Music Video Review: Younique’s “Maxstep”



October 30, 2012

The Song:

One of the more awful songs that has ever been created. But seriously who could have had high expectations? Since this is a “dance troupe”  wee cannot really expect fantastic singing. Other than Luhan this little mishmosh of idols really does not have a singer. And of course this being the case, Luhan would only get 2 lines in the whole song.

We guess the coolest part is the strange super duper auto-tuned Hyoyeon rap thing, and Henry’s high pitched scream. This song leaves everything to be desired.

The Video:

Please anyone tell us any redeeming factor (other than the members of the group themselves) of this video.

It is garbage. Seriously? Seriously? SM this is not even funny, these outfits are so horrendous we were forced to comment. It is like every scrap of fabric in the wardrobe department was gathered up and sewn onto these poor people. The outfits are offensive, dare we say some of the worst of the year. We almost want to vomit at the sight of Luhan’s pants, but not just one pair of his pants all of them. Who seriously does that? It is like a punishment. The cloths are just some of the most god-awful things we have ever seen, and the wort thing is we know, WE KNOW that designers would loan them clothing for these videos for free. If they got a decent stylist with good international connections, they could be adorned in Dolce & Gabbana, Channel, Versace, Alexander McQueen, Prada, Marc Jacobs all designers want celebrity endorsements. And as seen before crazy fangirls will buy anything that their ultimate bias has worn, this would be so beneficial for both parties, not only boosting Eastern sales for designers but helping these people not look like shit. We do not see how they can even bare to put on those awful cloths, is the fame even worth that humiliation? Wearing Hanes white tee shirts and just normal jeans would have been a thousand times better than that garbage.

We think we understand the concept, it seems they were aiming for a cool “gangster” (we use this term loosely) vibe. But as this video makes evident, between Luhan and Taemin not a single ounce of bad-ass is present. Kai is valently trying but just looks like a poser. Henry is really the only one that would not get beat up by a real group of cool ghetto people.  On top of all of this, Eunhyuk really does not fit in with all of these young people. He is the post professional and most seasoned, but he really just sticks out among the fresh faced remainder of the group. His presence would also be less awkward if at least one other older generation SM artist was there, like a member of TVXQ or another SUJU member.

Now, to our biggest question…

Why is the dancing so sub-par?

This is a dance group and the dance is not even good. The choreography is lame, there is nothing super cool or catchy, K-Pop is now separated into 2 eras, Pre- and Post- “Gangnam Style”, everything that is made now has to be up to that standard of excellence. A pretty face is not going to cut it anymore, but the worst thing about this sub-unit is they are more than pretty, they have talent. And this video is still crap. Their abilities are so vastly underutilized it is a shame. When hearing of a SM dance unit, we expected dances full of precision and power along the lines of the dances of “Lucifer” and “Catch Me”, SM has really let us down in this second half of 2012. We are so underwhelmed by this garbage. If this was a rookie group debut, we would hate this video.

There is no excuse for this sad waste of 3 and a half minutes.

This is just a hot mess! And SM you should be ashamed!


4 responses to “Music Video Review: Younique’s “Maxstep”

  1. you are the one who should be ashamed, garbage. if you don’t like kpop why are you spending your ‘precious’ time to review about this and that? stupid. i bet you don’t even know how to sing well without missing any tone and dance (if you dance, i think you will look like a DROWNING and well, it’s up to them if they want to put on weird-looking clothes. at least they look good in those clothes. how about you? you’ll look like a clown, trying to be funny, ha ha ha. btw, what do you suggest them to wear? pajamas? swimming-suit, cause they suit you? funny~

    • Is English your first language? Only asking because that display of incompetence was one of the finest we have ever witnessed. Who said we don’t like kpop? If you don’t like our blog then don’t read it we can garentee that there are more rewarding ways to spend your Friday night than reading a blog you don’t like that makes you upset and trying to be clever in a fight with a stranger online that you just don’t have the mental capacity to win.

  2. If the fan like us were to give review then the answer would have been opposite to what the music people said and I think this is to promote the car and in my opinion this song is catchy and make people dance and there is nothing wrong with that. Instead of music people giving their review I think they should think before writing bad about song we like. I loved this song and came in this website but what this website wrote I think is all negative and not really nice and this is a fact and not an opinion you made with the song and i am not Korean and i can say this song is popular in the Europe and nothing is wrong with their vocal talent and i can say the people that were in that music video is also popular in the Europe and we love them mm thank you.

  3. The Song: Seriously, WHAT THE HECK was up with Kai’s scream? We get it Exo. You know how to scream seeing as your song Mama is so popular.

    The Video: The clothes are… -no words to describe- Eunhyuk and Henry look like they are ready to come to Canada. Honestly, Eunhyuk is wearing what – a PARKA? It makes him look like he has no legs and that his neck is to slim to support his head. Henry is wearing plaid PYJAMA pants with shiny MITTENS. The only one who looks SLIGHTLY normal is Taemin and Hyoyeon.

    The Dance: It was horrible. It was unspeakable, atrocious, unbearable – whatever you prefer. You didn’t even know who to focus on. a) Luhan and Kai were wearing the shiny crap which totally distracted you from the rest of the members. b) Eunhyuk was wearing baggy cloths half of the time so you couldn’t even see his dance moves clearly. c) It was messy and the people who choreographed is, well, do a better job next time. d) Half of the time, the members were blocking each other which meant you couldn’t see a few people.
    e) It looked as if Eunhyuk and Hyoyeon weren’t even TRYING. Like, other members were like OMG LOOK AT ME I’M SO GOOD while dancing full out, while Eunhyuk was YET AGAIN not showing his full potential and talent even though he’s been there longer than any of them. He definitely has way more talent and dedication than others and it’s just making fans angry and crazy that he’s not showing it. ELF’s don’t want to lose to ANYONE and ELFs get angry when someone says so and so is a better dancer because ELFs KNOW that Eunhyuk is way better than he shows. And Hyoyeon! Her audition was AMAZING and now it looks like her movements are so weak. Step it up. f) No offence, we barley noticed Taemin at all and the only part people really pay attention to Henry is when he sings his high note. No, NOT scream. SING. Screaming is for Kai. g) Luhan? Really? I would’ve expected Lay or someone seeing as this is a ‘dance group.’ h) FINALLY, the part that bothered me the most. EXO STYLE. LIke what the actual fire truck. Everything was so exo style. I don’t care. Doesn’t SM think Exo has enough haters already? So why just add fuel to the fire? So many moves were from Exo Mama and Exo history it wasn’t even funny. Is this promoting Exo? Because if it is, it didn’t go so well the last time seeing as the fandom group ripped up a poster of Donghae right in front of him. SM is so disappointing and stupid these days and I feel really bad for all the artists inside. Oh, and they’re losing ideas. Cars again. Really? Lucifer, Shinee – ring a bell?

    One good thing though, is that Henry was in it. Super Junior-M hasn’t really done anything lately. Oh, and Hyoyeon was gorgeous in it.

    Thanks and sorry for the rant.

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