Movie Review: “I AM” SMTOWN

Movie: “I AM – SM Town Live in Madison Square Garden”

2 Hours 10 Minutes


When we learned this movie was going to be featured for a limited time down in Korea Town in L.A., we decided to take the opportunity and go watch it. Overall, the movie was very long and seemed to drag on for an eternity. Besides the length, the concert footage shown from several concerts, including the obvious Madison Square Garden SM Town as well as SM Town Tokyo Dome really depressed us. Most of you may have already read how horribly disappointed we were with Anaheim’s SM Town in our review of SM TOWN 2012 Anaheim and this movie did nothing to improve those feelings. The other concerts looked tons more glamorous than the one we experienced and we spent half the time remembering our own crappy concert.

Besides the concert footage, the movie also featured interviews of the stars, predebut clips and rehearsals, and backstage action. We got what we expected from most of the footage, and were only horribly disappointed by the atrocities that were the interviews. These things were a complete waste of time. What could have been an extremely insightful and honest look into the idols’ lives, their troubles and anxieties, and their hopes for the future, was wasted by boring, blank answers and questions. We were emotionally touched about twice, and brought to laughter about 3 times.

 The majority of the interviews focused on SNSD, which was awful (we are not saying they are). The girls appeared shallow and non-nonchalant in their responses, not to mention how amazingly illiterate they all sounded. At one point, every member was asked how her stage self differed from her personal self and every reply was as follows:
Taeyeon is different…
from Kim Taeyeon…

she is…
more outgoing…
while Kim Taeyeon is…
Not to pick on Taeyeon or anything, but we remember her answer the most. Among the 9 of them they probably wasted 20 minutes of the movie on this single question.

f(x) had some decent material. We particularly remember a clip of Victoria filming for Shinee’s “Reply” music video: Her stuttering and stumbling over introducing herself in Korean and her inability to pronounce “Shinee”  was adorable and one of the funniest moments of the movie.

We were most touched by Super Junior and DBSK. Both groups had the most legitimate testimonials about their personal worries as rookies and the present artists they are today. For example, Ryeowook described his tough time debuting with Super Junior, and how he felt like he didn’t deserve their initial happiness, while DBSK focused more on their worries with coming back after their split. Super Junior connected best with the audience, as they were good for both touching and comedic answers. Super Junior’s always entertaining backstage antics and silliness brought the whole theater into fits of giggles .

Seeing as this was a movie centering around all the idols in SMTown, a lack of screen time was inevitable. Super Junior’s Shindong, Yesung, and Kyuhyun had virtually no screen time and between the 3 of them there could not have been 100 words. Which really seems odd considering Kyuhyun has one of the most heart-wrenching testimonials.

Shinee was bratty as usual. The boys were really childish and, similar to SNSD, nonchalant about the whole thing.

Our largest complaint about the movie though was the HD cameras that were used to shoot the interviews. Nobody escaped the wrath of the harsh florescent lights and the awful HD camera. Super Junior looked the worst, but none of the idols looked good. Most of the interviews seemed to have been done after the photoshoot for the Winter SM TOWN album, which may explain why they looked so awful. It was so bad that the first time they showed Eunhyuk, people laughed… While Jesus! Donghae needed some blotting paper like nobody’s business. Most of the men needed a good shave and all of them looked exhausted.

Overall Experience:

We would like to formally announce our hatred for Koreabos/Weebos as they are the most awful subspecies of human out there. We were totally unprepared for this whole row of them that sat in front of us, with ugly homemade t-shirts, glow sticks, and a complete lack of regard for every single other person in that theater. They, along with others, screamed and howled like a group of rabid dogs. Really now. What is even the point of bringing all those things? You are going to a movie, not some concert. The entire movie presented cat-calls and shouting at the screen for every single idol. While this is to be expected from a movie obviously centered towards fans, we really do think that people should be more considerate: not every fan enjoys other people screaming in their ears, and some people did go to silently enjoy watching their idols on screen.

Rating: 7.9

P.S: The highlight of the movie was obviously the 2 seconds they showed Exo during the credits.


6 responses to “Movie Review: “I AM” SMTOWN

  1. if you wanna create this kind of blog, please, be neutral. what i mean of being neutral is not being too obvious to the visitors that you’re hating a group, like what you’re doing to SHINee or Girls’ Generation in this site. with the untruthful “the truth about k-pop” title you give for your site, and you’re bashing Girls’ Generation and SHINee too much like that…is that really “The Truth About K-pop”? have you ever learned about “fact and opinion” at school? about SHINee and Girls’ Generation, it’s just your opinion. it’s not actually “The Truth” (fact).

  2. you suck. You’re so rude towards SHINee and you act like they’re shit. Something is seriously wrong with you. If you’re going to run a blog that gives reviews about music videos, dramas, and movies, you can’t act this way. I understand that yes it is your blog and you can say whatever you want, but in reality you can’t because people are going to throw shit at you and be extremely angry for your extremely biased ways. You treat SHINee like crap, but are mostly nice about everyone else. Seriously what do you have against SHINee?!

    • Just because someone doesn’t like the same idol group as you doesn’t mean you have to be shit to them. It’s his/her’s website, therefore it’s there fucking opinion. Yea the internet is the internet, but seriously. And yes they can act this way motherfucker. Do you control the fucking world, or the internet. NO! Maybe there’s something wrong with you, obviously you can’t take a fucking opinion about your stupid idol.

  3. Fucking hate Koreaboo man. About the movie, I guessguess we get an inside look of what goes on. And after seeing that movie, i no longer thought they were good looking. And i like them more because of that. The awkward moment was when they showed Hankyung but not JaeChunSu. The “My Family” song for this movie soundtrack was way better in 2002. What the hell were they thinking to put Jonghyun in the starting line. Should have put onew . Or get Kyuhyun to sing the adlibs. Smtown songs were a gem pre 2007. Didn’t get past the first 20 second of that song. Ok im rambling now

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