Music Video Review: GLAM’s “Party (XXO)”

GLAM- “Party (XXO)”

~Rookie Debut~

July 19, 2012

The Song:

We sort of like this song.  Mostly the beginning (0:19-0:48) and bridges. The bass is amazing at the beginning and the little playful raps that are scattered though are charming for the most part.  But we do with that the song went all the way with the vibe from the beginning. Because the typical girl group portions are boring and predictable.

Overall we are on the fence about this song as a whole.

The Video:

Like the song we wish they never involved the typical girl group parts with face close ups and sparkles.  If the video stayed in the hallways and the video game room we would have been more content.  The tacky space and star thing was as we said tacky.  This video had potential, if it had just a touch more bad-ass to it maybe it could have been good.

Though bay far one of the ;east offensive debuts this year.

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