The Truth About Your Favorite Pairing: SunDara (YGENT)

2NE1’s Sandara Park & Big Bang’s Taeyang

Friendship Meter:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Nothing more than a professional relationship. Probably not even friendship.

Taeyang has an obvious teenage boy crush on Dara, but she does not seem to return any of these sentiments. She has stated before that her ideal type is Shinee’s Minho, and there is no person who is more of an antithesis of Taeyang. We take this declaration as an indirect rejection of Taeyang’s advances.

This uncomfortable relationship is further proven by the behind the scene’s footage of  Taeyang’s music video for “I Need A Girl” and Dara’s stories about this on Strong Heart. Taeyang’s amateurish and completely graceless advances towards her are painfully obvious. Dara looks extremely uncomfortable. Taeyang is trying too hard.

Dara likes pretty boys. She likes Shinee and G-Dragon and Lee Minho. Not Taeyang. Taeyang whom just makes the poor girl feel unsexy and awkward with his inexperienced and clingy behavior. Sorry, but this pairing is totally one-sided.



4 responses to “The Truth About Your Favorite Pairing: SunDara (YGENT)

  1. So true. Dara doesn’t like Taeyang at all…did you watch Strong heart? OMG I feel bad…she totally shoot him down :( Poor guy.

    • I’m soo late. Anyways your post? Yes it’s beyond truth. Taeyang doesn’t have girlfriends just flings and one night stands. He is just too awkward around girls. Seungri is the best flirt in Big Bang

      • If he is so awkward how the hell does he have one night stands? even you have to agree it sounds like an oxymoron. he has to be some kind of smooth in order to score….where did u guys hear this anyway?

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