FAQ: Comment Replies

For it is all too often we see the same negative comments and no longer do we have the energy nor the patience to deal with those who are being rude.  Therefore this post will be linked as a reply to what we assume will be virtually all of our Negative Nellys out there.

We also hope that by making this specific post, all of our finicky readers will finally understand the one point we have been trying to make: You are not special.  You have gotten this link because you all under the umbrella of annoying delusional crazed Koreabos or rude assholes.

For clarification, this post is not really meant for our average reader.

Scenario A: “SHUT UP! You are wrong! (Insert Name) is not (Insert Problem)!!!! F(word) you!!!

Reply A: Please do not curse at us.  It is impolite.
Accept the truth.
If you don’t like it don’t read it.
Your anger seems quite pointed; you should analyze
 the intensity of your reaction to the seriousness of the matter.

Scenario B: “You are a hypocrite! This is not the truth! This is opinion! Good Job! Because I think it is sassy and clever, I am going to give a complement to you, but you know what? I don’t mean it.  Ohhhhhhh~ BURN! “

Reply B: You should learn what hypocrite means.
Do not use big words when you don’t understand the context or appropriate time of use.
In addition to learning the meaning of hypocrite, you should learn the meaning of satire.
Oh SHIT! Did you just use sarcasm on us; we really don’t know how to respond. It hurts… So bad.  We will never write again. We will go cry in our beds for hours on end…
But what is this? Did we just use that same overplayed and asinine sense of sarcasm that only causes people to become angry from the sheer stupidity and simplicity of this sort of insult?
Assuming that this would affect/shame anyone is pathetic.
To which the question arises: How stupid do you think we are? How stupid are you? We would ask how old we are meant to be, but at no age is this form of a low level insult going to bother any person, past the fact that is stupid.

Scenario C: “blahblah idontusespaces oftenenough nor do i useproper punctuation nobodycan read this because it is a mile long block of neverending and poorly written text with words that dont existblahblah
unlikethis example i couldnt spell a single word right and have completely ignored every rule of the internet because i am lazy and i expect everyone to read this horrid pile of garbage
dont yell at me for not punctuating because if i dont do it then i obviously never learned it in the multitudes of years of schooling i attended because i played on myphoneand slept in english class and the internet is a casual environment where nobody has to understandwhat the hell i am saying because it is mishmosh pileof word trash blahblah”

Reply C: Please use proper English so we can understand your problem with us.
Don’t make excuses for being lazy.
We recommend Google Chrome as a browser, it spell checks as you write. :)
Is this what you write like all the time? If so what grade are you in?
This is sad, are you illiterate?

 Scenario D: “Blah Blah I am going to write my very own (Insert post) right here in your comments. While refuting everything you just said and putting my opinions in here while calling your writing dumb. Not trying to be offensive or anything. And also not adding anything of any value whatsoever to anything.”

Reply D: If you want to make a review of something, make your own blog.  
Wordpress is a lovely host, and they are free.~
We don’t care at all, not a single iota.
Your “review” is boring, again we don’t care… So we did not even bother finish reading it because it lacked structure, proof, and clarity.

Scenario E: “It really made me sad, what you said about (Insert person/group) was mean. :(“

 Reply E:  … Really?
If your grasp on reality is this weak, then please we warn you to refrain from reading anything online about anything you like.
Not everyone holds your favorite on a pedestal as you do, so the rest of the world will not be as kind to them as you are.
Be a big (Insert Gender) and learn to accept criticism.

Scenario F: “Wow this is so biased, and now I will rant about why (Insert Person A) is better than (Insert Person B).  All while saying that I love the whole group, and we should love the whole group as well. Because forcing my opinions down your throat is the best move from this point on, and I have seen how you react to this but I will continue the quest to change you mind about (Person A), and I think that since I am saying they have a pretty smile you will change your mind about (Person A) completely.”

Reply F: *Please refer to Reply D.
If we just wrote (between 200-1400) words about this person, do you think your poorly constructed reply which is the product of pure rage will really change our minds?
Do you think we care? At all? A single bit? Even just a touch?

Scenario G: “I am going to scream at you and act like the very bad word because I have an opinion and I have the right to express it!  You are a child and don’t know how to take criticism, and me being an annoying elitist snob is going to reprimand you for not playing nice with others. Besides I am smarter than you and because I have no sense of humor being such a condescending bitch. And I pick fights with people on the Internet, because I am insane and either am too chicken to insult a person in the real world or I scare every other human being away from me being such a nasty prude. But since I am so self important, you have no right to insult me though I just insulted you. Because I live under the ideal that you should treat others the way that you want to be treated. Now that you have replied just as I wanted because this is the confrontation that I long for, I will say that you are immature for replying. But now I will call you a bitch because you touched a nerve and I do not like that you correctly psychoanalyzed me through only a few messages.”

Reply G: We don’t like you, and we don’t have to.
You’re lucky that you live in a place that lets you have so much freedom, in a Communist country that comment would get you an awful prison cell, because much like a good Communist Dictatorship we don’t give a rat’s ass about your opinion.
Since this is our blog, and you are the visitor, we do not have to let you air your grievances.  For (We think this phrase is quite thematic)
And let us clarify, it is not just your opinion we do not care for (it is you as a whole person).
(Oh, we think we sense another theme!) If this bothers you then leave.

Scenario H:(Insert a reworded simplistic version of what we just blogged about), but you missed this/I think this. 

Reply H: Yes Yes, we concur.

 Scenario I: “I am illiterate and I chose to either stop reading or selectively read the parts of this post that make me angry. Rage, blah blah (Insert Person/People) is not blah blah, I am only saying this because I have no control of my emotions over a person I have never met.  And I did not finish reading the post, in which you said the same nice things about (Insert Person/People) that I am now defending. And I have just wasted both my time and yours with this stupid comment because I am indeed illiterate and cannot read.”

Reply I: Please finish reading the post.
Please do not comment without understanding everything that was written.
*Conditional* We really do not care if you are foreign and didn’t understand this post, for we are sure there are plenty of blogs in your native language to read.
What is even the point of any country spending tax-payer, or god forbid your family’s, money on an education for you if you cannot comprehend strings of words to form a thought and strings of thoughts to form a complete idea.

~P (The Bagel is much too lazy and non-confrontational to fight)

Now since you stuck around for the end…
A fun fact about The Peach.

Never have I commented on another blog.
I have never read another blog.
I know I won’t like what I read, for some reason or another.

And what does this mean? What does this have to do with this FAQ?
This is a nice and easy explanation of how to avoid the things that make you angry, and therefore living a much simpler life.

Why am I sharing this with you?
2 simple reasons: Your annoying/asinine comments are a source of anger in my life not from the words but rather the arrogance behind them, and… Maybe just maybe, this will resonate and maybe you too will stop seeking out confrontation and you too will try to live a more peaceful and serene life.
But I could live with you just leaving us alone.


16 responses to “FAQ: Comment Replies

  1. Do not get mad at me or argue with me please, but I think this is only on different opinions. But I do agree with some of this.

  2. Your logic: I’m always correct and what everyone else says is bullshit. Thus I shall act like I’m a little bitch and piss everybody off. After all, this blog is purely for me to share my biased thoughts without caring about everyone and anyone’s opinions.

    Seems legic to me.

    • We really don’t care what people say, it’s just people get annoying. They get very annoying very fast, over jokes and things that don’t even matter in the grand scheme of the world. We have seriously pissed off just about someone from every fanbase, even when we are being nice, so we made this FAQ. But you can leave something nasty if you really feel the need, but that kind of behavior only will perpetuate the stereotype that K-Pop fans are just obsessed with the artists and not the material. We just want to create a less aggressive place, where puns and jokes are appreciated.

  3. Kind of sorry to see this. Also wishing I knew how to edit my comments, so I could fix up all the spelling mistakes and missed out words… While I understand where this is coming from, and I do think it’s probably useful, it annoys me that there’s the issue of trolls and people who cannot be polite. However, I have to say, (and I’m not expecting you to change this or anything, I’m just saying, hopefully harmlessly) that I think this might just aggravate some of these people further. And I think that G and H are particularly likely to earn more negative feedback – I agree that it’s silly to expect that their opinion is ‘right’ and everyone should acknowledge it, but sometimes these people have valid points lost in other views they hold, and only react so negatively because they take things on at a personal level.
    I don’t believe that it’s very smart to react like that, but I do think it’s very common – on the internet there are some people that have other issues that mean they take great offense and are just generally obsessive – ESPECIALLY in kpop. It’s pretty rare to find people who will respond with a level-head. Some people however, seem to be trying to keep themselves grounded. Posts like this, while to me totally inoffensive (like you’re saying (I think): it’s just not that big a deal and ‘[you] don’t care’) may tick some people off just that bit more to become those swearing illogical trolls – being called out on their touchiness and told outright they’re being stupid will definitely make more friends than enemies.
    Honestly, I don’t really disagree. I was reading another blog, however (ask a Korean, came up when I wanted to find a bit more about the culture) where he said “A scalpel is a better surgical tool than a pillow, but a surgery performed only with a scalpel without any anesthesia would not do any good, simply because the patient would refuse the surgery.” I think this applies here too: using words that are too harsh will only provoke people, who might otherwise be more open to differing opinions.
    But yeah, your blog.

  4. Huh. I would just like to say that sometimes people post their own thoughts on here just for the sake of posting stuff. Or just for the sake of saying their own opinion. Like this. XD. Um, sorry for wasting your time??? :P

  5. This is awesome! You guys are so pathetic you wrote 2 pages on how angry you are.
    Its great, you know, being a TROLL like me who like making premodonna’s like you lose your tits.
    Still loling you wrote this whole thing, that I’m not even gonna read. LOL.


    • … Your parents did a completely horrid job of raising you.
      While it is sad, people like you make us sad. Because you are an asswipe. What kind of pathetic human being is so disgusting to people who’ve done nothing to them. People like you are the reason why we hate other people. If you didn’t read it why did you comment? That is just a sign of your ignorance. So since you say you didn’t read we will personally tell you to go away. If you don’t like this blog don’t fucking keep commenting on it and acting like the little asswipe you are.

      • You know what? Your parents did a worse job raising you up. I feel pretty sorry for them since they’ll probably have to bear with all your brat behaviour at home. And may I know what right you have to call others pathetic, disgusting and ignorant when its obvious that that’s exactly what you are?
        You make a fuss out of people’s typo, pick on some poor soul’s grammar error, and refuse to admit the fact that you’re actually wrong or even considering that you might be wrong. Let’s just face it: The owner(s) of this blog are just immature teens who are blogging away without the least bit of consideration for others. If you cannot take others opinions/advice, get the fuck off the internet. No one needs you here. In fact, everyone would be better off without you bitching around and trying to get your own way. Stop telling people what to do when you don’t even know what you’re doing yourself.

      • “If you can’t take others options/advice, get the fuck off the internet“
        Pot and kettle honey
        Also that comma is unnecessary
        most all your commas are unnecessary and you are missing commas where they do separate you ideas

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