FAQ: Reply to Comments

Oh HoHo
Did you think that you would be forgotten? You? The real shit stirrers in the world.

You are the most annoying of annoying people, you did one of two things: 1) You continued to complain and bitch over the reply provided to you, 2) You could not help yourself at commenting like a smart-ass on that last FAQ.
So my friends this is for you. No nonsense this time:

Go away.

Don’t care what you’ve said this time.

Go away.

You have lost all professional courtisy.

Go away.

Did nothing of that last post sink in?

Go away.

Now we have to be mean… Sorry.

Go away.

If you have followed the 5 warnings on this post alone you really have nobody to blame but yourself when you do not like this comment.

Go away. (Last chance but now you are curious, being that little shit stirrer that you are.)

That made it 6 warnings.

You are one of over 7 billion people populating this planet at this moment. And let us step back one step further, one of trillions that have inhabited this planet over its existence.

YOU DON’T MATTER! Guess what else. We don’t matter either.

Out of the unfathomable number of people that have existed, only a select handful of people have impacted anything substantially.  And those people earned a Google Doodle on their birthday.

So we don’t care about you, this is actually pathetic.  We really hate that people are so self obsessed that they don’t realize this simple fact.

And for those who still are thinking we are full of crap: this is only one planet in the solar system and only one solar system in the galaxy etc. Do you understand? That there is the whole cosmos out there in the dark night sky.  And if you believe in alternate dimensions, there is endless everything.  Simply putting it… we are all unnecessary.  You and I, EVERYBODY.

And, yes. We know you didn’t want to think of that.  So if You have the time and resources to be wasting on being an annoying little prick over a blog, then you need to re prioritize your life.  We all may just be simply expendable, but we have the power to at least affect the lives of those around us.  So instead of being so negative and angry with the world, please we ask for you to think about those who are less fortunate than yourself.

With this energy and passion that you put into being angry, convert it into at the minimum content and try to maybe spread some cheer or love.

We live for an extremely short and most certainly finite amount of time, so do not waste away your life angry on a computer pouting about those B(words) that got you mad.



4 responses to “FAQ: Reply to Comments

  1. Oh mah gosh. I thought I was gonna get the link…luckily I didn’t. I would’ve felt so embarrassed. Not that it matters though. :P (No sarcasm intended.)

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