Music Video Review: Block B’s “Nillili Mambo”

Block B

“Nillili Mambo”

The Song:

We can do nothing but sing praises for this work. We really have no idea how to express our adoration of this song and video. They are so complementary that they really can only be thought of as a single identity.

We really respect YG and their whole style of very Western Hip-Hop Pop Electronica whatever genre mixing. But Block B and Big Bang will inherently cater to the same clientele, this however does not make them similar musically. Big Bang we see as very clean and almost more sterile, especially in comparison, Big Bang lacks the grime and dirtiness of ghetto hip-hop.  They are just too clean suited up in Givenchy and Channel, this also applies to their music. This by no means is bad, we only mention this because we know Block B gets allot of undeserved shit, If people would only use their heads and compare “Nillili Mambo” to a song like “Bad Boy” or ever GD&TOP’s “Knock Out”, the groups have completely different musical motifs and the only noticeable commonality is good music.

While the chorus especially sounds like Block B’s very own song “Nalina”, “Nillili Mambo” is essentially on steroids.  “Nillili Mambo” is a perfected of “Nalina”, with hind sight they probobly should have just skipped “Nalina” if this had been done “Nillili Mambo” would have been undeniably one of the most refreshing songs of the year.

Zico’s rap at the beginning is RAWR, too good for anything but a rawr of passion! We do wish he had more and longer segments to work his magic, this would have just created an even greater flow in the song. Block B could have also turned down the man-ness of the way they were singing/rapping everything. Because the music has more than enough drama, if they had simplified the chorus especially, we probably would have died.

Nothing can be perfect, but the issues with this song are pretty minor and are easily overlooked when accompanied with the video.

The Video:

Finally we have been transported to a place that looks actually dirty and nastay. We are not plagued with a bluish grey filter nor a plastic set.  Finally a ghetto dirty area for a ghetto dirty concept.  We intensely love  this modern pirate theme, it was so tastefully present yet not kitschy or in our face. They presented it in a manner that was obvious yet not silly.

We just adore Zico’s head to toe look that opens the video, it is a modern and tasteful take on Jack Sparrow from Pirtes of the Caribbean. Despite the shear perfection of Zico’s look there are some missteps in the fashion department. Seriously how can a dirty floral tailcoat inhabit the same video as a perfectly dry cleaned and tailored pinstripe suit. A Pin stripe suit says pimp, not pirate, this also applies to the other super clean tailored pieces, they just don’t make sense one is attempting to be a pirate.

Now none of should even try to pretend our favorite part of the video does not contain a chicken. That couple second clip was more than genius  and a tip of the hat to  whoever had any part of that. This video is seriously the most refreshing this we have seen in months.  It still was distinctively K-Pop but evolved and adapted not just erased or forgotten. This video was not pretending it does not fall under the genre of Pop but is One of A Kind.*

Block B just needs time more than anything, they will learn that the best music videos are simple. They really did not need the  individual portions, nor that little extension of crap at the end. This video is seriously like the song more than enough. They just overdid it, with just 1 outfit set and the story line there is more than enough personality and entertainment value in the members bad acting and mischievous attempts than a group of poorly dressed boys in an empty swimming pool.



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