(A Very Late) Concert Review: 2NE1 2012 New Evolution 1st World Tour

2NE1 2012 New Evolution 1st World Tour  

Venue: Nokia Theater

Section: Orch.

Seating Chart:

Set List:

Prior to the show, we must mention that the same music videos were repeated over and over (For those curious, they were “I am the best”, “Can’t Nobody”, “Gangnam Style”, “Ugly”, “Lonely”, and “I love you”). Really YG. 2ne1 has a lot of music videos. Once is enough, twice is too much and three times is a bore.

Not surprisingly, “Gangnam Style” brought the most energy. 2ne1’s slow songs literally destroyed the energy in the room. Bad move in our opinion.

1. I am the Best. The introduction was very nice and pleasantly suspenseful. The girls had good energy. A lot of screams from the audience. Bom’s jacket was falling off her shoulder- very cute.
2. Fire. CL’s energy was insane.
3. Brief interlude as CL pumped up the audience with English.
4. Clap your Hands. CL’s energy must once again be noted.
5. I Don’t Care Reggae ver. Bom’s voice cannot just be heard over the internet. It’s amazing live.
6. Don’t Stop the Music. Really good energy.
7. DJ CL pumped up the party. Her very club-ish performance took lots of charisma to pull off, something CL has a surplus of.
8. Bom’s solo stage began with a small taste of Don’t Cry before proceeding to You and I. The entire thing was extremely gorgeous and Bom’s voice is striking. We won’t waste our time describing how (that’s what Youtube is for)
9. Insert short, random but cool drum solo.
10. Follow Me introduces the girls’ second outfits: 2ne1 Cheerleaders.
11. There is a weird circus intro to CL and Minzy’s duet Please Don’t Go. The girls cutely slide to the stage down poles.
12. Pretty Boy. Many shirtless guys gifted (not really) to our eyeballs.
13. Minzy’s dance solo came right afterwards. Extremely raunchy as expected, but the girl is undeniably talented.
14. Dara’s solo performance of Kiss. This girl was adorable in every sense of the word. A random guy was brought onto stage and it was all cute.
15. Kiss camera time. Probably the biggest fail of the night. We suppose no one understands the point of a “Kiss time”.
16. It Hurts. 2ne1’s third outfits. The stage was decked out with pretty Christmas lights appropriately for such a captivating performance.
17. Lonely. The band was awesome. All the girls were extremely impressive here, but props to Minzy for wowing us with her amazing voice.
18. The fourth change of outfits has 2ne1 performing In the Club. The introduction to this performance was insanely pretty!
19. Stay Together.
20. I Love You. Minzy wins MVP of the night- this girl was amazing.
21. Band performance.
22. Ugly. 2ne1’s 5th outfits. This performance was insanely high energy (it seems Blackjacks are quite fond of this song), and the lyrics had everyone pumping. The performance was pretty and lightly symbolic.
23. Let’s Go Party. The Kwon twins are gorgeous in real life. This performance was quickly followed by Scream.
24. Hate You.
25. Go Away.
26. Can’t Nobody. Minzy and CL rocked this last one.
27. The band got the audience pumped (have we mentioned enough how amazing they were?)
28. I Don’t Care. 2ne1’s 6th outfits consisted of sweatpants and the girls were cute playing on stage on their inflatable make-up products.
29. 2ne1 says their goodbyes.
30. Encore performance: I am the Best featuring Will.i.am.
Total number of songs: 30


This concert was (obviously) a very different experience from SMTown. For one thing, we actually saw/heard the show. 2ne1 were amazing performers, and none disappointed. The energy was awesome and the audience had a definite “YG” vibe. The concert almost seemed like one giant rave rather than a cookie-cutter K-Pop concert. People danced for the more pumping music, were respectably quiet during the slower songs, and sang along when appropriate (something visibly missing at all SMTown concerts in America). Overall, blackjacks get an A+. YG went all out on production, and all the performances were visually striking. A great experience from a talented group.

The Good:

Minzy was the largest surprise to us and definitely the MVP of the night. She had amazing vocals, and coupled with her powerful dancing, she presented an amazing performance. CL and Minzy owned the stage (as expected), but we were more than pleasantly surprised to find some moments where Minzy outshined even CL. Only slightly though; CL had awesome charisma and energy. She commanded attention and bounced through the entire 2 hours, energizing the audience and never looking tired or bored. Her explosively energetic aura was one of the highlights of the entire show. From what we witnessed, it was largely CL’s energy that kept the audience partying.

 2ne1’s band is very worth mentioning as well. They were awesome.

The Bad:

We had very very few issues with this concert (a fantastic reversal from SM Town). We only wished that Bom spoke more (wouldn’t she logically have the best English skills?), and Minzy also said virtually nothing. Another thing to complain about (since that is what we’re best at) is that while we did enjoy Minzy and CL’s little dancing and DJ-ing stints, we really wished they would have had actual solo performances.

The only thing that actually bothered us about the entire experience was the repetition of the music videos before the show started. They were alright the first time, but by the second and third time, hype was visibly dying down.

Rating: 9.3

♥ P&B


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