Music Video Review: T-ARA’s “Day by Day”

T-ARA- “Day by Day”

July 03, 2012

The Song:

“Day by Day” as a song was good enough to complement the video, however by itself, does not stand strong enough to be left on its own. It was different from T-ara’s usual “catchy, annoying” genre, but still had the same reminiscent auto-tuning that most T-ara songs seem to have lately. The rapping though was a vast improvement from what we’ve seen before, and the instrumental is beautiful. “Day by Day” seemed very similar to “Cry, Cry”: It was catchy, not as catchy as T-ara can be, and more musically sound.

In contrast, we really liked the second song, “Don’t Leave”. “Don’t Leave” is beautiful, different, simple and artistic. The singing is gorgeous and not overdone. The rapping creates the much needed climax for the song, and fits perfectly with the song. And then just as “Day by Day”, the instrumental is fabulous.

The Video:

The setting and scenery were awesome. We love the post-apocalyptic feeling, the Final Fantasy colored hair, the futuristic costumes, and the desolate setting. What we didn’t like was the acting. T-ara does alright for girl group members, but it still isn’t great, and the other so-called “actors” didn’t impress us much either. Other than that, the music video did okay-ish at maintaining interest. The action scenes were lackluster, swords were held badly, and the intimate lesbian scenes were kind of creepy. Out of all T-ara movie-music videos though, we find this one to be the most interesting yet.



3 responses to “Music Video Review: T-ARA’s “Day by Day”

  1. i love the movie concept.when i watched it whole (with sexy love mv)…i find the story quite interesting.for the song….i find it more like Britney Spears kind of~ did anyone have the same thought as me?

  2. I didn’t even watch it the whole thing. Why the fuck is it so long? Seriously, stop. They did look amazing though.

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