Music Video Review: C-CLOWN’s “Solo”

C-CLOWN- “Solo”

~Rookie Debut~

July 18, 2012

The Song:

This is not a completely despicable song, but nothing really great either.  It had no factors that bother us but nothing that drives us crazy. There are a few moments where we get bored though. It is a better than average debut, but again not one of the debuts we will remember.

Something about this song just seems so stagnant… There seems to be missed opportunities with the song to be amazing. Every rap and build up to the chorus is just not powerful enough.

Nothing is actually wrong but that does not a good song make.

The Video:

What is actually happening here?

Seriously… We like that this as a rookie debut showed so much individual solo time so we can get a good look at the members but the video is not cohesive. With the picture slide shows, fire, explosions, and random girl nothing fits.  There is no story just a mish-mosh of crap.

And by the way clowns are scary as shit.  When we think of clowns we don’t think of cute *and very under-aged* Asian boys, we think of pedophiles and bad polyester rainbow clothing.

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