Music Video Review: SNSD’s “I Got a Boy”

SNSD- “I Got a Boy”

January 1, 2013

The Song:

Since “IGAB” is technically three songs in one (let’s not try to fight this one)…

The “rapping” part was…


Oh Yoona. You are so cute. Too cute.

But seriously. As soon as the rapping started, this instantly came to mind:

The above was even a little better, simply because it was cuter.

Rapping aside, the song is actually fine. Yes it does continue SM’s trend of “3+ songs in 1”, but considering the song’s subject about female gossip and all, the song’s pace does make sense.

The Video:

The girls look like unicorn barf and the video looks like Candyland gone wild. The mix-matchy outfits, the rainbow colored hair, the bright and colorful sets. And honestly, the concept worked.

From what we’ve heard, a majority of people claim this video to be a Hyuna-YG rip off. Yes, we see the similarity, but at the same time, “I Got a Boy” seems to be nothing like the two. Compared to 2ne1’s Hip-Hop style, “IGAB” is considerably more girly. The last time we checked, 2ne1 wasn’t acting all cutesy bubbly like SNSD most definitely is in IGAB. 2ne1’s Hip-Hop stresses female dominance and power; IGAB is still ultra-feminine, if not with just a bit of sass as the song describes female gossip. And as for IGAB being a Hyuna rip-off… IGAB lacks the usual sluttiness that characterizes Hyuna’s title songs. There’s a great deal of hip rolling and slight leg spreading in this new SNSD video, but nothing near enough to ever be up to Hyuna’s level. This all being said, the concepts may be similar, but SNSD without a doubt presents them in a new style.

Actual video aside, the choreography is fantastic. Hands down. Awesome.


6 responses to “Music Video Review: SNSD’s “I Got a Boy”

  1. I think the song worked… in a strange way….
    the first time I listened to that I thought I was singing to a medley….. but IGAB is a catchy song and after all I can’t stop listening to it
    The video is AMAZING maybe the best from SNSD!!! the choreo is their best, and it showcases their talent (have you noticed that hyoyeon seems more confident with the dance?? She can express herself better with this new, refreshing coreoraphy :D)
    P&B Can you make a little review of Dancing Queen?? Even in the comments… I really love your reviews and I want to know your opinion about this video :)
     <3<3

  2. When i heard the song i thought i was listening to a medley. Maybe it was a good song, but as i listened to the song even more, i started to get bored. It’s not ‘sexy, free, and single are you ready to bingo’ thing. It’s like i’m listening to different songs fused into one and there it goes, ”I Got a Boy” is there. Listening to it is so confusing. There are some parts that i really like, then there are some parts i just don’t want to hear and some sounded dull.

    But the choreography was nice. I liked it. Their dancing is really good. The rapping is not really that awesome, but generally the song was still ‘just great’. Not totally.

  3. I don’t really think it’s a Hyuna-YG ripoff. It reminded me a lot about f(x), just… different. The cutesy hip-hop on IGAB and (lol) unicorn barf outfits just made me shut my eyes and pray for salvation. They have great voices, as expected from SNSD, but rapping was never their strong point and they should never do it again. Good choreo, too, I think it was by the same team for BoA’s Only One.

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