Music Video Review: BIGSTAR’s “Hot Boy”

BIGSTAR- “Hot Boy”

The Song:

We feel overloaded by this sort of song.  It is not creative nor it is it at all attractive.  While the little portions that were crazy auto-tuned singing just don’t match the techno-ish dance music.

The bad rapping in that forced super twangy voice does not hep this song.  This song is just a mess.

The Video:

We do not know how to express the distaste we have for bad CG.  ESPECIALLY with the monster that is EXO’s “MAMA” there is no place in K-Pop for this quality computer graphics.  The video overall was just as tacky as the song.  We don’t care how much they spent on it, that just makes it an expensive hot mess.

Everything screams that they are trying too hard. Especially with roughly 20 debuts so far this year, this will not stick out.  From this first impression BIGSTAR is completely frivolous and slightly annoying.


One response to “Music Video Review: BIGSTAR’s “Hot Boy”

  1. Oh. God.
    *bleeding ears*
    I, being the idiot I am, ignored your warnings and listened to the song.
    I now thoroughly regret it.

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