay for someone to have a different opinion, it’s just not okay for them to pretend to be unbiased and act cocky.


    • Haha this is so biased already can tell based on your words that it’s very biased against who you like and dislike . “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”
      You don’t know them personally and don’t know their story so Maybe you can keep nasty opinions to yourself

  15. ” How many people know Jessica because of the attitude she chooses to portray?”

    thats full of BS jessica didn’t choose to portry that character.
    that is her normal self.

    don’t ever waste your time knowing her,because she’s mine alone.XD

  16. As a Yoona-biased, I feel disappointed about the talent. I, myself, admit that she isn’t that great at singing. But that doesn’t mean she can’t sing and isn’t good at acting and dancing. Her voice is low-ranged but sweet. Try watching some videos of her covering Jessica’s part and you can’t deny the fact that she did good.

    Since Yoona is my bias, I do barely comment on such things like these (Actually, this is my first time.) I always get affected when haters say that she’s an average looking and is talentless but I’m trying to ignore it.

    I’m sorry if some YoonAddicts are being immature at times. Maybe it’s because that’s how they want to defend Yoona. Or maybe they can’t accept the fact that some people hate Yoona because they just love her so much.

    Like, who wouldn’t be offended when your bias have alot of negative comments from haters and sometimes from a fanclub too (which will offend us more). It affects us, right? That’s why we can’t help but to comment and defend our bias.

    If you really think you’re a Certified Soshi, then try loving all of them in different ways (since they all have different personalities and such).

    About Fany being fake? Yes, I thought of that too when I start getting to know them. But now, I don’t think she is. She’s just a nice, caring and sweet person. She actually is 4th in my Bias List.

    About Sica’s voice. I think I find it unique. And yes, I agree that she lacks when it comes to emotions.

  17. It’s curious that you gave yoona the worst grade but she is the one that view captures ( I don’t know why) she don’t sing but dance good.. Actually even when people say that Hyoyeon is the best dancer you never put the eye on her isn’t nice to see, dance in man way,and is short.. never look at her… ( A few times because the hair color contrast) yoona is skinny but don’t look as skinny as Sooyoung ( who makes you see her because her height .. Yoona is tall and skinny so all clothes looks nice on her in stage.and pictures.. ( Maybe not in real life) She don’t have the voice but you always focus on her cause she has sparkle.. Yuri could have the best body in real live but do not look that good on stage and don’t have anything that pushes you to see her .. Tiffany for some reason is the voice that sounds prettiest maybe isn’t the best but the one that you want to hear. Taeyon try too much to like and even when she sing don’t have glow.. too short, not dance..sings but the tone on her voice is not attractive…Sooyoung don’t dance .. She is really boring, isn’t ugly but not that pretty et all..sunny is cute, Jessica is serious but cool. Is a view from America ..

  18. just because ur bias isnt tiffany , but that doesn’t means that u write nasty things about her . all i can say is that ur blog about girls generation is totally bullshit . you are bias towards the other 8 of them . so this makes ur blog not reliable in a sense of snsd personality .

  19. first of all thank you for the analysis. I just watched Sunny on Roommate and I do not think her personality can rate that high. Yoona is not innocent and immature. In fact, shes is a very considerate member, compare to others. Shes funny and never try hard to show off her beautifulness or cuteness. I usually hate her so much becoz i dnt get why shes so overrated. Shes not my bias either, Yuri is. But Yoona has the greatest personality. Afterall, I think you gave out too high scores to them, unfair.

  20. Yoona is untalent member snsd..,can’t sing,dance awkward just spirit,acting flat face,boring character,can’t cry and no natural.yoona just have beautiful face but market…

    • If yoona doesnt have talent she wont be at soshi.dah..can you use your commonsense she has a talent, you only see.her mistakes and because she show off at the camera? Dah she wont have a movies she dont have a talent he wont be at snsd now….soo could pls stop judging her not because shed my bias

    • get ur facts right pls. i know people judge, i judge too. but r u too jealous? yoona untalented? what nonsense is this? if she is not talented, she will not be a singer. if she cant sing, the composer would not give her lines to sing. if she cant dance, she cant be the lead dance(considered the lead dancer) of snsd. we do not know her well, so i dun think we have any rights to judge her or anything. if u dislike her so much, then u shldn’t focus her much in the first place. pls, at least think before u type, dun embarrass urself in public thank you.

      • well yoona has the least amount of lines which according to your logic proves that she can’t sing… and do u understand lead dancer means a secondary dancer right? she’s not good enough to be a main dancer. the talent thing is an accurate score tbh. the only thing where she should score higher is in personality. she seems a really nice kid.

    • Just think about it if Yoona left the group would loose so many fans….just use you genius mind and think about it

  21. Please post a good website for us SONES to see! This is the worst website EVER!
    I’m really honest right now, the person she/him like she/him write good about them while the one they don’t like get bad post!

    • And yoona is BEAUTIFUL, the only reason why she doesn’t have a Hollywood beauty is cause she doesn’t put on much makeup as those Hollywood ppl,try comparing Hollywood beauty barefaced with yoona’s bareface

  22. All of the members have personalities that tick some people’s nerves. I think Taeyeon is the least-hated member. She’s just lovable. I have to admit, my faves (Yuri, Sooyoung, Jessica, Seohyun) have flaws. Flaws that I’ve come to love. Flaws that haters forever gonna hate. But Taeyeon (also one of my faves) is just flaw-free I guess. :D I know humans are imperfect but as a Kpop idol, Taeyeon’s just flawless.

    Jessica is beautiful. Her misproportioned face structure is what I make her beautiful. And that “Ice Princess” façade isn’t a façade. She just doesn’t smile always that make her look bitchy, but that bitchy look is one of the things I love about her. She’s like “I don’t feel like smiling, so what do you care?” It is her being true to herself. She doesn’t have to smile every time just because she’s an idol.

    Tiffany is very cheerful. She’s always smiling and she’s always happy. Too much cheerfulness. That’s why the fans love her and that may also be the reason some people thought she’s fake. But she’s definitely not.

    Yoona may not be as talented as the other SNSD girls but she’s way more talented than “that girl from a rival group”. I’ve known “that girl” pre-debut as a KPOP and I know for sure she has no talent in singing or dancing. Well, she may have improved through her training years but still, Yoona should’ve scored higher than her. Way higher than her because Yoona CAN dance.

    Here’s the thing that ticked me. Some Yoona fans claiming that SNSD became famous or more popular because of her. She may be the “face of the group” but GG’s popularity is because of all the girls’ hardwork. As they say “THE POWER of NINE”. I am saying this because I became a Yurisistable first before becoming a SONE. And I’ve watched Yoona’s drama after becoming a SONE. They say Yoona has the most haters. I think her fans are to be blame. :D Just kidding. SONEs <3

    I guess this is what makes the Girls’ Generation the no.1 KPOP girl group. The least talented girl in the group is more talented than most of the other girl groups. The least beautiful girl is way prettier than most of the other girl groups.

    Right now. From now on. Forever. So Nyuh Shi dae!

  23. This is one of the best rankings (or should I say, review) of the girls. There are some points that I don’t agree with and got really confused with (i.e. girls’ appearance) but I guess “BEAUTY IS really IN THE EYE OF THE BEHOLDER”. The beauty of the girls is really hard to rank (I might give them all a perfect 10).

    I can’t remember the exact score you’ve given the girls (and I don’t feel like browsing-up again.. :D) but you were spot-on talent-wise and personality-wise. Here’s my own ranking of the girls.

    With regards to appearance, it depends on your taste. I’m a sucker for regal-like beauties as well as dark-skinned beauties, so,

    Beauty (face-wise):
    1. Seohyun
    2. Yuri
    3. Sooyoung
    4. Taeyeon (She has the most Korean-like features. I sometimes rank her even higher)
    5. Jessica
    6. Tiffany
    7. Yoona
    8. Hyoyeon
    9. Sunny

    1. Yuri (She gained weight recently but I still think she has the best body. Her body is “flexible/versatile” because she losses and gains weight easily.)
    2. Seohyun
    3. Jessica
    4. Sooyoung (Love her modelesque figure.)
    5. Taeyeon
    6. Tiffany
    7. Sunny
    8. Hyoyeon
    9. Yoona (She’s not the skinniest, yet she looks like she is. Maybe because her torso is too long.)

    With regards to the girls’ talents, I’ll rank them on singing and dancing only because I’ve never seen some of the members’ acting skills. However, to those into acting, Sooyoung is the best in that genre.

    1. Taeyeon (Her voice is one of the best in Kpop if not the best!)
    2. Jessica (I find her voice the sweetest <3)
    3. Tiffany
    4. Seohyun
    5. Sunny
    6. Sooyoung
    7. Yuri
    8. Yoona
    9. Hyoyeon

    1. Hyoyeon (She’s the best! I love girls who dance like a guy!)
    2. Yuri (She is full of grace when she dances. Elegant dancing)
    3. Sooyoung
    4. Yoona
    5. Seohyun
    6. Sunny
    7. Jessica
    8. Taeyeon
    9. Tiffany

    The personality of the girls is really the hardest to rank because, as they say, “YOU CAN’T JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER” :D We don’t know them personally so we can only judge them by what we see. However, after watching all episodes of “Girls go to school”, “Factory Girl”, “Hello Baby” and each and every GG concerts and Soshi videos I can find on Youtube, I’d say I’ll judge these girls with basis. :D

    I will give ranking categories on their personality because I’ve noticed that the girls have different personality on-and-off stage. Basically, On-stage is for concerts and other performances, and Off-stage is for variety shows, talk shows, fancams, hidden cams, and other program appearances.

    On-Stage Personality:
    1. Tiffany
    2. Seohyun (I ranked her so high because she’s a very shy girl but a complete-360 on stage.)
    3. Sooyoung
    4. Yuri
    5. Sunny
    6. Taeyeon
    7. Jessica
    8. Hyoyeon
    9. Yoona

    Off-stage Personality (This is my favorite ranking because this is like their true selves.)
    1. Hyoyeon (Another example of a complete-360! She’s so hilarious, your stomach will hurt laughing out loud with her antics)
    2. Sooyoung (She’s loud and she’s funny. She’s very lively)
    3. Yuri (The dorkiest of the girls. Kkab!)
    4. Jessica
    5. Sunny
    6. Taeyeon
    7. Tiffany
    8. Yoona
    9. Seohyun

    I think I’m the newest SONE. I love these girls so much it’s making me sad thinking of the past years that I spent not being a SONE :D So, to end this, my personal-favorite (bias) ranking:

    1. Yuri
    2. Sooyoung
    3. Jessica
    4. Taeyeon
    5. Seohyun

    We are here because we care for these girls. We are SONEs.
    This is just a ranking.
    To each his own.
    So, peace out!

  24. Talent and appearance 8.4 for Jessica? WHY THE HELL WOULD SHE BE RANKED #2 FOR VOCALS. She can sing. Just because you don’t enjoy her angelic voice doesn’t mean other people don’t. I love it because I can tell if from others. Especially after watching her sing Someday. And she can dance. Is she the best? No. But she doesn’t suck.
    Appearance wise, I wish I had a face like hers! I love her big eyes! what do you look like? Smh

  25. Are you serious Yoona is a LEAD DANCER, Not Seohyun and definytelly NOT SOOYOUNG and she’s visual because “people in Korea didn’t though that someone can have such a fresh beauty” and you rank her so low for what everybody love her? Yoona is the fastest to learn choreographies in whole Sm along with Key plus she really is hated by people like you who can’t see her hard work. Well yeah she’s not good singer but she’s actress and model who in SNSD do so much as her?

    • Yoona is definitely talented in acting! That’s without a doubt! But… I have to say I disagree with you on dancing… Hyoyeon is actually the fastest learner in dancing. However, Yoona remembers it the best. I say dancing is: Hyoyeon, Yuri, Sooyoung, Yoona, and Seohyun. I think Yoona is pretty, but I do find other members prettier than her. I find her looks overrated, but I do admire her awesome work ethics. I think she has the best work ethics in the group. I definitely feel like she deserves a better rating thought..;)

  26. “The Truth About Kpop”? Don’t you mean your subjective point of view and harsh criticism? Your opinion should be freely posted; however, it’s wrong that you have a misleading title for this clearly biased ranking system. You gush about Sunny, Yuri and Hyoyeon, while bashing Tiffany, Yoona, and Jessica. I believe everyone in SNSD contributes something special that makes the group what it is today. Therefore, to say that Yoona is a 4 in the talent section is an understatement. Who are you to say what talent is? Does talent just include singing and dancing? She’s the face of SNSD who, since the beginning, has made the group well known through dramas, variety shows, and etc. I admit that she may have received these acting opportunities just because she is an idol; however, she has stepped up to the plate to make sure that she gives the drama her all. Your harsh criticism of Tiffany, Yoona, and Jessica and your high praise of Sunny, Yuri,and Hyoyeon is definitely not “the truth about kpop”; it’s your incredibly biased opinion. I thought I would be reading something actually interesting about these girls, but this has disappointed me in many ways. Do more research on the girls before posting this harsh criticism.

  27. Rank member top 3:
    multi language:seo>soo>tif/jess
    variety skill:soo>hyo>yul/sun
    musical drama=tae>sun>jes
    funny member=soo>hyo>yul
    speaker snsd=soo>tae>tiff
    beauty asian standart=yun>tae>jes/seo
    beauty american/europa standart=hyo>soo>yul

    • First, none of the girls, no young ladies are ugly. Secondly, was just curious who you are trying say is ugly, because there is no Seoyeon. Do you mean Seohyun or are you trying to say Sooyeon (Jessica) or are you combining names (Seohyun/Taeyeon or Seohyun/Hyoyeon or Seohyun/Sooyeon (Jessica))?

  28. they are so preety,beautiful,cute etc.

    but any of them are have a bad attitude

    can i asked you
    for you !!!!
    in snsd who had a bad,bad attitude ????

  29. Yor all dirty koreaboos why don’t you go die I hate you all you don’t even listen to shineeeeee you pieces of human filth why don’t you go play League of Warcraft for 48 hrs wihtout eating sleeping or dranking and then die like hte korean you awnt yo be you stupdi nreds

    • All the girls are beautiful and who actually looks better depends on the what photos you are comparing, your subjective view as far as what is beautiful, and your personal attitude towards the members.

  30. After reading this a couple of times, I figure that this is a ranking among the girls. It is the only way in which to come talent scores that they come up with and even in that there are problems. For instance Yoona’s talent being at 4 is ridiculous. Not being recognized as the best in any area does not mean that you talent is low in that area. Also as talent goes Seohyun is overall the most talented in the group. She is one of the better singers, she is a good dancer, she is a very talented pianist as well as being an multi-instrumentalist, she’s an actress, mc/host, and a model. Her rating should be the highest in the group.

  31. This was just so…..ugh.. Yoona’s talent deserves a much higher score. She can act. She can sing, even if not very well, and she can dance. Have you seen her choreography skills? They’re PERFECT. You guys should re-evaluate her after you try perfecting SNSD’s choreography the way Yoona does. She’s a lot better than Sooyoung is.

    I love her personality, and she’s really funny. Her overall rating should be higher. Just because she has the lowest rank of talent, it does not mean that she doesn’t have any talent.

    Also, it’s really hard to be the face of the group because everybody thinks that being the visual isn’t an important position, so they put her down. Yoona is GORGEOUS. Every one of the members of SNSD is beautiful in their own way. Jessica is absolutely stunning, and Seohyun’s personality deserves a way better score.

    I don’t like the way that you judge these girls. They try their best to be perfect for their fans, and you’re not really appreciating them. What if they found out about this article? They are talented, funny, and pretty. I don’t see why you have to put them down by criticizing them and focusing on their flaws. (FYI, Yoona’s appearance should also be re-evaluated.)

    By the way, in case anybody accuses me of anything, my bias is not Yoona; it is Taeyeon.

      • Actually, you’re kind of right. Yoona might not be that good. But she definitely deserves higher than a 4 in the talent section. She dances perfectly, and they didn’t even out her acting talent into this, or else her score would be at least a 7 or 8. I’m just trying to say that Yoona is talented — maybe not as much as the other members — but she’s talented nonetheless. Why she has so many haters, I don’t know.

      • Well it is kinda unfair that this truth about kpop blogger gave Sandara Park from 2NE1 a 4.9 and only gave Yoona a 4…so maybe kinda biased. She actually can sing and dance, just that she’s overshadowed by her members and has developed somewhat an inferiority complex. I think the reason why she has haters is because she gets the most attention out of the group and many are jealous of that…I mean if your the most popular you’re bound to have haters.

    • I agree that Yoona is a good dancer but choreography isn’t everything. While Sooyoung, not might be as good as Yoona when it comes choreography, she ‘s a natural dancer and shows expression while dancing. Yoona, on the other hand doesn’t show much expression except for a blank face and seems kind of stiff/robotic while dancing which is why Sooyoung is considered to be a better dancer than Yoona. As for her acting, I don’t think that the writers knew that she could act (she really can) and her singing…can be improved. Overall, I think that the score that they gave her is suitable because its pretty much accurate.

  32. I totally respect your opinion and actually agree with some. But writing “someone should give her a burger” is not nice at all. I actually dealt with these kinds of insults since I was 8 years old and I am still very insecure about it. And yes I know Yoona is very, very skinny but you did not have to add that at the end. Please just be more considerate. Thankyou.

  33. I really loved the pictures you used here, even if i dont agree with all you said, all the pics look soo cute and amazing

    • If you think that this is sh*t, then why are you even on here reading it? They worked hard on this and your immature comment was very disrespectful. Another thing, all of you people who are complaining about Yoona’s talent score, please stop. This is their personal opinion and they shouldn’t have to change if they don’t want to. And please open your eyes, even though Yoona is talented, she isn’t that amazing ( or talented as the other members are) so stop making her so overrated. Its getting annoying.

  34. No. Okay. I liked this. It was good. Until you decided to not only call TIFFANY, fake but also SUNGMIN. No. Fake + Sungmin? Well that’s just gotta be the very first time I’ve heard those words in the same sentence unless it had “is not even close to being” in the middle. Just. No. He is the purest little person in the entire dreaming universe. And honestly Tiffany’s up there somewhere too. Just because she may have some non-perfect moments offstage does not mean she’s fake. Nobody’s perfect. Like you said, she’s had it rough. You can’t expect someone to be happy-go-lucky every single second of the day. And honestly. I’ve never seen Sungmin do anything wrong. His aegyo is purely natural. I mean sometimes he does the cute aegyo hand-gestures and facial expressions but so does Sunny and she’s still adorable. Sungmin and Tiffany are NOT fake. Yes I know I’m ranting I apologize. Honestly I loved the rest of the article. Just that one thing bothered me. K I’m done ^^

  35. I think the description that you put for some of the girls was sickening . I wouldn’t be surprised if the girls read this and felt really insecure… They are all beautiful so stop judging them so cruelly!

  36. You gave yoona a 4???? really??? You totally forgot her acting skills which she is awesome, she is highly praised for her acting, she got the most rated drama ever in korea ( You are my destiny with 40% of rating) and yes she is freaking good in dancing. I’m sorry but I totally disagree at your 4!

    • I agree that a talent score of 4 is more than harsh, it is down right ridiculous. Yoona’s, none of the girls for that matter, talent is determined by the position in the group. Because she is supposedly ranked as the least talented vocally does not mean she cannot sing. Because she is not the best or second best dancer does not mean she cannot dance. Her acting seems to get better with each drama.
      My assessment of Yoona’s over talents would be 8.0 – 8.5.

      • I actually agree with thepeachandbagel. I mean she isn’t exceptionally great at dancing or singing. She can dance but the only reason why she’s good is because she follows the choreography well. She’s not a natural dancer like Hyoyeon, Yuri, and Sooyoung. As for her acting, she is good but thats not the main thing that SNSD focuses on so…
        Don’t get me wrong though she is still talented but not as good as you guys think she is and I think 8.0-8.5 is too high for her. Sorry but thats just my opinion.

    • yes!! even if yoona is not most talented in singing, she’s very good in dancing and acting!! but if we see the other member they have a any kind of beautiful and amazing talent!! so don’t be harsh!!! to any member just be look all fair!! :-)

  37. IM reading this after exactly a year…. A lot of people disagree with you hahaha but anyway those are your opinions and those are other people’s opinions as well! hahaha

  38. Tsk yoona a 4? She should at least be a 6 imo. Her acting is the best in snsd. And not a natural dancer? ._. Yoona was snsd’s official 3rd best dancer. She was a part of the dance trio and still is. How is Sooyoung a more natural dancer when Sooyoung had to catch up to Yoona? In fact, Sooyoungs dancing wasnt good at all during their debut days :/
    And there is a freestyle video of yoona dancing, she’s not bad at all~ She really flowed with the music, especially that wave she did mm <3
    Maybe I'm getting too butthurt LOL but I admit Yoona cant sing or rap, but she can dance and she doesn't get enough credit for it because she has this ~*untalented member*~ blanket that people place on her because they think "Oh, she's the visual and she cant sing, she must be untalented then." Meanwhile she's in snsd's dance trio (sometimes Sooyoung replaces her depending on schedules), and she's snsd's main actress. Give her a break ffs

    • Actually Sooyoung is the 3rd main dancer because if you look at the line up, Hyoyeon is first, Yuri is second, and Sooyoung is third. Yoona is a good dancer but Sooyoung is more natural while Yoona tries to hard. The only reason why Yoona was in the dancing trio was so that she could attract attention but really, Sooyoung is better dancer and always will be. Therefore, SOOYOUNG IS THE 3RD MAIN DANCER AND THAT WON’T CHANGE.

      • Yeah Sooyoung can dance but i’ve watched I Got A Boy like a million times and the three girls that did the Dance perfectly were Hyoyeon, Yoona and Yuri..

      • Yoona only got put up on the dance trio for more attention?.. oh common yoona is the most popular member along with taeyeon she doesn’t even need to be there because of that she is in the dance trio because she can dance i admit that sooyoung is a really good dancer and they are both in the 3rd place if she really is better?.. she should have replace yoona years ago .. and i prefer they dance as 4 heheheh

  39. Personally, i think you guys were too hard on yoona. I think for a matter of fact she’s really pretty.. With or without makeup.. I dont know for her singing but she dances great. It’s not easy to learn a choreography and perfect it the way she does, atleast i know, i’ve tried.. Come on people what do you want from the girl, i mean she lives a happy life and does let let her personal problems make her gloomy.. I like a person that can ignore what people say about him/her and live life to the happiest.. I Love Yoona and She’s great addition to SNSD.. Darn Hyoyeon can dance, i mean SM notice her and put her as the lead in all your dances, i keep screaming all the time..

  40. seohyun`s talent should get higher!!! i think she is the most talented in snsd taeyeon too~ yoona appearance should be higher too~ :/

  41. I (and maybe the rest of the world) will never know for sure the true personality of SNSD; unless you are relatives and best friends. Those girls debuted with concept from the company. Their public appearance are made and fabricated by that company. If the company wanted them to be cute, bubbly, cool, innocent or downright bitchy, they must do what those execs said. And they must upheld those concept for the market. For sale. The money they get was paid from the company bank account. What could those ladies do? Nothing, right. Because by doing the opposites what the higher ups told them to be and to do, is like inviting the problems for themself.

    But, they are still human. Some time there will be slip here and there, and their true personality appears in public. And again, we will still never know which is the true and which one is fabricated.

    I don’t know for the rest of you, but I love the personality Tiffany displayed in public. She is bubbly, full of smile and has this ‘let’s going together’ vibe. I just adore her.
    You said “Most people that put up a happy front usually aren’t as gleeful in real life,”. Yes, you’re right. But it’s is definitely better that always having gloomy front.

    I guess Tiffany means well. She doesn’t like airing her dirty laundry to public. Despite maybe the huge problems she has, she always put happy front so that people won’t be worried about her.

    In the dark days of her debut, Tiffany got similar treatment to Hankyung Suju. They are foreigner. And as far as I know, SOME (NOT all) Korean are racist. They treat foreigner roughly. Though males foreigner tend to get better treatment than females foreigner.
    With the way Tiffany speaks also almost similar to Hankyung. He often said something wrongly and sometimes rude, but people finds it cute. But Tiffany? She was labeled as the harsh, rude and downright un-mannered.

    Both Tiffany and Hankyung belong to a group with many members. Heechul said that Hankyung is the victim of SuJu’s mischief for the way he talks because member Suju finds it hilarious. Why people never thought that similar scenario could happen to Tiffany? Do people thought only males capable of mischief? I just find it strange why people straightly blamed Tiffany without bothering to cross check the fact like it was with Hankyung.

    Well, Tiffany actually not my bias on SNSD. It’s Taeyeon. But I found it sad when people judge Tiffany for her attitude in the past and brought it to the present time. Give her some slack, she was alone in Korea at that time. She had not any moral support of the family around her. She did everything by herself. Of course the pressure and the stress would accumulate greatly and sometimes shown to public.

    And for Jessica, well, beauty is in the eyes of beholder. And I found it she is beautiful, but when she is quite and smile. I don’t like it when she laughed. Her teeth is a bit out of proportion. Maybe Jessica realized it too, because at times when she laughed, she will immediately covered it with her palm or bow her head or faced the back to hide her laugh.

  42. I think this is a well written article although it is completely opinionated, but that is the author’s prerogative. It is obvious that she/they have their favorites like we all do. But some opinions by the author and some of the comments are very laughable. All in all it is entertaining even though by personal opinion differ in some areas than the articles. But thank you for the article, it was a nice read.

  43. I agree that Fany does come off fake, but most of the time she comes off as a genuine happy girl. She may just try too hard and it’s obvious that she really cares about the group and being apart of it. I just think she is one of those people who is very content with being apart of the group. The group is her life and I think she would be the most devastated if they broke up.

    I think Yuri, Jessica, Sooyoung, Tiffany, and Seohyun have the prettiest faces.
    Taeyeon and Sunny just happen to be the cutest and sometimes Yoona. Vanilla maybe my favorite flavor and all but I don’t like looking at in the form of Im Yoona all of time. She doesn’t fit every concept. Though, at times she looks amazing with the right makeup that’s makes her look womanly. I think her being vanilla is what makes her the face of the group. Her face is trustworthy which is something that fit in well with past SNSD girly concepts. Now she just happens to look plain and not edgy enough in recent concepts. A reason why I see Sooyoung, Yuri, and Seohyun taking center more often. Though, it is still her role and if she didn’t have it she wouldn’t have anything else.
    Hyoyeon is simply gorgeous to me. Sometimes she looks really unattractive but when you see a good photo of her or performance she looks like a vixen. I kind of consider Hyoyeon and Yuri to be the vixens of the group and sometimes more Sunny and than Jessica depending on the concept.

    All the girls have great personalities and Seohyun has surprised me sometimes. Though, there is something about Taeyeon that rubs me the wrong way. I don’t know what it is, but I believe it exist. I don’t really find her genuine at all.

    • i think Fany is not fake, have you ever been adapting new environment?, following new customs? and befriending new people. Well i’ve tried that and trust me its way too hard. I think shes just adapting at first.. you cant blame her and if you really love her as a fan you will love her no matter what..

  44. hi, great read! Thanks for all the info. I would love to make me own breakdown of all the girls which would take me two weeks, at least. Here are some of my thoughts:
    Appearance: Jessica has the most proportionate bodies of the group, and would have one of the highest scores for appearance. In the last concert on stage, Sooyoung looks way to skinny, Yuri too heavy – especially in the legs, Fany’s fany is getting big, Yoona’s legs are crooked, which leaves Jessica at the top. Then there is face, fashion, make up, no makeup, etc. etc.
    Talent: Seohyun gets high scores from me. She can sing, play piano, play guitar solo on stage, dance, she is the only solo artist in group, in my opinion. Then there’s singing talent, dancing, acting, comedy, mc, etc. etc.
    Personality: I agree there is something irritating about Fany, but yet it seems like all the girls like to be around her. Go check their instagram accounts, they all seem to like to take pictures with Fany. Everyone may agree Jessica may have the worst personality. Sooyoung has an entertainer personality. I heard Sunny is really friendly, she may get the top score, in my opinion. Yuri is a flirt to me, not a bad thing, and Yoona seems the cutest member to me, she gets the second spot.
    thanks :)

    • What you said about Yuri. I think she’s the furthest thing from “flirt”. The members even said that she’s the one who “turns 180” when she’s around men because she is naturally bright and lively but turns very feminine when she’s arround men. She’s shy around men. In some “Invincible Youth” episodes with male guests, you can really see she how she acts around men. She’s shy but she’s always pushed by the other cast members to “act cute”.

  45. There is a reason why I follow Girls’ Generation the way I do, it is something there that can’t be seen, but felt. When they cry it makes me cry with them because their emotions they show are raw. They are each so caring and thoughtful, it made me go out and do more nice gestures. The bond that the girls have can be felt, there is no other way to describe it. It’s so real, it really touches people. I have tried with other groups but Girls’ Generation will always have this special bond feeling that reached out to me.

    I had phases obsessing over each member at one point and I got to observe them. They have their flaws, but what I know about them with their actions and intentions it outweighs the cons. They are all so genuine with their emotions and I do believe they care for each other and everyone around them. They are so much better compared to other celebrities as a whole, a good example of bad influential celebrities are Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, etc. (you get the point), they don’t use their status for a good cause to strive for better things. I get the cultural difference, but it’s all there: they are good people doing good things making good decisions.
    I don’t like going into great detail over appearances because when I look at each of the girls they are each so beautiful in their own way, they’re different as is everyone else. Instead of looking at the whole person I like to find the beautiful things, from a slight tilt in their smile to twinkling eyes that makes them beautiful!
    Talent is a broad word, and when telling K-pop idols they are not talented is like telling an artist his pain splashes is not art. The fact that they are able to make it as idols is talent alone, it’s not easy to be able to be versatile in so many areas that is required of them. Yes, some might not be as strong in some areas as others, but the fact that they manage is amazing. Plus, we all have strong and weak points as well. So, put yourselves in their shoes. The girls have improved even in the littlest ways, there is no way for them to go backwards in their skills when they work to improve themselves every day.

    It’s rather harsh when someone judges a person inside and out, as well as favoring/being biased towards a person to another. Especially when each member work so hard, practically running themselves into the ground. I won’t go around saying one of them have this flaw that dents their character because it doesn’t, it made them into something great and strive to be better, makes them the person they are today.
    The more you judge a person and point out their “bad points” it makes you more bitter and close-minded. Take a step back and look for the positives instead, it brightens the person in a whole new light!

  46. Fany is not FAKE.. actually some of the members og GG told that fany is the most caring unnie they ever have. She’s not fake.. she’s a very though girl ..

  47. I don’t exactly love Yoona or hate her, but I do think that she deserves a.. 5.0 in talent. She has improved in singing ( by the tiniest bit ) but the others ( Hyoyeon, Sooyoung, Yuri ) have improved more than her and she is stuck at worst singer. She is the fourth best dancer so I would give her a 5.0
    And her appearance.. she is indeed pretty, but I believe all that beauty ( not just hers but all of SNSD’s ) is made by plastic surgery.

      • SNSD is one of my favorite girl groups but you have to admit. They do look quite different. I don’t want to fight but it’s true. I’m not saying it was a big surgery all over but maybe small ones like double eyelids or something.
        -poster of comment.

      • Ignorance isn’t always bliss. And there isn’t anything wrong with PS and do realize that SNSD isn’t perfect. The norm in Korea is PS. Double eye lid is common. Compare Hyoyeon nose from to pre-debut to now. Jessica’s shrinking jaw. Really old editorial photos of Yoona. Maybe S.Korea shouldn’t be infatuated with beauty and how they expect their idols to look like. I really do feel bad for kpop idols.

      • @Anonymous
        Some of them have gotten plastic surgery but I don’t know why people think its a problem when so many other idols get plastic surgery. But anyways, the main reason why they look so different is because they’re maturing and growing up. Of course they’re gonna look different. This happens to every female, its just a natural process. Look at Sooyoung and Hyoyeon in their debut days, I have to admit they weren’t the prettiest but now they’ve blossomed into gorgeous women and its because of the growing process. It wasn’t because of plastic surgery.

      • Actually I change my mind what I said about Sooyoung. She was definitely pretty in her debut days but now she’s gotten even more pretty and same thing with Hyoyeon and the other girls.

  48. Well, obviously there’s a lot of stans in the comments section (some, I don’t think read the entire article but read a certain word and reacted), but for those who are being reasonable about this, like me, I appreciated it. Harsh yes, but there’s truth to it, even if stans deny it all they want.

    Oh and after watching Sooyoung’s new drama, I have to say, she is indeed a great actress and the best actress out of all the members.

  49. I don’t think you can say their personality is worth a 10, simply because you don’t know them personally. I think Sunny is very fake, she acts all cute and even has a fake eyesmile.

  50. Umm(choking), you put YoonA talent as 4(I am not a super fan of her), she CAN dance, she is 3rd best dancer I don’t get how Tiffany talent is so high when she’s problay 4th/3rd in singing. Not only that Yuri talent is so high when she’s not even first. I love snsd so that’s why I want them even. Tiffany is gorgeous, Yoona(I used to not like her but now she is awesome) is cool, and Yuri is a diamond.

  51. “The truth about kpop” I like how you phrased that considering I didn’t know you were Lee Soo Man or some other Kpop official that was top-notch well rounded in the business.

    And by the looks of things, you and your “crew” seem to want to scratch out everything
    negative about the girls as if it were written in stone. Fair enough, I’m not saying everyone is perfect, but picking on appearance? Does that make it a fact? you cannot say “so and so’s attitude is fake.. thats the truth”. And at this point I will like to tell you to grow up a little and start speaking in a positive light.
    Also, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. There is no “truth”. What you described as a disproportioned face on Jessica is actually, to me, one of the most beautiful people in the world. Its all opinion.

    Then again, I don’t like Yuri’s manly extrovert personality but thats just my opinion.

    One thing I have to address about Tiffany:
    When I first knew about her personality, I didn’t really like it because she seemed to be so perfectly bubbly and happy all-the-time. And it annoyed me that everyone was praising this girl for how perfect she is when it comes to her members, how she treats others, etc. (I was Jessica biased).
    But then I realised, you can’t attribute negatives about a person who for 1) you’ve never met, and 2) is just a general cheerful person. I mean disliking someone because their attitude seems FLAWLESS sounds hardcore jealous to me. There is no reason for Tiffany to be happy. Infact she spreads the smiles. Losing someone in her passed has made her current self stronger and able to appreciate the small things. Moreover everyone loves her for being her, and I dont blame them. She’s like the sun. Energizing and sweet. And from a Korean’s point of view, Tiffany is one of the prettiest face’s. She has a v-shape face and she has doe like innocent eyes which turn into cresents when she smiles. Take a second look and don’t say you didn’t notice. I also think she look’s like BoA, Michelle Phan and slighly like Eunji.

    Also about Jessica, I’m not biased towards her anymore however I will say this:
    I have never understood what people mean about her “icy features” or her cold attitude. Maybe I’m blind but I don’t see it. What came to me at first and last glance was an adorable cutie with a shy personality and an indelible love for her members, family and most importantly, FANS.

    So thumb my comment down if you want to. After all, this is my opinion too and not everyone will like it. But I’ve known snsd for some time now and I could honestly say they are a unique girl group to bursting with charm.
    None of them, consequently, could have a negative conclusion.
    Although the members vary from talent,
    they are all beautiful and have good hearts that the entertainment business needs.

    :) that will be all.

  52. I understand that you ranked the scores in your own point of view but meh… you guys should watch more snsd videos, and I’m talking about fancams.. and talents isn’t only about singing, dancing and acting, it also talk about dj-ing skill, mc-ing skill, language skills, instrumental skill or IDK… then you should base their looks without make up on, THAT’s their real beauty…
    oh, and btw.. Tiffany is one of the kindest in SNSD, and I’m not even Tiffany biased -_-, oh, and about yoona, read this:

  53. oh damn… you guys are amazing…
    I like the way you reviewed each and every one of them: being mean but saying sorry… haha…
    just who will be able to talk against that? XD
    like, okay, SNSD is my fave group, but well duh nobody’s perfect…^^

  54. I’m not sure what is all included in Seohyun’s talent, but IMO she is by far the most talented in the group. She is reserved, so it may not be noticed (even by me she really isn’t one of my favorite members). However, she has a great voice and she is ridiculously talented at the piano. Personally, i think she is the most underrated member of the group.

    • Seohyun is their lead vocalist and at the same time she is one of the lead dancers(even if SM wouldn’t say that , you could see it with your own eyes).
      YoonA is their lead dancer. How come that she is only rated 4??

  55. I really don’t like the way you decribe them,like you know them so well! But i noticed that the only member that you have decribed in a negative way is Yuri. You can’t actually say that she’s the foolest member,because she is a member of SNSD,she has a career,you are only a girl that write a blog!

  56. you didn’t mention hyoyeon’s singing in the talent section… almost like you’re alluding that she can’t sing or someting. i don’t know how powerful her voice is or how much control she has since they don’t let her sing all that much but from i’ve heard of the little parts she has in the songs and her performance with henry and yuri and that song she sang on the snsd radio (clip on youtube) she has a reallly nice voice… I can totally see why they don’t use her since her voice doesn’t fit most of the songs of they sing or have sang.

  57. you didn’t mention hyoyeon’s singing in the talent section… it almost seems like you’re alluding that her dancing covers up her lack of singing skills. there was just no mention whatsoever. i don’t know how powerful her voice is or how much control she has since they don’t let her sing all that much but from i’ve heard of the little parts she has in the songs and her performance with henry and yuri and that song she sang on the snsd radio (clip on youtube) she has a reallly nice voice… I can totally see why they don’t use her since her voice doesn’t fit most of the songs of they sing or have sang.

  58. I will agree with you that yoona’s singing is not the best but she should have scored higher because of her and I will admit great acting abilities I love sooyoung and I loved her in The 3rd hospital but yoona is just a bit better with experience and detail. And how does Tiffany seem fake i was so sad to see that because tiffany is one of the most truthful on and off camera in fact all the members say that she is one of the funniest members off camera though she may not seem like it and tiffany does a lot of nice things for others and is respectful… This is one of the only girl groups in korea who are still respectful ( they bow 90 degrees to sunbaes and others older than them) some groups meaning the younger groups don’t even do that. I love snsd and I agree with some of your comments on them but I disagree for some of them as well

  59. wooow you Jessica scored almost the lowest score in term of beauty! Hyo, Seohyun and Sunny scored above her!. open your eyes more. she raned no 5 of the best looking girls in the world.

    • It’s called personal opinion and beauty in the eye of the beholder dumbass.
      Jessica, is a person I consider worthy of being called goddess, but you can’t criticize someone for being honest without sounding stupid.

      • Totally agree. If they were so “mature” and “honest”. Why are they attributing opinions about snsd that they dont even know are facts?

  60. Is this your opinion? Because I’m pretty sure that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I don’t think you can rate others personalities if you’ve never met them in real life. I mean on variety shows people can just fake it right?
    Also I agree that Yoona isn’t that talented. Yes she can dance but I think she comes 4th and she is pretty but not godess level.

  61. If your not so sure about Tiffany

    then maybe other snsd members and those close to her who knows her SO MUCH might help you
    get to know tiffany a little better

    “She really studies hard. She became the MC for a music show and she felt proud and studied even harder. Everyday she would study the script and write down things she didn’t know, and ask about words she doesn’t understand and would write down the definitions.”
    – Yoona on Strong heart talking about Tiffany’s improvement in Korean.

    “She is seriously one of the most self-less and truly loving friends I’ve ever known or met. She cares so much about every one of you, and she really does pray for all her fans, I think sometimes more than herself. She is a walking angel.” – Jaeson Ma.

    “When Tiffany laughs, she laughs so innocently and like a child. But she’s really mature and adult-like. She’s really thoughtful and I think there are lots of things we can learn from her.” – Sooyoung.

    When Yoona guested on the show Manwon Happiness and couldn’t eat anything other than left over foods, Tiffany deliberately left a whole bowl of rice from her meal for Yoona to eat. It was a simple gesture, but it really touched me to see her kindness.

    Tiffany participated in the abandoned dog photo shoot and cried after seeing Sergeant, a dog named by Tiffany herself. Sergeant is an abandoned dog that cannot walk because its front right leg was injured in a hit-and-run car accident.

    After the photo-shoot she cried again because she wanted to take the dog home and take care of it, but her manager didn’t allow it.

    Once a fan took snacks and a letter to the airport for Tiffany, but missed her by fifteen minutes. The fan gave the stuff to a member of staff, and once Tiffany heard about it she sent the fan an autograph.

    Tiffany was also very unique. All throughout shooting, she kept advertising for us. I guess she had a phone call during the 1 hour break for lunch. She kept saying on the phone that everyone here is really nice and fun to work with. That made me feel so thankful, but in addition, she would make and bring coffee for staff members. Usually it would be the staffs who would bring coffee for the idols, so how nice must that have been… Photographer Kim Dongchul was eating a sandwich and she went over there to thank him and give him a little massage. After shooting, Kim Dongchul said, “They are really nice people. I wish I can marry off my son to one of them,”

    Tiffany brought a chair for the editor who stood up to organize the charts

    Tiffany once asked fans to donate money to charity instead of buying her expensive gifts. Tiffany herself has donated to different charities.

    “God is not helping me just so that I can live well alone. I also want to be a good example to younger fans.” – Tiffany.

    “She can shed tears because she went through a lot of pain that people don’t know about.” – Kang Ho Dong during strong heart talking about Tiffany’s pre-debut years.

    “I’d like to have Fany’s bright and positive personality. I really like to learn her toughness and positive mind that allow her to persistently overcome any fears.” – Sunny.

    When it comes to describing Tiffany, TaeYeon said ” the best. “

    • I absolutely positively love your post and completely agree. she doesn’t deserve to be called fake by anyone :D

    • It’s all about image. Tiffany can find it rather hard to express herself on T.V., from what I could tell when she was at New York. She needs to let Jessica talk more though.

  62. “Tiffany seems to look after the members the most.” – Maybee.

    “All of my unnies take care of me very well, but Tiffany takes care of me a lot.” – SeoHyun.

    “It was really brave of her, really. I had my whole family supporting me.

    They’re here with me right now, but she still doesn’t have her family here and now she’s so big, she’s so huge, here in Korea. And, I think her family would really be happy.” – Jessica.

    “Tiff is a fighter and that’s what I love most about her, she’s very optimistic too so she’s pretty much the lil’ sis I never had” – Ida ‘DJ Isak’ Simmons.

    “‘The one who gives me faith’. When I’m tired I talk to Tiffany unnie, she listens to me and gives me advice and prays for me. When I listen to those words from unnie I start feeling lot better and happier.” – Sulli.

    “Because of my introverted personality, it was really difficult at first but Fany supported me well. She’s younger than me but I learned a lot from her. She’s really hardworking, and it feels comfortable around her.” – Kim Hyesung

    “Tiffany cannot lead in dancing or anything but she knows her weakness well, and to improve…for example if we had to master some choreography in one hour, she would practice for another two more hours. So yeah, I was envious of her hard working spirit.” – Yuri.

    “When Tiffany laughs, she laughs so innocently and like a child. But she’s really mature and adult-like. She’s really thoughtful and I think there are lots of things we can learn from her.” – Sooyoung.

    Tiffany once asked fans to donate money to charity instead of buying her expensive gifts. Tiffany herself has donated to different charities.

    When SNSD were in Japan for a photo-shoot Tiffany found out that one of the workers there didn’t have anything to eat for breakfast, so she gave him her lunch and bought him snacks to eat.

  63. About Tiffany

    I’m defending her because you misunderstood and take her actions and personality in a different light.

    Most people often misunderstood her as a girl who’s selfish, annoying, try-hard, attention seeker, etc

    naturally a LOUD girl, she’s one of the most talkative member in snsd and She loves being around people..

    Tiffany is a very extrovert girl

    But still
    she’s also can be innocent but matured enough to cared for love ones.

    But she was never “fake”
    well in a way she might be “fake” because many people like her put out an act of being happy because of their troubles

    and Tiffany the loud talkative, friendly always smiling girl
    was the same girl who’s mom died when she was 15yrs old, she was the girl who kept that hidden behind a smile for years,

    that loud fake girl was the same girl who was a in her mid-teens that came by herself in a foreign country without knowing a thing about the language, the culture, the customs, everything,

    she was the girl who was labeled as the most hardworking member in snsd,

    and she’s the girl who always seems so happy and “fake” but was actually has the most saddest past in snsd.

    Until this day tiffany is one of those members in snsd that get’s the MOST hate.

    I think you might think she’s fake because

    she seems talkative and so loud at some point then at times looking innocent and ‘acting’ cute.

    she is all those three things: talkative, loud and at times innocent.

    All her members have tease and mocked her, All of them have played tricks on her, and have imitated and tease her the most,
    The easiest target to tease in snsd is Tiffany because at times she could be naive.

    Tiffany loved being around people and naturally talkative among others.
    even though she seems obnoxious and annoying b/c of her extrovert personality she also appear a cute and responsible young girl to many people around her

    she’s loud, but also she’s caring enough, she’s one of the most caring in snsd even having the nickname “Manager” and also having to be describe as “Hardworking” by MANY others.

    • But shes not an extrovert. Shes just a talkative person. Taeyeon is an extrovert. I think Tiffany knows her place well. She isn’t loud behind the cameras. And infront of them, shes this bubbly, witty girl bursting with cuteness.

      • You do know what an extrovert is, right? Taeyeon is an introvert, it has been mentioned somtimes that she keeps things to herself and is quiet when she’s not in the mood. That’s an introvert. Tiffany is really an extrovert, she is talkative, likes to comment, and converse…that’s an extrovert

  64. Beauty depends on taste and you can’t change someone’s taste by pointing out how disgusting this feature is or how perfect that one is. Personally, I love Sooyoung’s looks altogether. I like how tall and skinny she is just because it’s what I find appealing. Also, I don’t mind Yuri and Yoona but I’m not gushing about how “gorgeous” they are. I think Taeyeon & Tiffany are pretty cute — my favorite shorties, LMAO. In all honesty, I don’t like Seohyun, Jessica, Hyoyeon and Sunny for some reason. Seohyun because IDK, her face creeps me out. Jessica too. And Hyoyeon and Sunny are just meh. About the talent part, I didn’t really read it, LOL, because I’m not a Sone and honestly, I look out for SNSD’s activities to look at Sooyung (She’s my girl crush — objections?) and listen to Tiffany (Another girl crush. :P) and Taeyeon. Mostly Tiffany because her voice is /sexy/. /Plus/ their outfits lately have been to my liking. Basically, if /I/ were to give a review, I wouldn’t know WTF I’m talking about, they’re just eye candy to me. I didn’t even read the personality sections cause I honestly don’t know them. At all. And I don’t care about them, too. LMAO.

    And yes, as you’ve probably gathered, I don’t stan female idols unless their vocals OR looks appeal to me. I love the voices of Davichi, Sanchez (Phantom),15&, & Kim Jong Wan (Nell), etc. The looks, I can get anywhere else — there are /a lot/ of [talentless] visuals out there, guys. Plus, I’m a girl so I tend to stan guys more. I /do/ stan guys more. SNSD is just there. I liked TaeTiSeo’s vocals more. Much much more. Without the other members, they sounded great to me. :P I don’t care much about Sooyoung. She’s just my gorgeous girl crush.


  65. Are you saying you dislike Yuri because she’s not perfect? She’s a human being who makes mistakes! I love her for that, she doesnt care that she’ll trash her image unlike some other idols. Oh, and for yoona I felt that you were a bit harsh. Even though she is the least member that I favor in snsd, and I admit leasst talented, without her snsd wouldnt even been as big. She was the one who introduced them because she was in dramas before their debut.

  66. This article is so biased. You guys obviously favor sooyoung, sunny, and hyoyeon more LOL. It doesn’t seem like you are a sone. Sure each member has their flaws, but saying you hate them and they are fake? You guys dont deserve to be called their fans. Oh, and btw, please do more research on them before you guys post another article about them. :)

  67. Jessica is definitely not dancing incapable FYI
    She is supposedly suppose to be one of the lead dancer before sm realize she could sing.

  68. ok Jessica jaw is a little weird but she is still pretty and classy…there is something about her that make her stand out….about Sunny do you seriously think she is prettier than Jessica and Yoona? she is not the most pretty girl in snsd and she has PS do more research Please. tiffany has PS surgery too. Hey yoona is not even my bias but the rank that you are giving her is ridiculous (not objective at all) she at least is a goos dancer

  69. Overall a pretty good review. However, I do want to say some things in defense of Tiffany’s singing/personality. First, for the personality. Believe me, I understand your qualms. She’s extremely bright and bubbly, etc. etc., and a lot of the time when people are like that they’re actually not so happy on the inside, so I can see where you’re coming from. However, I’d also like to say that many times people are like that because of the troubles they’ve been through, which you seem to understand already, and are better able to appreciate life as a result. And she has shown a sad side before as well, a couple of times actually. There was a time(and I can’t say I was around for it, but it was most certainly a real thing) where she was actually pretty quiet and sad. She’s not as one-dimensional as she may seem, and from what I know she’s not trying to hide her sad side either. I say this just for your consideration, as I fully understand your point. I just wanted to offer another perspective.

    About the singing, specifically the Bleeding Love thing. I’m not going to say Tiffany’s an incredible vocalist. She’s certainly not bad, a lot better than many in K-pop, but she does have some technique problems(closed throat, straining, etc.). However, when that whole Bleeding Love thing happened, she was actually being affected pretty severely by vocal nodes, which she had to go through a lot of treatment to heal her voice. While it’s possible to sing through vocal nodes, it’s incredibly difficult to do it well, and you’re very subjective to voice cracks and the like. Since she’s recovered her singing has only improved. Her control has improved greatly over the years, and she probably has the most room left to grow in terms of singing ability in SNSD.

    Finally, yes, I am a Tiffany fan. I’d advise taking what I have said with a grain of salt, but not necessarily discounting it. I think I’ve made this pretty objective, but then again I am biased. Anyways, I hope I’ve been able to explain myself well:)


    Name: IM YOON AH (YOONA)

    Position: Lead Dancer, Supporting Vocalist, Rapper and actress.

    Birthdate: May 30, 1990

    Blood type: B

    Height: 1.67 – 1.70 cm (present).

    1º APPEARANCE: 10 ..Yoona is a pretty natural beauty and She was the first member most famous because she worked/work very hard and she helped increase the popularity of snsd to its beginnings, for those reason she is the visual and member key. the SM-company would not risk its reputation by putting to a member with surgery. SM choosed a member with beauty NATURAL.

    2º TALENT: 10 ..Yoona is the most versatile and the smartest female idol (According to a survey conducted by a clinic brain and neurology in Seoul , YoonA was chosen as the most intelligent female idol).

    * Yoona is the third dancer. Yoona and Yuri are lider dancers in snsd (oficcially) because are the best dancer. Hyoyeon is main dancer because is one of the best dancers too. Sooyoung is just support dancing because is good dancer. (You should watch the tours of SM, and You will see that among the best dancers in sm, Yuri, YOONA, hyoyeon always are together and included, because YoonYulHyo are the best dancers).
    * Yoona is the queen drama , she is the best actress idol in snsd and one of the best actress idol in korea.
    * Yoona is the queen CF.
    * Yoona is the best visual, because she worked very hard from the beginning to help increase the popularity of snsd. she stopped her career as an actress and to continue helping snsd. she never left to snsd. Yoona always supporting and caring for all group members.
    * Yoona won many awards for her excellent work as an actress.
    * Yoona was the first member with more popularity, awards and fame of snsd, therefore Yoona helped to increase Snsd’s fame and popularity.
    * Actually Yoona can sing very well (a lot improve) and she is one of the best rappers in snsd.
    * Yoona is the best sportswoman in extreme sports.
    * Yoona can play instruments: guitarr and piano. ( see BTS snsd in 2006 and 2007, ..and BTS love rain 2012).

    3º PERSONALITY: 10 .. Yoona is considered the friendliest and loyal member of snsd. (snsd’s interviews)

    * Yoona’s personality is so good, that she has more celebrities fanboys and fangirls in korea. (her list is the biggest).

    * Singer and actor Seo in guk expressed his interest for Yoona: “…I was blown away by her personality-nothing fake, just genuine and true to herself. For someone so beautiful to have the inner beauty to match, that is just hard to find.”
    * actor Lee Min ho said: “as everybody can see, Yoona is very bright. yeah you’re right. Brighten up people’s mood”.
    * actress and director Koo hye sun said: ” Yoona is very friendly, so she was trying to make me feel comfortable around her”….” If, I was a guy, I think I would really fell in love her”
    * Choi Hwa Jung, *actress, radio DJ*, said that she became best friends w/ Yoona after Intimate Note; keeps contact w/ Yoona more than she does others.
    * singer Kim Gayoung stated in an interview that “Yoona is my role model.”.
    * singer Lee Sejin likes Yoona’s personality/beauty so much that she named one of her nieces ‘Yoona’.
    * model Sasaki Moyoko said: “Yoona is adorable”.

    ..and more more more comments of celebrities.

    Yoona mentioned in autobiography of former SM trainee:

    “Wow, that unnie is really pretty.” I remember the time when I first saw this unnie. I had my mouth wide open. She was really really pretty. At then, she was tall for a 13 year old, and looked like barbie doll because she had long arms and legs.
    Her head had size of a fist, and her dimple when she smiled with her shining eyes stole my heart. Should I say I felt good just looking at her? Ah, It gave me feeling that nice and pretty girl is that kind of girl. Furthermore, Yoona unnie was more genuine person as I got to know her more. She was easy-going and kind, and didn’t know how to talk badly behind their back. She also always conceded and took care of others. She laughs so well, that I never saw her fought with others or get mad for 3 years I’ve known her. ‘Is that unnie Buddha?’. I thought of this. She was only a year older than me. She didn’t have much greed and didn’t want to stand out from her peers. ‘Can that unnie be a celebrity like that?’ Sometimes, I thought like this. But she did everything that trainers told her to do, and had outstanding talent. SHE HAD NICE PERSONALITY AND TALENTS. This is what you call perfect combination? She was very playful and very funny. Unlike her look, she acted like a guy, impersonated comedians, and did lots of wild pranks, making herself a mood maker. On the other hand, when she was alone, she had lots of deep thoughts. I think I liked that kind of unnie”.


      • I kinda like how you name this blog ‘the truth about K-pop”. So this one is suppose to be the truth about SNSD? I like the name because…you sound like God. I mean, the one that knows the truth about SNSD other that SNSD themselves…is God, right?

      • We are sure that you felt really smart when writing that comment, and now have a self righteous smug attitude like you really were sassy, but honey if the glove fits…

    • Hello, SoneNathaniel.
      I totally agree whit You.very good investigation and point of view. Your comment has an excellent base of information. I think your comment is one of the few and best comments on this blog.

      greetings from Italy.

      *pd: I like and respect the group snsd, but above all to Yoona, she is very pretty, intelligent, versatile, talented and has a great personality. Yoona is a complete package of virtues and qualities. Everyone should know well the truth about Yoona. She is amazing!.
      Hopefully jealousy and envy can fade because actually, Yoona is very underrated for some persons (antis or haters).

    • I think you are being biased here….NO ONE IS PERFECT..yes Yoona is pretty and has a great personality but NOT 10 out of 10

    • FACT:Yoona is considered as one of the most talented member of SNSD.She is also considered as the smartest member of their group.My bias in not Yoona but Taeyeon.But it is obvious that you are one of the many haters of Im Yoona.Everyone has a talent,and they can express it on their own way.They say that Seohyun is the smartest member?Then,the information you got is wrong.Just watch SUJU’s video and they are the one who said that.

      • You’re not biased at all, are you? *sarcasm*
        By the way, I would improve on my grammar if I were you.
        As it is, Seohyun is the smartest girl in Girl’s Generation and I don’t even like her but you have to respect intelligence. It was even said that in her school (not university) that she ranked an overall of second place. She was one of the first people to get one hundred percent on a quiz show. I would watch your biased words carefully seeing as they are untrue.

    • Wow, you must be a huge Yoona biased person. Yes Yoona deserves way more than the rankings that she got, but she is not a perfect 10 in everything.

  71. I seriously think this is the best review I’ve ever read. Even so, there are some things I differ from, but I guess that those opinions can change for each person.

    For example, at first, I loved Tiffany because I thought she was so sweet, but lately I keep thinking that she tries too hard to get noticed (she even interrupted Jessica once during an interview), and I would just love to tell her to cool down and remember that being in a group involves sharing the spotlight. Also, I love her song during the songs (because, unlike others, I am able to separate personality from talent) but during lives I’d like to cover my ears (which is the same problem I have with Seohyun sometimes…).

    On the other hand, I think Sunny has more talent than what you give her credit of, because she can hit both high and low notes, and while she is not the best (we all know who has that position), she does a lot better during lives than most of SNSD. And to all those who say she’s ugly or that her face without make-up is horrendous: my god, everyone has a bad shot, stop killing the poor girl with that. Also, I find her rather appealing, not only because her face is just so cute and sexy at the same time, but because of her S-line, so get a grip, stop being biased and appreciate her beauty.

    I’m also glad that Sooyoung and Hyoyeon are starting to get noticed.

    All in all, I love all the members, and it wouldn’t be SNSD if there weren’t nine members.

    • I honestly think that Tiffany should just learn to be quiet and just let the quieter members talk. A lot of them barely speak and she just interrupts them when they try to. Especially Jessica (who personally has better English in my opinion). Other than that she can just carry on being her.

      • Tiffany has better English then Jess, Tiffany don’t like being quiet she is cheerful and happy. She is ssssssssssssssooooooooooooooooooo caring to her dongseang, I think Fany will make a better lader than Taeyeon

    • Sunny has trouble hitting low notes…like really. Though I would agree, that she at least could have a 7+ score. Mmm, 6 is really low in my opinion.

  72. it always makes me sad that Hyoyeon was known to be the ugliest..but for me, she’s not ugly, she just dont have the typical korean face unlike the SNSD members with charming korean looks but for me hyoyeon is the most beautiful member for me cause she got that flawless look from Western.. Some fans are mistaken if Hyoyeon have a descent of spanish, french,or american, and i love her looks, talk about her attitude, shes the funniest member that’s why the members love her.

    And about Yoona, Im not a hater nor anti and i love her, sooo please stop saying that Yoona cant sing or dance that she only use her face thats why many fans love her, but pleeease, did u even think that how come yoona become a member of SNSD if shes not good? Shes a gud dancer and singer but the other members were just BETTER!!! Is it just me or anyone oberved this but I hate the way she laughs, it shows off her teeth, …

    BUT I LOVE SNSD esp my BIAS HYOYEON!!!! <3

  73. A review that tries to appear to be objective but failed. Quite obvious Yoona is your least fave. An overall rating of 7. The lowest of all 9. Wow.

    As beauty is subjective, I won’t argue with who you find prettier.

    1 thing i gotta say though, is Yoona is not photogenic at all. See her in real life, then you’ll start to understand the hype about her looks.

    The thing I’m calling you out for, is the personality rating. Yoona with the 2nd lowest personality rating of 8.1? Really?! You could mention about how she was brought up without a mother, how much pressure she faced….yet give her 1 of the lowest personality rating?

    Being the ‘face’ of SNSD is not easy. Especially when she’s the obvious 1st target for all the haters/antis & even from so-called SONES, SNSD’s own fans. But to bear up under all that hate & pressure with a smile? To remain sweet & down-to-earth despite all that? Replace her with any of the members under the intense ‘face’ spotlight, do you think they’ll hold up as well? Or would they crack?

    It’s hard to grasp Yoona’s personality because this girl is deep. Yet imo she has 1 of the best personalities. She’s often bashed as being ‘over-rated’. I totally disagree. She’s not given much credit even within SNSD’s fandom after all she has done, esp in the beginning of their career to bring exposure to them. If anything, Yoona is under-rated & unappreciated.

  74. Jessica is like a five in appearance, her lower face is disgusting.
    And im surprised you didnt point out how sunny had a wide nose! Lol i love sunny.

    Btw been waiting for this! Cunt wait for dbsk review!

  75. sorry to say that, but i don’t understand. At first i was satisfied of the review, but then i read 2ne1’s review…How can you give Sandara 4,9 talent and Yoona 4 talent, at least they should have the same score or a highest one to yoona because she dance better than dara.

  76. SNSD definitely has some talented, beautiful girls. Anyone saying so would be biased. Still, their music (which isn’t theirs since they barely write it) is repetitive and sometimes puts me to sleep. And I think in evaluating them, it should count for more? … Just saying, since they’re in the music industry after all…

    • I like your comment and I do agree with it but… considering the other posts in this category, I understand why they didn’t talk about it nearly as much.
      The Big Bang, Shinee and Super Junior didn’t have too many comments calling them out on that, which is really kind of sad.
      Basically, all I’m saying is that this continues their style pretty much perfectly. Also, KPop is full of that style of music. Honestly, a group in pop doesn’t really seem to get all their attention for their music. Idols are essentially entertainers in my view, and I really don’t think the music is in any way the ‘real’ reason for their success. In my own biased view, they’re all interchangeable.
      I can’t remember exactly where I saw it, but I remember some comments about IGAB where the fans were saying, ‘Don’t like the song yet; will listen to it on loop until I do.’ Most of their (actually the majority of pop) fans don’t sound like die-hard musos.

      • Idols are just entertainers?
        I am confused, isn’t purpose of getting up on stage is to entertain the audience. Isn’t it why they call it the entertainment industry. Whether they are good singers and dancers, mediocre, or just awful they are all entertainers.

  77. This left me speachless. Seriously this is the best review I’ve ever read. That’s all I can say about that. Amazing. Again, the only thing I can say you is: YES

  78. Also, do you people even have eyes? Seohyun has tiny eyes.
    Jessica’s jaw is large and square.
    Sunny is FUGLY.
    Hyoyeon is BEAUTIFUL.
    Sooyoung is only pretty after PS.

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