Music Video Review: (2PM) Wooyoung’s “Sexy Lady”

Wooyong- “Sexy Lady”

June 7, 2012

The Song:

“Sexy Lady” seems like a typical JYP song.  It is fairly catchy but we are not going to feel impelled to continuously repeat this song. We do like the background music’s raw electronica underlying beat.

We also feel that this song is trying to replicate a Western feel, much like Taeyang’s “wedding Dress”, but “Sexy Lady” just falls short.  It misses the whole black vibe of “Wedding Dress” which was a type of R&B pop YG fusion, this is dance pop fusion that we can’t say we like much.

The Video:

This looks like an extension of “Hands Up”, but cheaply made and loads more sexual.  We like the finger head bobbing dance, but that pelvic thrusting was vulgar.  Not even trying to disguise it is tactless. This was so safe, and something that is just average in the K-Pop scene.


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