10 Male Idols with Voluptuous Lips

Big lips on a male are intriguing. Whether you find them attractive or not (though we assume most people do) is your deal, but in any case, a pretty, luscious set of lips can do wonders for an appearance. Fuller lips are typically paired with the idea of being a good kisser (which is immediately attractive), and though that fact isn’t exactly true, we do see where the idea stems from: Most people would much rather kiss someone with big, soft lips than someone with nothing at all (because that’s no fun). And so, without further ado, here’s ten male K-Pop idols we find have “kissable lips”.

(And no, we’re not writing descriptions this time- a picture is worth a thousand words.)

10. Super Junior’s- Heechul

9. Big Bang’s- Daesung

8. B.A.P.’s- Daehyun

7. B.A.P.’s- Younguk

6. EXO-K’s- Kai

5. EXO-K’s- D.O

4. Shinee’s- Taemin

3. TVXQ’s- Changmin

2. MBLAQ’s- Seungho

1. Se7en


18 responses to “10 Male Idols with Voluptuous Lips

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  2. Ah yes. Totally agree with Teamin, Kai, D.O. (<3) & Seungho. I've always thought those boys had gorgeous lips!

  3. I personally LOVE G-Dragon’s lips though I may be too biased. I love how they are plump, and they look really flexible, like they get thinner than he smiles but I don’t know how to put this in words.

    • I’m sorry! I have no idea why my computer keeps changing the username to “thepeachandbagel” it’s kind of frustrating.

  4. Nice choices ^_^ very surprised kikwang ot or niel didnt make the list. o.o i like your choice for changmin, he has incredibally nice lips not very many people notice ^_^

  5. How was Jaejoong not on here?! But you’re right Kai, Daehyun, Taemin, and D.O have amazing lips. Although people are usually rude about Changmin’s why his?

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