Best and Worst Music Videos: 2012

Too many music videos. Too many groups. But here’s our least/best favorites of 2012.



5. TIE

 Brian Joo- “Let This Die”

Like Sunny Hill’s “The Grasshopper Song” I adore everything about this music video. From his ombre lavender hair to Tiger JK’s destructively amazing rap, this song deserves allot more love than it got.

& K.Will “Please Don’t”

OMG do not even read this unless you have watched this music video in it’s entirety!

The song is pleasant enough to listen to but really nothing too incredibly special, it is just that plot twist. Both B and I had seriously powerful reactions, we were screaming and just flailing around when that happened, so unexpected… It was out of being surprised not pleasure we had such powerful reactions to this video. We found it to be so awe-inspiring dramatic that we could not contain our emotions.

4. Block B- “Nillili Mambo”

The song is great and really conveys that pirate theme but the video has serious flaws that are rather bothersome.  Averaged out the video is about 50/50 between the good and bad; the setting was genius, half the outfits were equally as genius as the setting, and some of the acting was acceptable. Yet the whole thing could have been more piratey without being kitschy, it is understandable they did not want to go overboard (pun intended) but the whole thing felt rather unresolved.

3. Sunny Hill- “The Grasshopper Song”

RAWR, I adore everything about this Music Video! The song is catchy and very enjoyable to listen to alone, but the video is a phenomenal enhancement. This is colorful, meaningful, and just a bundle of excitement. This is a story not just a music video, this is art. The entire video is perfection, and the only hing that could be improved would be just be making the video HD. Sunny Hill has the ability to make their videos captivating and memorable without being overly sexual.  They maintain femininity and grace but do not sacrifice dignity to be popular.

2. B1A4- “Baby Goodnight”

There is no reason to dislike smiling, thus there is no reason to dislike “Baby Goodnight”. Though many people prefer B1A4’s more mature videos such as “Baby I’m Sorry” and “Tried to Walk”, I am a huge sucker for adorable. Though they are not the only group that does cutesy, this is the kind of cute that seems somewhat realistic, it is cute enough to earn “Awh~” but not the point of saying “Ewh~.

1. EXO Planet- “MAMA”

This video is seriously mind blowing, it is so original and the concept is so complex and convoluted that fans can and have analyzed it for days.  Especially when combining the couple million teaser videos with “MAMA”, something truly wonderful is created. The CGI between the M and K videos must have taken hundreds and hundreds of hours, for it is better than even large scale Hollywood productions. “MAMA” is just so ridiculously refreshing for SM and K-Pop as a whole. I am shocked EXO is not hands down the most popular rookie group, based on the epic qualities of this music video alone. The only real flaws with anything other than SM’s expectantly disgusting choice of clothing is the English of the song.

Least Favorites:

5. Super Junior- “Spy”

This is foul! The song I was finally able to cope with and even kind of like, but this video is one of the worst hot messes this year from an important agency. I really would rather not even talk about how bad this video is.

4. Younique Unit- “MAXSTEP”

This is the biggest hot mess. Seriously? How can this be so awful? It is a dancing unit so the song can’t be expected to be fantastic, but with Luhan who is a singer and Taemin who can sing competently the song should have been average at the very least. While for a dance unit this was ass. Like not even as good as when all of these people are in their own groups with people who can’t dance.

Just as a side note: Every Super Junior fan speaks of Eunhyuk’s legendary amazing dance skills yet they are never ever shown. There is a point when one has to question: is that just a misconception. Now I shall say this only once, I am not calling him untalented because I wouldn’t know because he never proves it.

3. Hyuna- “Ice Cream”

This is disgusting! Why are you bathing in leather, the material will be ruined and it will chafe. Why are you shooting white cream at men with your hose, that is gross and completely anatomically incorrect.

Just yuck

2. Six Bomb- “Chiki Chiki Bomb”

This is one of the most uncomfortably ugly music videos ever made. The song is not as bad as the others on this list but the video is just one of the cheapest pieces of garbage I have ever seen.

1. Mr. Slam- “Don’t Call Me Baby”

This song is absolutely ghastly. I seriously closed the window the second the chorus started.




5. Sherlock – Shinee

I’m not a Shinee fan, wont ever be, but I loved this music video. 90% of it I know stems from the choreo; it was the perfect amount of ridiculous and awesome all in one. Another reason I really loved “Sherlock” was because it was a Shinee song. I do not ever like Shinee’s music, but “Sherlock” was a wonderful exception.

4. Nillili Mambo- Block B

The music video for “Nillili Mambo” was perfect. Block B nailed the grungy, dirty hip-hop pop aspect they’re famous for. Everything from the location, to the costumes, to the dancing; every element in this video worked to create a dark dingy feel that you don’t really see in K-Pop, much less nicely executed like it was here.

3. MAMA- Exo

Because they have super powers. SM obviously spent a lot of hidden money on this video. Exo costs a lot, and this video shows that.

2. Bloom – Ga-In

All guilty pleasures aside, I adored Ga-in and I adored “Bloom”. The symbolism in this video is so prominent and lovely. Underneath the sex and the leg spreading is an actual theme that Ga-in so artistically explains. She does a great job at describing the emotion, the importance and the virtuosity that comes with losing one’s virginity. It’s a cute concept, but one that must be portrayed sexily. No better person could have successfully melded the innocence and naivety of popping one’s cherry with the passion and ecstasy that sex has to offer. Ga-in did a great job with this video.

1. One of a Kind – G-Dragon

Purely just a guilty pressure of mine.

Least Favorites:

5. MAXSTEP – Younique Unit

Everything was wrong with this video. The song, eh. I’m no longer setting my standards that high when it comes to SM’s music, so the sub-par song can get past me easily. The video was complete crap, the costumes were laughable, and the people in this video just were not looking their best. At all. But my real problem with “Maxstep” comes from the concept itself. Putting together SM’s best dancers, fine. Go ahead and do so SM, but if you’re going to suggest such a concept at least do it the right way. And this means don’t include sub-par dancers, don’t include a good dancer and then put her to no use at all, and do include people that should obviously be there.

4. Ice Cream- Hyuna

I normally like Hyuna’s songs. “Bubble Pop” and “Change” are two of my favorite songs, and my love for them counter-acted my distaste for the videos. But “Ice Cream” was awful. The song sucks, and the one good thing I usually have to look forward to in Hyuna’s comebacks. This made “Ice Cream” lose bonus points with me. And then there’s the fact this video was just a little sluttier than usual…

3. Spy- Super Junior

Lol. No.

2. One More Day – Chocolat

Because 15 year old girls should never be this sexual.

1. 90% of Rookie debuts

They sucked.

13 responses to “Best and Worst Music Videos: 2012

  1. TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU ON SPY. I am fan of Suju, and all of them are my role models(seriously, the hard work they put into their work and their backgrounds are inspiring). But man, this song…was okay. But the video. YOU HAD SO MUCH POTENTIAL TO MAKE AN ASS-KICKING AWESOME EPIC MV! BUT NOPE! We get this mediocre dancing in a room video.

    THANKS SM. I get that they’re spending most of their budget on EXO and neglecting Suju since they have a huge fan base that’ll love them no matter what. But come on! At least make something good for fans to love!

  2. The worst blog I have ever visited and the most stupid, absurd blogger i have ever known in my whole life. People are not stupid, we are not stupid, we can see that YOU, have bias. I am an ELF and you don’t have the right to say such unrespectful, unpolite things to SuJu cause you don’t even have any idea how much they’ve been through to stand where they are right now. And if one of these people who commented are right that you are an EXO bias, well hey let me tell you something, all EXO bias are just the same, hating SJ knowing that EXO can never surpass SJ or even become half of them. YOU ARE SO PATHETIC!

    • Dude. Spy was terrible. I’m an ELF, and I love SuJu, not only because of all the difficulties they’ve gone through, but just because… they’re lovable and they’re really talented.

      But let’s face the facts here, Spy might not have been that bad of a song, but it’s music video was terrible with a capital T. Did you see them shooting their guns? How were the bullets being shot? Their fingers weren’t moving the triggers, yet the bullets were still shot. That’s only ONE of the things wrong with this music video. ONE.

      Am I still an ELF? I’d like to think so. I’d totally go to a concert of theirs if I could, I love a ton of their songs, and I have Super Junior merchandise.

      Do I like Spy? Nope.

      And see, this is where fanatical EXO fans get me super annoyed. They bash a ton of other groups and earn bad names for other EXO fans who aren’t crazy. Like me.

      Seriously dude? Calm down. They never said that EXO is better than Super Junior. They just said that Mama is a better music video than Spy. And you know what? I gotta agree with them. Even though I’m an ELF.

  3. I bet you really dislike SuJu a lot based on your blog.
    You said that Eunhyuk is just a weenie, Hankyung is Heechul’s BITCH, Siwon and Kibum useless in SJ, SJ not putting in efforts ect.. Come on, use language that are politer and seriously, you do not know them in real life so DON’T judge them.

  4. even i’m SJ’s fans, but i’m agree with u. i’m bit dissapointed with ‘Spy’. i think they are totally rush, when they made those MV. it doesn’t like their another song for repackage album (like No other for 4th album and Acha for 5th album), i hope they should make better like those two. be honest, my expectation too high after watch their MV Sexy, Free and Single. Sorry for my bad english.

  5. a) From your blog, we can tell you dislike SUJU a lot. Eunhyuk never has the chance to show off his talents if you see how SM treats SUJU.
    b) You are obviously EXO biased from this blog too.
    c) We’re not stupid.

  6. Best video: tried to walk
    worst: i don’t know…. most of the dancing-in-a-boring-room-trying-to-make-cool-face-expressions-that-make-you-look-stupid
    seriously kpop needs to have brighter videos, that make you smile (sistar:loving you). the dancing in a room is just boring now, since only a few choreo are good enough to repeat the video.
    Also mvs with a sad story are enjoyable…. when they aren’t a copy of others videos.

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