Top 5: Divalicious Male Idols

In the world of Idols, there are those that sparkle brighter than even the most brilliant jewels. They have fineness and grandeur to spare, and easily steal the spotlight of all others in the vicinity. They entertain in ways that no others can, their rambunctious and flamboyant activities can easily bring any person to their knees in laughter. These people are true divas and absolutely fabulous.

05. Super Junior’s- Zhou Mi

Zhou Mi has the perfect amount of diva blood in him. Not quite to a Jo Kwon extreme, BUT just enough to make him amazingly fun. He is the perfect amount of fabulous while still remaining a normal human being. Zhou Mi has the soul of an entertainer. His love for the entertainment world is easily expressed in his hard work and perseverance.  His performing skills are fabulous; rather than present himself with overflowing charisma and swag,  Gentlemen Mimi entertains his audience with his bubbly and exuberant energy. Zhou Mi is one of the few people that manage to look fantastic whilst singing; he’s nonstop smiling. His marvelous skills have made him a fun-to-watch MC and a real joy to observe.

04. Shinee’s- Key

 Key is like a mini version of Jo Kwon, but with more sass and femininity.  Between his rapping to Kesha and unbeatable drag capabilities he is a little diva in the making.  He does have quite glittery outbursts, but is usually a motherly figure to Shinee.

03. Super Junior’s- Heechul

We are positive that Heechul is the craziest person in the idol world.  Not quirky, not strange, but straight up crazy. His multiple personalities and outrageous behavior mixed with the fact he is a braggart loud mouth makes him completely ridiculous.  He demands attention from the world: i.e. “Big Space Star Kim Heechul”, “Milk White Skin Heechul”, “Heedictator”, and “Cinderella”. He believes himself to be perfect and lets everyone else know that he is.  His overwhelming self confidence is  blinding and forces you to at the minimum respect him.

02. 2AM’s- Jo Kwon

 As we once read online, the only way to describe Jo Kwon is “The Diva of all Divas”. Never have we found a better explanation for what he is.  But beyond that he is able draw the true inner diva out of any of these divas. By just being around he extrapolates the fabulous out of any other person.  His never ending fountain of intense glitter is what makes him the most interesting idol to watch do anything.

He is crazy and loud and just extraordinary. Which is also why we rightfully agree him to be the “Diva of all Divas”.

01. Brian Joo

Though Brian may not be as flamboyant as Jo Kwon keep in mind, Brian Joo did shape the current flaming ball of energy that is Jo Kwon into what he is today.  Brian is absolutely fabulous and was probably the first true diva.

He takes what he knows from growing up in New Jersey and utilizes it to be entertaining, for example, something he is must known for, his mock fight with G.NA over a fictitious man. Brian Joo is too much for any single person to handle. His charisma is explosive, and even over thirty he is still as sassy as any of these other men.



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