Music Video Review: Boa’s “Only One”

Boa- “Only One”

July 24, 2012

[Drama Version]

[Dance Version]

The Song:

We are sort of torn about this song.  It is kind of pretty but falls flat.  It only plateaus but never peaks.  The lack of a climax is just bring.  We think that is there was more of the bridges and less of the chorus’ then it would have been a more captivating song overall.

Especially when paired with the dance version of the music video then it is apparent that this song was never meant to stand alone.  It is a fantastic song for that kind of hyper choreographed MV but it is on the boring side as just a song.

The Video:

We prefer the Dance Version.  It captures our attention infinitely better than Drama Version.

The drama version just was so much nothingness, we couldn’t even concentrate long enough to watch the whole thing.  While the constant dancing in the dance version gave us something to concentrate on, with enough visual excitement from the dance alone to keep our attention.

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