Music Video Review: Crayon Pop’s “Saturday Night”

Crayon Pop- “Saturday Night”

July 17, 2012

The Song:


We refuse to review this!

We are done with these inserts of dubstep. Just stop this!

Who decided that this is ever okay???

The Video:

To be truthful we stopped paying attention to this video almost immediately. Nothing really caught our attention, the sets, fashion, members, dance. All just underwhelmed us beyond belief.


2 responses to “Music Video Review: Crayon Pop’s “Saturday Night”

  1. I have to agree. It’s like they wanted to try being a underwhelming version of f(x). I didn’t think that option existed before I saw this.
    But, don’t you think that with a name like ‘Crayon Pop’ it sort of fits? It’s to be expected, it’s just that it’s also totally pointless, and there are way too many ‘idol groups’ already. It’s a flooded market…

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