Music Video Review: B2ST “Beautiful Night”

B2ST- “Beautiful Night”

July 21, 2012

The Song:

“Beautiful Night” night is not as catchy as former B2st songs.  We think  this is due mostly to the fact it is not quirky or strange such as “Shock” or “Fiction”.

It is not that great but definitely not bad.  This song is normal, but the fact that it is so normal we lose B2ST’s identity.  We don’t feel the same vibe as their other former songs.

The Video:

The cinematography is nice, and the vivid and saturated colors really popped and brought the feeling of late summer.  While there was no plot at all.  But at the minimum it was better than dancing in a box.

The members hair was awful!!! Our attention was not particularly caught by the video.  It’s lack of originality was surprising.  B2ST lost their typical fineness by trying to make such a normal song and video.  This seems more like an attempt at making a Western friendly K-Pop song than a good song.


One response to “Music Video Review: B2ST “Beautiful Night”

  1. I actually really liked Yoseob’s orange hair! :D He rocked it really well in my opinion. and i’m not even Yoseob biased.
    Actually, i think alot of the members hair was fine. They were still meh, but not “ermahgurd my eyes are melting from the ugly.” Even Gikwang’s ajumma poof thing he had going on was okay. Not his best hair ever, but not horrendous.

    The only complaint about hair i had was…

    Hyunseung’s *gets bricked*

    Oh my god his stylist needs to be fired immediately for giving him such a puke worthy hairstyle. SRSLY WTF.
    It looked cheap and oily and just plain tacky. Couldn’t his stylists afford..oh idk…GEL OR A HAIR TYE OF SOME SORT. Anything but that.

    I’m usually rlly lenient on the choice of clothes and/or hair, but THIS…just no

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